What Do You Want to See Here?

I want your input.
I would greatly appreciate it if all my readers would just let me know what they would like me to talk about and/or what info they would like to see on my site.

Do you want more about emulators? burning and ripping? game news? you name it.

Just use the comments section to let your voice be heard.

I want this site to be as useful as it can be to its users.


Julius Jacobson says:

More information on emulators, burning and ripping, and game history would be nice. Spotlights on forgotten classics are always a good idea (i.e. Zillion I and II, not Metroid).

I also like computer and console mods (computer mods for the sake of making your PC act more like a console, like making an adapter for the Master System 3D glasses for example.

racketboy says:

Here’s some stuff I’m thinking about writing up in the future — lemme know what sounds especially good:

Burning Tutorials:
Discjuggler for Dreamcast
Nero for Dreamcast
Alcohol 120% for Dreamcast
Alcohol 120% for Bin/CUE
Toast for Bin/CUE

Ripping Tutorials:
Discjuggler for Dreamcast
Nero for Dreamcast

Copying Tutorials:
Discjuggler for Dreamcast
Nero for Dreamcast
Alcohol 120% for Dreamcast
Discjuggler for Playstation
Nero for Playstation
Alcohol 120% for Playstation
Discjuggler for Classic
Nero for Classic
Alcohol 120% for Classic
Toast for Classic
Roxio for Classic

Burning Software Reviews for…

Anonymous says:

This list is too much focus on illegial copies, at least for me.

racketboy says:

It’s not illegal it it’s for personal backups — it’s fair use.

However, I do appreciate your comments and I will keep it in mind. I will try to keep the backup stuff to a happy minimum

neohx_7 says:

I think a reviews/features section could be nice. I’d be willing to contribute.

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