The Cheapest Nintendo Gamecube Games Worth Your Time


When you add a console to your collection, the first thing you want to do is get a handful of games to keep you busy with your new toy. However, most of us can’t spend afford to spend fat pile of cash for a few games. This budget-friendly list should help you quickly find which games will start you off well without emptying your wallet. (Prices listed are an average eBay price for US games, including shipping.)


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Metroid Prime Cover Metroid Prime: $7
Sure, it isn’t the 2D Metroid most of us would prefer, but Metroid Prime does a remarkable job keeping much of the feel of the original series to a 3D world. It also happens to be one of the most impressive and compelling games on the Cube.
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F-Zero GX Cover F-Zero GX: $9
When two innovative game-makers get together, good things happen. Even though F-Zero is a Nintendo franchise, Mario and Co. let Sega do most of the development work for this racer. Sega’s arcade experience paid off as F-Zero GX is a incredibly fast, challenging, addicting, and visually stunning piece of racing goodness. Dare I say that this game is my favorite racer of all time (I prefer arcade racers to simulations).
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Viewtiful Joe Cover Viewtiful Joe: $6
Viewtiful Joe 2: $7
This lovable series from Capcom took old-school beatemup gameplay, threw in some interesting gameplay puzzles and mixed with trendy cel-shading graphics. Capcom may not have been able to improve greatly on the series later on, but the original is still a must-own for a modern retrogamer.
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Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Cover Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader: $8
I can’t help but think back to the Gamecube’s launch and recall all the comments about this game and how the developers had to be careful to make the game look too much better than the actual movie it was based on. Rogue Leader II focuses on one of the more popular Star Wars gameplay mechanics, space combat.
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Time Splitters 2 Cover TimeSplitters 2: $9
If you want a high-quality FPS that is designed for consoles, you need to pick up TimeSplitters 2. Developed by the same team that worked for Rareware on the N64’s Goldeneye 007, Timesplitters 2 has killer level design, great weapons, and a variety of multiplayer and minigame options. It may not have the realism that some modern gamers crave or a fascinating storyline, but it tops Halo in my book in terms of gameplay and all-out fun.
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Super Monkey Ball Cover Super Monkey Ball: $8
Super Monkey Ball 2: $10
The Monkey Ball series was some of Sega’s last true example of pure creativity and genius as a multiplatform developer. Both games have a fun and challenging single-player mode, but also serves as a killer party title due to its diverse mini-games. Just stay away from Super Monkey Ball Adventure.
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Soul Calibur 2 Cover Soul Calibur II: $9
Anybody remotely interested in 3D fighters should not overlook the Soul Calibur series. After the rave reviews as a Dreamcast exclusive, the original Soul Calibur was followed up as a multiplatform sequel with a great deal of hype. The Gamecube version was an especially high seller due to The Legend of Zelda’s Link as a playable fighter. However, even though Soul Calibur III wasn’t much better, most gamers are selling off their copies and picking up newer installments. Now is your time to take advantage of this bargain.
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Wave Race Cover Wave Race: Blue Storm: $9

Blue Storm was a fan favorite after launch as it was essentially an enhanced version of an N64 classic. Copies have become a bit more scarce the last year or so, but if you want a unique arcade racer, you may still be able to find it for a decent price.
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Pac-Man Vs Cover Pac-Man Vs. / Pac-Man World 2: $10
If you want a killer party game for retro freaks and non-gamers alike, look no further than Pac-Man Vs. Pac-Man vs. was actually a project of Shigeru Miyamoto, the mastermind behind Mario, Zelda, and most of Nintendo’s most successful game. It lets up four players battle it out in a Pac-Man “simulation”. One person take the role of Pac-Man while the others possess the ghosts and team up on Pac-Man. Having the platformer Pac-Man World 2 included in the package is just an added bonus.
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Star Fox Adventure Cover Star Fox Adventures: $8
This game was initially a let-down to Star Fox fans as it doesn’t let you do all the space battling that you would normally expect from a Star Fox game. Instead, Star Fox Adventures plays more like a Zelda game with its action, adventure, and exploration. If you know this going in, you should find Star Fox Adventures an affordable treat.
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A Few Must-Haves Slightly Over $10

Other Cheap Favorites

My Starter Picks For $50 Budget

If I only had $50 to spend on starting out a Gamecube (or a Wii) collection, here would be my top picks:

  • Metroid Prime: $7
  • F-Zero GX: $9
  • Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker: $12
  • Viewtiful Joe: $6
  • Super Monkey Ball 2: $8
  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader: $8
  • Total: $50

Note: I originally had Timesplitters 2 and Sonic Mega Collection in there instead of Wind Waker as those are personal favorites of mine and Wind Waker was previously more expensive. However, due to falling Wind Waker prices, it’s hard not to recommend it.


jim says:

I’ve heard Animal Crossings is a classic game for kids.

Cole says:

yea animal crossing is great for the kids but it has somewhat of a cult following so it usually goes for $20

Jack says:

These prices are so outdated. On Amazon Rogue Squadron II costs like a buck plus shipping. XD

Daniel says:

These prices are some kind of fantasy-land — at least for PAL copies. Everything should be 2-2.5x more expensive than suggested here.

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