The Best Nintendo Wii Games Under $12

The Wii library is starting to get to the sweet spot of high supply in resale shops and eBay before the console gets fully “retro”.  This guide was starting to get out of date, so here’s the complete revision.  Since Wii games are becoming more affordable, but not dirt cheap yet, I figured the $12 price point word be a good place to cover this, so I’ll list the top picks under that mark.  Prices are a balance of  average eBay sale price, lowest prices for US games, including shipping and what we are seeing in local game shops.

Prices Updated in November 2017

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Best Retail Wii Games Under $12

Mario Galaxy Box Super Mario Galaxy: $10
The Mario franchise always is a cornerstone to any Nintendo console, but Super Mario Galaxy may have been the best proper 3D Mario title since Super Mario 64. Galaxy was an excellent example of Nintendo and Miyamoto showing their imagination while giving a big hug to your inner child. It’s also not too often that you can find one of the high-profile Super Mario titles as one of the more affordable titles (although, I don’t expect this one to stay this way forever), I think it is currently a combination of high supply and the sweet spot of the Wii’s early spot in its retired lifespan. It’s not too terribly hard to score a clean, complete copy for under $10 if you shop around.  It’s also worth mentioning that you could probably score Super Mario Galaxy 2 for about $15 as well.

 Wii New Super Mario Bros Box New Super Mario Bros: $12
There is always the debate if Super Mario Bros is better in 3D or 2D, but this two-dimensional revival of Super Mario Bros. actually outsold Super Mario Galaxy (only outsold by the Wii Sports games and Super Mario Kart Wii) and was worthy to its premise. Even though there are more copies out in the wild, this 2D classic still is going to command a few dollars more than Galaxy (most likely that fans want to hold onto their copies).  You can get the game for $12 or less if you look carefully, but a pristine, complete copy might edge more towards $15 or more if you aren’t careful (I hesitated on including it here)

Wii Metroid Prime 3 Box Metroid Prime 3: Corruption: $10
Samus is getting newer revivals now, but the Metroid Prime series have been extremely gratifying experiences (even if it isn’t the 2D that a lot of us crave) and have often been very budget-friendly considering its a popular Nintendo franchise. Needless to say, if you want a blockbuster action title that actually has a good use of the motion controlls and is also a Wii exclusive, you can’t go wrong with Metroid Prime 3.

 Wii Sin and Punishment Box Sin and Punishment: Star Successor: $10
If you’re a fan of old-school shooters, you are probably familiar with Treasure. This development house was started by former Konami employees were responsible for classics such as Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, and Ikaruga. Star Successor is a follow-up to an N64 classic that was a Japanese exclusive. While Star Successor didn’t get mainstream recognition, it got rave reviews from critics and retro fans. It’s a steal for $10 right now and there are some sealed copies floating around for $15 still if you shop around. With the history of Treasure’s classics, don’t expect this one to stay so cheap.

 Wii Rayman Origins Cover Rayman Origins: $9
Rayman is a classic platforming franchise that has had success in both 2D and 3D, but as the title suggests, this installment jumps back to the two-dimensional roots.  Rayman Origins is also available on other platforms from the generation, but it is bound to bring you back to all the experiences that made you fall in love with video games.  If the Wii is one of your favorite consoles from the generation, Rayman Origins would make a wonderful addition.

Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns Cover Donkey Kong Country Returns: $10
In case you’re seeing a trend here, the Wii has some stellar 2D revivals in its library. Donkey Kong Country Returns is another wonderful addition to the legacy that was started on the SNES. The game is not only filled with nostolgia, but also interesting gameplay elements, fluid animation, imaginative boss battles, and a hefty challenge. If you are a fan of the SNES DKC classics or a platforming geek, you should look into picking this gem up.

 Wii Kirby's Epic Yarn Cover Kirby’s Epic Yarn: $12
While this creative Kirby installment is still a 2D platformer, it not only has knitted design theme but also some gameplay mechanic changes to add interest to the series. The game works its graphics style into the gameplay through creating interaction between the game and its graphical style, such as allowing Kirby to pull on buttons, stray threads and zips and spin balls of yarn to reveal hidden areas or alter the shape of the terrain.  Now is a great time to jump on the affordable price on this Nintendo mainstay before it shifts to cult classic status.

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure: $10
Everyone that I talk to seems to have high praise for Zack & Wiki.  It’s a cool and original puzzle-filled adventure that will work your brain while you’re having fun.  The game’s relatively low-profile release has kept the prices down, but eventually it may turn into one of those cult classics that rise in value.  (I’m surprised it hasn’t risen more already)

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition: $9
As one of the most highly regarded installments of Capcom’s legendary survival horror series, Resident Evil was a blockbuster title in 2005, but the Wii version that was released two years later is not only one of the cheapest ports on the aftermarket, but you also get the benefits of the Wii-mote controller shooting and movement.  (Heavily recommended by everyone I’ve spoke to)  Regardless of which version you chose, you should be more than happy with this action-packed thrill-fest.

Boom Blox: $8
Boom Box Bash Party: $11

This imaginative puzzle game not only makes excellent use of the Wii’s motion controlls, but is also wonderful for parties.  Due to the loyal fans of this game and all the buzz around it, Boom Blox was rather pricey on the aftermarket for the longest time.  Since the sequel, Bash Party hit the retail scene and the Wii market has cooled off, both titles are quite affordable compared to their fun levels.

De Blob: $8
This quirky and colorful action platformer is full of fun personality and flew under the radar of most Wii owners.  The sequel is also available for a bit more.   But if you’re looking for a colorful, quirky and interesting game that makes use of the motion controls, give De Blob a try.

Monster Hunter Tri: $10
This third installment of Capcom’s action RPG series brings in some fierce beasts to battle against in a highly polished gameplay experience that will require dedication and skill.   This one won’t be for everyone, but if you’re into hunting monsters in a fantasy setting, this one should draw you in.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies: $8
This is another old-school game that showed up on XBLA first, but has had a full retail release on the Wii.  Of course, the developers added some extra goodness to the addictive shooter so it is worth the few extra dollars (plus you can also re-sell it, if needed).  And luckily, Galaxies gives you the option of using a Classic Controller instead of the Wii-mote in case you don’t enjoy wrist cramps.

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection: $12
It is hard not to love a good pinball game.  Unfortunately, with the decline of arcades and more pinball machines falling into disrepair, it is getting harder to find a conveninent pinball machine in your neighborhood.  Fortunately, there are some wonderful pinball simulators for consoles now, and one of the best compilations is afforable and on the Wii.

Okami: $12
Originally released at the end of the PS2’s lengthy career, Capcom’s Okami is considered to be not only one of the best games of the era, but also one of the best examples of artistic expression in a video game. The gameplay function of “drawing” or “painting” strokes seemed like an interesting way to take advantage of the Wii’s motion controls. It’s up for debate if the Wii controls are ideal, but it is still a fantastic game, but should be weighed against newer HD remasters on the newer platforms.

MadWorld: $7
This extra-bloody beateump sandbox title (along with House of the Dead Overkill) marked Sega’s recent attempt to get back into taking risks with games that appeal to the hardcore gaming crowd.  It has a simplied but engaging art style and many have compared the gameplay style to that of producer Atsushi Inaba’s previous game, God Hand.  Critical reviews of MadWorld praised the game, so if you don’t mind some heavy violence in your Wii library, you might want to look into MadWorld.

  Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga: $6
There’s plenty of Lego games on the video game landscape and the Star Wars collaboration was one of the earliest and best of the bunch. Of course, its available on a handful of other platforms, but for just a handful of dollars, it’s hard to beat the combination of movie nostalgia, family friendly action and loads of laughs along the way.

Wario Land: Shake It!: $12
While Mario always gets the spotlight, I always have thought most of the Wario Land games don’t get quite enough attention.  I find their added quirks and personality so appealing and I was very happy to see Nintendo stuck with a 2D perspective with their Wii Wario Land installment.

House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return: $11
The Wii is actually a wonderful platform for light-gun style games — especially when paired with an inexpensive gun accessory like the Nyko Perfect Shot (I own two of them).  And once you have a nice gun setup, the perfect budget-priced companion is HotD 2 & 3.  They are great shooters and can be found just about anywhere for next to nothing.

Cheap Gamecube Must-Haves For Your Wii

If you’re a Wii owner, you really shouldn’t overlook the quality titles that are in the Gamecube’s library.  There are so many solid games that still outshine many Wii titles.  However, many of them have been out for a while, so you can scoop them up for next to nothing.  I’ve limited this section quite a bit, but if you want a more detailed guide, check out the Cheapest Gamecube Games Worth Your Time.

Gamecube Metroid Prime Cover Metroid Prime: $7
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: $12
The first two games in the series may not have the Wii-mote capabilities of the third installment, but if you haven’t played these yet, scoop them up while you wait for part three to come down in price

Gamecube F-Zero GX Cover F-Zero GX: $9
I’m really looking forward to seeing a new F-Zero game on the Wii, but until then, I’m still quite content with the fabulous racer that was a team project between the arcade geniuses at Sega and the fine folks at Nintendo.  I do believe it holds the place of my favorite racer of all-time due to it’s insanely high speeds and  the addicting nature of trying to hit all the boosts and turns in a given track.

Gamecube Star Fox Adventures Cover Star Fox Adventures: $8
I was hoping that Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker would still be on this list, but the value has almost doubled in recent years.  So, I’m moving Star Fox Adventures into its place.  While most Star Fox fans were disappointed in this release as it transitioned to the action adventure format, it may actually appeal to those that enjoy Zelda-esqe gameplay.

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Logan says:

What is sad is that these are some of the best games on the entire system that I paid full price for upon release! I hate the world!

brian says:

This is almost every Wii game worth owning. The rest of them (SMG, TvC, SSBB, etc) just haven’t dropped in price yet.

green says:

Really GREAT LIST!!!! It gave me tons of inspiration for my next Wii purchases!!!

racketboy says:

Sin and Punishment 2 and Dead Space, unfortunately wasn’t $12 or less most places last time I looked

@brian You probably won’t see the big first-party Nintendo titles come down under $12. The Gamecube and N64 model shows that. And there are some excellent third-party titles that haven’t dropped a whole lot.

ejamer says:

When checking I saw both games listed for under $12… but that was before shipping so I’m pretty sure they would be higher once that included. (However, I’ve also seen both games on sale in retail stores multiple times for $10 or less… so thought they deserved a mention in comments if not in the actual article).

No hard feelings. Just wanted to give a shout out to some great games that I managed to find for great prices.

racketboy says:

No prob 🙂
Yeah, I include the shipping prices as it’s the best way to be fair and they typically correspond better with most physical stores that way too.

But yeah, if you shop around, you can find them cheaper elsewhere.

Chris says:

Fantastic list, a few I had seen before but had forgotten about.

+1 for the Ultimate Shooting Collection. The name and packaging kind of turned me off at first, but I decided to grab it anyway and as a huge SHMUP fan it does not disappoint.

Chris says:

Oh forgot to mention as well, thanks for including the NGC titles; I think it’s something a lot of Wii owners take for granted, that they have the entire library of NGC games to choose from. And there are some real gems they probably missed the first time around.

RyanTheGameGeek says:

As of now, Lost in Shadow is $10 on Amazon brand new. I love that game very much.

Patrick BBE says:

The cheapest and best value for current gen consoles is the Wii.

gibbon says:

American prices…

In Europe, some on these games are WAY MORE expensive.

AngrySquirrel34 says:

Finally a list I can contribute to! I have a question and a comment.

Question: How does Lego Star Wars:Complete stack up to other releases of these games?

Comment: It is first party, but I don’t think Star Fox Adventures belongs on the Gamecube list over the games in the honorable mention list. SFA is utterly mediocre (and was regarded as such even on release), while Viewtiful Joe, Rogue Leader, both Monkey Ball games, Soul Calibur and Wave Race stand today as great games that are best (or only) experienced on this console.

racketboy says:

I’m not a Lego Star Wars expert, but Complete combines the two sets of the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy games. So it will keep you busy for a while and would be a great title for kids.

I almost changed up the Gamecube feature, but I second-guessed myself. I have a rework of the full Gamecube guide coming soon, so I’ll keep that comment in mind. I JUST picked up Rogue Leader finally after procrastinating for so long (but I got it for $4!!!!!)

I also like Viewtiful Joe and Monkey Ball better too, but I guess I lowered their ranking a bit since they aren’t console exclusives. But if you are more of a Gamecube fan vs PS2/XB (Like I am), I would prefer a Gamecube version anyway (although I think the GC versions are a bit more expensive last time I looked).

AngrySquirrel34 says:

Thanks Racket. I understand that the Complete release would probably be better than the Gamecube versions I own, but I also assume the PS3/X360 releases are probably superior to the Wii version. That wasn’t always the case that gen, so if anybody knows otherwise, please pipe up.

I get what you’re saying about Gamecube exclusivity, but man is SFA a mediocre game. I still think there’s a place for the Gamecube release of Viewtiful Joe, since it is the best version of that game (despite the PS2 version also having Dante). Monkey ball is a tougher call, since I haven’t played the oXbox versions. Given the simplistic graphics of those games (and the rock-solid framerate of the Cube versions), I’d be very surprised if the oXbox versions were better.

racketboy says:

Yeah, your assumptions are pretty good on the Lego Star Wars stuff. I haven’t bought the Wii version yet as I actually have the original trilogy on GameCube and I’m content with that.

I think the other platforms Monkey Ball Deluxe versions on XB and PS2 combine Monkey Ball 1 and 2 and add some additional levels that were intended for a 3rd game. But again, I’m pretty content with my GameCube ones as I haven’t beaten all the levels yet 🙂

AngrySquirrel34 says:

Your post made me curious; it turns out that the deluxe package included 46 exclusive levels. The PS2 version apparently had frame rate issues, and requiring extra hardware to play 4-player was also a major drawback. However, the oXbox version would seem to have the best of all worlds (even though the reviews at the time said that the graphics were unchanged from the Cube versions).

racketboy says:

That does sound familiar! So don’t bother with the PS2 version unless that’s the only choice you have, I guess.

I’ll probably keep an eye out for the Xbox version on the cheap as I’m starting to build out my collection for the XB — especially the Sega items 😉

Retroexcellence says:

Nice to see this thread getting some action again, just got some notifications. Long live the Wii!!! Just Dance 2018 for the Wii just dropped. Maybe the last retail releases for the Wii and WiiU will be the same game

Radio says:

So glad to see a Trauma Center game on this list! 😀 A little surprised WarioWare and Twilight Princess didn’t make the cut, but I found a bunch of games to add to my personal list to hunt down. Keep up the awesome work!

racketboy says:

Good call on WarioWare and Twilight Princess. Not sure how those snuck by me price-wise. Somehow I thought they were a bit higher priced lately. I’ll plan on adding those!

AngrySquirrel34 says:

WarioWare Smooth Moves was such a great game. Best in that series IMO (though I still do need to play Twisted).

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