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Sega Saturn Mod Chip Installation Guide

I’ve had a handful of people asking me for a good set of intstruction on how to install the Sega Saturn mod chips that I sell. I’m not responsible for any damage you may do to your Saturn by performing this modification. There isn’t much to worry about, but I just don’t want anybody mad […]

Make Your Own USB Saturn Controller

There has been quite a buzz from the Sega’s USB Saturn controllers. Even though they are very cool products, there are a number of people that would like to take their exisiting Saturn controllers and hack into their own USB controller. There is an excellent guide at that walks you through the entire process […]

Book Overview: Gaming Hacks

For you that don’t know, O’Reilly has been doing a series of “Hacks” books that teaches readers how to get the most from certain products and services such as Tivo, Google, and eBay. One of their newest entries, Gaming Hacks, gives numerous ideas to gamers that want to play around with their consoles and games […]

Pac-Man Meets Retro Art

I’ve been noticing a lot of projects in the last year that are put a unique spin on everyone’s favorite pellet-munching series, Pacman. (ie. The Pac-Man Rug). This time around, a Toronto art group, Price Budget for Boys, spun an inpspiration from Piet Mondrian’s 1942-43 painting “Broadway Boogie Woogie,” (basically a collection of multicolored squares […]

racketboy’s Top 10 Retro Games of 2004

Since every other blog seems to have a Top 10 list of some sort, I thought I might do the same. I decided to compile the best “Retro games” of 2004. You will notice that not all of them are classic games. However I have chosen games that all have the feel of the games […]

Party Time! The Best Multitap Saturn Games

With New Years Eve coming up, you may be planning a bit of a party at your place. What better way to expose your friends to a little-known console, but a 10-player Bomberman mega-match! The Sega Saturn just happens to be one of the best party gaming consoles. Here’s a list of games that support […]

Gameplay Fun Theory

I love game theory. I wish more game designers did. When one stops and really thinks about what makes games fun and then takes those elements to build a unique product, gamers become very happy. I’ve pieced together some in-depth looks at game theory for your reading pleasure. Raph Koster (of Ultima Onine fame) has […]

Experimenting With NES Overclocking

From Slashdot: Deven “Epicenter” Gallo writes “I’ve perfected a process by which to overclock the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to run games smoother without slowdown. The NES CPU normally runs at 1.79 MHz, I’ve reached a stable maximum of 4.2 MHz, about a 230% overclock. The games do not run faster than they should, the […]

Sega Saturn Mod Chips Now On Sale!

Sega Saturn Modchip Visit My Store to Buy The Sega Saturn Mod Chip will allow your to play burned CD-R games on your 32-bit powerhouse console and open up many other great gaming possibilities. If you would like to learn more, please read my article, “Why Mod Your Saturn?” Feel free to read just a […]

Learn How to Perform the Sega Saturn Swap Trick

For those of you who want to play backups of some of your classic Sega Saturn games, but don’t want to mod your machine, you need to learn how to perform the swap trick. This involves using an original copy of any Saturn game and then swapping in the backup disk before the machine knows […]

Why Aren’t Games Republished More Often?

I actually have some time to do some relatively deep thinking tonight, so I pose this question: why don’t game publishers release their greatest accomplishments from the past to newer consoles on a more frequent basis? Would gamers not buy older games for modern consoles? Many gamers complain about this fact, but Nintendo has produced […]

Franchise Transition From 2D to 3D

The other day I posted the following questions at “Just recently I have been playing Metroid Prime for the first time. Yeah I know — I’m slow. But I was actually quite surprised on how true to the 2D originals the new 3D versions actually are. Now, I’m far from a Metroid expert, so […]

Putting Atari Game ROMs on Flash Card for Console Play

Thanks to Gizmodo for the heads-up on this one. Actually, I’ll just copy and paste what they shared 🙂 They won’t mind… So everybody knows about flash memory cartridges for game consoles at this point. While they can certainly be used for good ol’ piracy, lots of mobile gamers use them with their Game Boys […]

Reponse to “2D Fighters Going Downhill”

There are multiple pages of discussion sparked by my blog entry, 2D Fighters Are Going Downhill over at SegaXtreme. The discussion skews off to a couple of side discussions such as retrogaming as a whole, the possible death of 2D gaming, and the future of consoles. It’s definately a good read for any retrogaming fan.

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