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Sega Saturn Mod Chip Installation

How Easy Is the Installation?
On a Model 2 (32-pin) Saturn, the installtion of a modchip is easy -- even if you don't have any soldering experience. If you have modded a PS2, XBox, or just about any other system, the Model 2 Saturn will be a piece of cake.

For people that are a little nervous about the installation, it is actually possible to install the chip without soldering to the system itself. To do so, just do the A+B method as illustrated in the Model 2 Installtion Instructions. The A+B method only requires a very small amount of soldering on the chip itself (which mostly likely will not damage the chip if done incorrectly). Then instead of soldering the red power wire in place, you can, in many cases, just wedge it in place without solder. I still recommend soldering the wire in place, however, since it will be more secure and more likely to work correctly on a regular basis.

If you have a Sanyo Saturns, (while not guarenteed to work) these Models can be fairly easy to install on. It is just a bit trickier that a normal Model 2.

The Model 1 (64-pin) systems (also not guarenteed) are much more challenging to install on and require a bit of electronics experience.

As I've mentioned before, I would recommend installing my modchips on a Model 2 (32-pin) Saturn if you can. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Sega Saturn Mod Chip Installation Process
Model 2 (32-pin / Usually Round Buttons) Instructions
Model 1 (64-pin / Oval Buttons) Instructions *
Sanyo Board Modchip Installation Instructions *
Modchip Troubleshooting Page

* = Not Guarenteed to work with this Model (why?)