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2009 sure seemed to fly by, but at least it didn’t escape without blessing us with some old-school goodness.  Instead of established publishers relying on old franchises, we are seeing more small developers bring some fresh ideas to their retro-styled creations.  While I personally don’t mind some remakes here and there, it is encouraging to see that 2D and retro-styled games can find a place in the market without big names or nostolgia behind them.

Anyway, to determine our list of this year’s candidates, I turned to the forum to nominate their favorites.  Below is the result — if something you think it worthy is not listed below, (first of all, shame on you for not being active in the forum  ) please mention it kindly in the comments below and I may add it.

Please vote for your five favorites of the year, and we will see who comes out on top!

What Are Your Favorite Retro Titles of 2009? (Choose 5)

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jfe2 says:

I’m sure some people would say Shadow Complex should be on the list, as it’s a Metroidvania style game. 🙂

Alex says:

My vote would’ve gone to Machinarium and Star Guard. I haven’t played most of the listed ones because I’m not really interested in rehashes.

breakwind says:

I can’t vote for any these games listed, as i never advanced beyond the PS2 console-which has no 2009 PS2 games represented here!Hope you had a blessed and safe holiday year!Thanks again,RacketBoy from all of us classic video game lovers!

QuickSciFi says:

definitely A Boy and his Blob!

Amon says:

it states to choose 5 but when I hit the vote button it states I can not pick more than one.

weasels says:

my vote was for half-minute hero. i love that it was deliberately pixulated to make it like an old RPG game! nice stuff.

kurfuerst says:

My favourite was the DS title “The Dark Spire”, a faithful Wizardry spin off.

dave says:

SHATTER for PSN definitely should’ve made that list. It’s a great Breakout/Arkanoid style game

Lord_Santa says:

Giana Sisters DS

once again, beats Super Mario by a longshot

Pyrrhuloxia says:

Needs more Star Guard! I think this list was meant to exclude freeware, though.

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