Have You Read the Shmups 101 Guide?

Beginner's Guide to 2D Shooters

I was alerted that the recent Shmups 101 guide didn’t show up in the RSS feed, so I wanted to make sure you all didn’t miss it.
I was really happy with how it turned out and it might be our most epic post ever. So here’s a link if you haven’t seen it.

Shmups 101: A Beginner’s Guide to 2D Shooters



Metal Jesus says:

Dude, I read it…and LOVED IT! I even converted it over to a iPad friendly PDF so I could read it on the move…

Metal Jesus says:

Here is a link to the iPad / tablet formated version, if you want it:


Perfect for when you are on the bus or waiting at the doctor’s office!

racketboy says:

Coming from you, that means a lot! Glad you’ve found it that useful!

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