Vintage Gaming Magazine Preservation

Some of you may have read this thread at SegaXtreme. I have already started scanning some of my old gaming magazines and we have some availible to download very soon. There are also a couple other SX members who are planning to contribute as well. We hope to start up a formal magazine archive soon.

Our goal is to scan every page (including ads) of the older gaming magazines that we can find at a good resolution, clean them up in Photoshop (or your choice of software) and convert them to PDFs.

I have a nice stack of old gaming mags ranging from the 8-bit era to the 32-bit era. I’m moving soon and do not have time to scan more than 20% of them. I’ll help pitch in for the shipping costs to send the magazines to somebody who is serious about helping out and has a decent knowledge of scanning. Lemme know if you’re interested.


Kyle says:

What are your requirements for these scans? I’ve taken on scans before and I’m currently learning how to optomize my technique. Let me know.

Nixnax says:

Cool idea, I’ll dig around for some old mags I might have. If you do put it up, you might want to check for hosting the mags. It’s a print sharing service. They have an embedded reader like Youtube.

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