Racketboy Genre Guides Organized – What Should We Do Next?

For the last year or so, the Racketboy writing team and I have been working on building a nice collection of genre-specific guides to compliment our platform-specific entries.  However, up until now, it was a challenge to find them all in our archives.  However, I finally have a nice page dedicated to our Genre Guide Collection.  This page should be a great place to go to when you want to expand your knowledge or your collection of a certain genre.

Of course, we still have lots of room to grow.   And that’s where I’m hoping we can get your opinion on what we should work on next.   Please vote in the poll below to help us decide what guides would you like to see us work on first.  I can’t promise that we will publish them in the voted order (some on this list have already been started) as a lot of it depends on who we have available to help with putting the guides together (if you are an expert on a certain genre and would like to contribute, please contact me)

If you aren’t familiar with our guide formats, the voting options are divided into 101 Beginners Guides, Defining Games, and Hidden Gems (see links for examples of these guides)

If you have any other thoughts or ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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KillerJuan77 says:

More horror game guides!!! 😀

hobie-wan says:

Well that was a difficult choice with so many. = ]

Hazerd says:

games with awesome BGM’s!

BlackDS says:

I posted a suggestion a while ago about having a guide series for system packaging, and the various boxes that systems were sold in. Also, RPG articles first 🙂

NineFour says:

I don’t know if it’s within the scope of this site, but a “best game hacks” for each system guide could be pretty cool…I know there’s some out there that are awfully polished (i.e. Mario Adventure).

jules says:

What about most expensive games for GBA?

jules says:

…for the Rare & Valuable Treasures category. (Apologies for the double post.)

samsonlonghair says:

Hidden Gems for every Genre! I love your hidden Gems articles; keep ’em coming.

green says:

Come on guys!!

We need more LOVE for STRATEGY GAMES! Preferably SRPGs (Strategic RPGs) a la Tactics Ogre, Front Mission, Fire Emblem etc.

Christian says:

I love reading your articles. Do them all!

BRIK says:

MOAR graphic adventure 🙂

JustSomeone says:

I was one of the people who questioned Racketboy (If you want specifically Twitter) what with the guides happened and it seems our questions are answered.

Bobby Kotick says:

Meh, RPG’s are way overdone and way overrated now. I want to see some adventure game 101!

NineFour says:

Also, a “hardest games” guide for each system would be interesting, but youd have to weed out the artificial difficulty…

elmagicochrisg says:

Not exactly one of the above options. But have you ever thought about doing something like the old metacritics?… A simple overview with a tree like structure of old and new games/consoles with their respective metascore/user score. I know it would be a LOT of work to pull this one off, but it would give your site a HUGE traffic boost, which as I’m certain I don’t have to explain to you has it’s benefits…

I still feel lost since the old Metacritics got it’s shitstain overhaul and refuse to use the new one all together…

You could go further than Metacritics ever went, adding more legacy consoles than they did to start with. And you already have a large fanbase to support you with old reviews/scores from retro magazines. Of that I’m sure… 😉

lur says:

I’d say shmup hidden gems and horror hidden gems would be pretty cool.

sir roger muppet says:

yo, i think peoples visiting this page know enough about the basics, or can find out here. furthermore it would be more of a (fun!) challenge for you guys:

go for the hidden gems!

i personally discovered some only thanks to you guys, go on!

greets from germany

Nutty says:

Maybe catalog all the major tactical RPG’s, and how they differ or which ones are rare, etc…

Gooseberry Soda says:

I’d love to collaborate with someone on Survival Horror Hidden Gems.

brendan says:

very nice 😛 ! hope you make one of these choose 3 things on what consoles to do next 😉 now that would be cool i would vote 3do and lynx

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