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Guide To Ripping Older CD-Based Games

I’ve had a number of people ask me how to rip their older games into an ISO-type format, so I’ve cobbled together some information on the topic. I personally use a piece of shareware software called CDRWin. It’s a very powerful piece of software that is very solid and has never given me problems. It […]

Neo-Geo Freak Magazine Section

NeoGeo Freak, cult Japanese magazine of the nineties that disappeared with the NeoGeo home system, is now being resurrected in a way via a section in this month’s issue of Dorimaga. The “NeoGeo Freak” section of Dorimaga has its own staff, cover and design. The first issue retraces the Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) saga, offers […]

TV Game Shootout: Atari Flashback versus Commodore 64 30-in-1

Over the last few years we have seen a number of “TV Games” setups that put a handful of classic games into a small package — usually a controller with A/V hookups coming out of them. Armchair Arcade has an full-featured review that compares and contrasts both the Atari Flashback and the Commodore 64 30-in-1 […]

How Classic Games Work

If you’re anything like my younger brother, you probably liked to take things apart to see what made them tick. is a site that details the inner-workings of many interesting things. They also have a section devoted to games and other fun stuff. Take a little time to browse and you might just learn […]

Crazy Multiplayer Pac-Man Experience

If you’ve ever played Pac-Man Vs. for the Gamecube, you know how addicting multiplayer Pac-Man can be. Well a group of Swedish programmers have taken multiplayer Pac-Man to the next level by developing a special version Toshiba’s Pocket PC. Nothing revolutionary there. However, with a wireless network, when the ghost goes off the side of […]

Atomiswave Lineup Impressions – Part 1

I’ve been interested in the Atomiswave arcade system for a while, but haven’t done much investigation into some of the games that are offered on the system. So I dug around on Sammy’s site and gathered some information on the games that caught my eye. The big arcade buffs will probably laugh at my lack […]

More Retro-Styled USB Controllers

As some of you may remember, I’ve mentioned Sega’s new USB Saturn controllers a few times. They seem to be increasingly popular with the Sega crowd. However there are a lot of you that might now get so giddy about Sega goodies. Maybe you want a Nintendo, Intellivision or even a TurboGrafix 16 USB Controller. […]

My Impressions of Red Star

Yesterday afternoon was quite an adventure for me. I was in the middle of running errands around town (stopping at Blockbuster, sending some mail, grocery shopping) when I got a flat tire. I got the spare tire on and headed to Wal-Mart for get a new tire. (I have their protection plan so I get […]

WIRED Article Covers Casual Emulation

WIRED has just published an article discussing how emulation has become increasing popular among the general public. Most of my readers are probably familiar with many of the products and concepts covered, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

Mystery Package From Hong Kong

I just got home last night after spending a few weeks at my parents’ house for the holidays. When I called my familiy to let them know I got home OK, my brother mentioned they just recieved a package address to me that was sent from Hong Kong. I thought it was fairly strange since […]

Can the Revolution Knock Out ROM Downloading?

I just wanted to follow up my past commentary on the Revolution classic download situation. I’ve mentioned numerous times that Nintendo might possibly (and should) set up their game distribution system in a manner that is similar to Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Well, I found it interesting that just the other day it was revealed […]

Game Music Is More Important Than Graphics

Which is more important to you, good music or good graphics? Gman at Tokyopia argues that music is more important in games than graphics. He points out that while graphics tend to date horribly, music always elicits an emotional response, no matter how old the game. I don’t know about you, but I have more […]

Custom Consoles

If you are interested in modding some of your older consoles, Skankhair’s Custom Console site has colorful collection of machines from various generations that he and others have customized to obtain some unique styles. There are some helpful tutorials and links to get you started on your own project if you are new to the […]

Sega Saturn Mod Chip Installation Guide

I’ve had a handful of people asking me for a good set of intstruction on how to install the Sega Saturn mod chips that I sell. I’m not responsible for any damage you may do to your Saturn by performing this modification. There isn’t much to worry about, but I just don’t want anybody mad […]

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