Returns Policy

My goal is to make sure that every customer is a happy customer. On the rare occasion that you recieve a Saturn Modchip or RAM Cart that does not seem to be functioning, I will gladly exchange it.

Just follow this process…

  • If a modchip is not functioning, carefully review the Modchip Troubleshooting page and make any necessary adjustments
  • If the troubleshooting methods do not help, email me with your problem – be as descriptive as possible.
  • If I cannot be of further help, you will need to send the chip back in the original packaging
  • I will send you a brand new chip in return.

The only conditions to this policy are the following:

  • The chip is being installed on a Model 2 (32-pin) Saturn (why not other models?)
  • You have not damaged the chip yourself
  • I do not give refunds. I only do returns.

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