Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD & It’s Massive Sprites

You may have read about the upcoming, remastered version of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo that will be coming out on both the XBox Live Arcade and the PS3’s online service. Since the initial announcement, we have learned a few more details and I’ve been able to piece together my thoughts on the developments.

First of all, Gamekult posted a “confidential” slide from the Capcom press conference that actually showed off the new Ryu sprite and how it compared to the original sprite in addition to the previous standard of high-resolution fighters, Guilty Gear X.  (Also see this new Ken sprite)

I took the liberty of cleaning up that slide and adding some fresh comparisons so that it is easier to see the difference. I’ve even added the Ryu sprite from Street Fighter 3 — the largest Ryu sprite until this generation.


When I laid my eyes on this new sprite, I really had to do a double take to make sure that I was reading it correctly. But indeed, the new character sprites for SSF2T HD are so big and detailed, they don’t look like sprites at all. It looks like one of my remake dreams that I thought would never come true is actually becoming a reality.

As good as this single sprite looks, the true test will be seeing it in action. The number of frames in the character animation can make a huge difference. If they could exceed the animation in Street Fighter 3, I suppose that would be excellent.

It is also worth mentioning that the new sprites and artwork featured in this high definition remake is by UDON, the masterminds behind Capcom’s beautiful Street Fighter and Darkstalkers comic books.

When an iconic game like Street Fighter 2 receives such an overhaul, there is bound to be some gamers that are concerned. I thought this was addressed well by this comment made by Velops on the Joystiq post…

“There is also a risk that fans will not like the changes made to the animations. Hardcore fans have honed their skills based upon the the exact number frames for each attack animation. This includes hitbox sizes, reaction, and recovery times. If the change is noticeable, it could completely change the tiers for competitive online play.”

At the same time, I don’t think people should get too worried. Those dedicated to the original version will still have it to enjoy for their tournaments. Plus, there is nothing wrong with learning something new. A true fighting master should be able to learn different battle systems and adapt accordingly.

To ease the worry about how authentic this remake will feel, David Sirlin has confirmed that he is working on this project. He has worked on ports of Street Fighter 2 before and is an expert at the game himself.

Needless to say, I’m more that glad to see this true high-definition remake process turn into a continuing trend. Obviously, it would not be practical for every game, but it would be great to see some of the truly great games get a high-def makover while keeping the original feel intact. (High-res Sonic Trilogy, anyone?)

In case you missed it, we have an ongoing conversation about the Street Fighter remake going on in the forums. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Update: A new Ken sprite has been unveiled


  1. Timerever says:

    Hell yeah! I’ve heard about this before from a dude I know that is teh tru3 1337 additc7 to 2D fighters, he was trully excited with this game as well.
    Regarding these “hardcore” fans I don’t their opinion counts really, most of these are just wannabe’s, true fighting fans (not me) won’t have any problem adapting to a new game.

    Also I don’t think this game will animate or have colision boxes similar to the original, it’s just not practical, I hope they ignore these “fans” and instead create a quality game using true HD (1080p) sprites.

    Anyway these ‘concerns’ are the reason I don’t really like remakes, these games often get stiffed because these “fans” expectations, in this matter Truesure got it right: Don’t do sequels (or remakes), that way you won’t get your development team creativity constrained by expectations and prejudice based on the previous games.

    I for one would like to see brand new games using HD sprites rather than a batch of remakes of games we have already played to death. I’d like to see a Sonic 4 rather than a remake of Sonic 2 for example, same for many other games. There are a few handfull of game that I’d like to see remade in HD because I feel they are good as they are, thou I bet that if done correctly a brand new game based on those games mechanics would work a lot better.

    Bottom line: HD sprites for the win!

  2. D says:

    I for one would like to see brand new games using HD sprites rather than a batch of remakes of games we have already played to death.
    baby steps ……

  3. Marurun says:

    I read some of Sirlin’s comments on his blog and they will not be adding extra animations or features. They are getting paid simply to port the engine (quad)pixel perfect and add the new art. There will be no tweaks, no extra animation (which would screw up classic move timings anyway), or any of that unless Capcom ponies up money for extras. Right now the contract is for just the basics.

  4. Kikimaru says:

    This is just a small theory… but could it be that Capcom are using this project to test out how expensive & time-consuming a HD 2D-fighter really is?
    After all, Sirlin just finished with an “arcade-perfect” port of ST (on Capcom Classics Collection vol.2); and then he’s tasked to do the same thing *again*…

    Well… here’s hoping for SF IV…

  5. Marurun says:

    Well, considering they’re not making the aspect ration 16 x 9… If you think about it, though, the only difference between an HD fighter and a non-HD fighter would be much higher res/quality art and possibly 16 x 9. There’s no other difference. Capcom could do this sorta thing any time they want. We just need to convince them it’s worth it.

  6. Zaratustra says:

    They should remake Darkstalkers. Of course, Morrigan would stay the same size.

  7. alonzobots says:

    About freaking time, how long has capcom been using the same sprites?

  8. T3KK9 says:

    This is f’ing awesome! I’ve always wanted something like this to come to the consoles! And the fact that udon’s making the sprites are just the icing on this hadouken-laced cake, not to mention that (if you’re a 360 owner that is), Street Fighter Anniversary Collection is now backwards compatible, it just doesn’t get much better than this. Now let’s hope to god there’s a way to use that SFAC arcade stick that some of us have.

  9. Timerever says:

    Remembered another thing! Now what would be awsome is a 1080p HD Guilty Gear game. HELL YEAH! That would be awsome and I would be sold to the 360.

  10. Alun says:

    Wow…its pretty impressive o see the size of the originals compared to the new one. With games like Odin Sphere and Super Paper Mario on the horizon (which both seem like fantastic games), I’d love to see 2D games making a comeback.

  11. U says:

    Wow, that’s amazing for a SFII remake. I’d love to see a KoF game with such sprites… Long life 2D!

  12. gique says:

    so obviously fake it hurts.

    A: why would a capcom eployee take a photo of a presentation of a game to distribute online at the cost of their job?

    B:why is the slide of it in english?

    C:why mark it as “confidential” when all their employees would deem it as confidential regardless? it’s just an attempt at whoever faked it to add some credibility.

    d: the strokes and lines of the illustration are obviously just that, not a sprite.

  13. gique says:

    yep, a company like capcom would DEFINITELY let some lousy photoshop hack job like this through!!


  14. Crithon says:

    but that’s done Udon, and not by Capcom? So it’s not Akiman or Kuni who designed that sprite for concept design?
    Who is the team behind this HD Remake?

  15. @ gique

    umm bro theres like 3 pages of other pics

  16. Krycek7o2 says:

    Wow gique, you are an idiot!

  17. Bush Mackel says:

    This game will be fun to play again because of the new look for 30 minutes..the time it will take to see all the characters and all the stages. Then you will be reminded that it’s still the same game and doesn’t have the depth of Street Fighter III.

  18. Hourayra says:

    God almighty !! allahu aqbar !! thank the lord !!! god bless capcom !!!
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !
    (street fighter deseaseful fan)

  19. Dan Solomon says:

    I’m very curious. Will this project be ported to Live for Vista? Since Microsoft wants to merge their XBox Live service for Vista’s Live project, I was wondering if there is any colaboration regarding porting this to Vista’s Live?

    I would kill to play this on my computer since a lot of computer monitors can support the 1920×1080 resolution.

    Any word on the promise of a Live version?

  20. racketboy says:

    Not that I’m aware of…

  21. Dan Solomon says:

    Hey Racketboy, Why not make the game in 16:9 ratio? Wouldn’t that remove most of the scrolling to the left and right? Instead of having a box around it to make it a 4:3 ratio? I mean if you’re going to redesign the graphics for 1080 resolution why not make the game in 16:9 ratio? Sort of loses the meaning of HD in some ways. Because HD means widescreen with what HD resolutions are…

  22. Darchangeldavid says:

    I really am super ready to play this game. This has redefined the way I will deal with sprites from now on. For a long time I have been shrinking great art work to fit 100-150 pixel scales but no longer. I would love for this remake to be for a new street fighter game that has every character in the franchise in it. Much like the dream battles from KOF. Speaking of KOF they need to make this happen with them too. I will see you all on Xbox live when this game comes out.

  23. ajani says:

    (first forum) ummm go ryu?

  24. Hopefull says:

    This indeed looks interesting. Now what needs to be done, is a remake of the Samurai Shodown series. The SS series is the best of the 2d fighters in my opinion. The main reason is the characters; pretty much all of them are sweet and I can get into the overall theme and feel of the game. I wonder what happened to fighting games, they all seem pretty cheese now a days. Ive been waiting for a good one to come around to give me an excuse to buy a console. Are there any good ones out? The last one I checked was Virtual Fighter 5 and I watched a few videos online. Back to my point, the characters were lame and it just looked like something I could not get into. What happened to creativity? Graphics and eye candy only go so far.

  25. blackmachina says:

    i want street fighter alpha series and 3:third strike in HD.
    then i want SNK/Playmore to release their KOF in HD.

  26. Rorkimaru says:

    This is realy cool. there is a fairly easy technique i recently discovered that lets you do this. the quality wouldnt be quite as good but with adjustments you can upscale any sprites, losslessly to ANY resolution using vector graphic programs.

    i am currently in talks to begin working on a 2d sidescrolling shooter that combines modern advances such as HQ sounds resolution and responsive controls with the classic elements of the classic hardcore sidescrollers (and dont worry there is no stealth section)

    while i was researching spriting techniques i discovered vector drawing. this technique allows upscaling to any size without afecting your image! If you have access to the origional sprites you can load them in to some editors and convert the image to a vector graphic. its not perfect but works quite well. After a few tweeks you have your sprite to upgrade to any future resolution.

    I noticed many of you were suggesting games you would like to have re-made. my suggestion is that you give it a try yourself. There are many free click and drag 2D progams such as Gamemaker. if you combine this with a vector package (again free) such as inkscape you can re-make most of those classic games you were talking about.

  27. Anónimo says:

    I am really interested on your project. Thank you in advance.

    I would like 16:9 resolution to reduce H-scroll. I think it is basic for a HDTV, wich are all of them in wide screen format.

    If you plan to port any other 2D fighting game, I would like this ones:
    Street fighter Alpha 3 (PSX)
    King of fighters’98 (Neogeo)
    Garoun: Mark of the wolves (Neogeo)

    Please, do not take this message as a requirement. It is a suggestion. Thanks.

  28. KK says:

    ugh… so not proportional