Spreading The Word About Neglected Games

I want to thanks the thousands upon thousands of readers that checked out my latest piece, “Top 20 Games That Nobody Played — But You Should“. I spent 3 full days piecing the thing together — painfully adding and subtracting titles I believed in.

I find it funny to pour through the hundreds of comments around the Net about what games they think I missed — as many were originally on my (longer) list, but I thought my write-up of 20 games was long enough as it was. I also didn’t want it to be more dominated by Sega than it already was. (I grew up on Sega, so sorry for any bias)

I’m taking many of the games that were mentioned in comments, adding them to the ones that I already had in my mind for my “sequel article” and see what I come up with.

I’m was also excited to see so many gamers out there that hadn’t heard of many of these games that are probably now looking on Google for ROMs or eBay for originals to try them out.

What I’m REALLY hoping for is for some game publishers like Sega or Nintendo to take notice of what games have become cult classics and those that are highly praised even though they didn’t sell well years ago. This could lead to a few things:

  • Ideas for ports and/or compilations on newer systems
  • Spawn sequels for some forgotten franchises (hopefully they don’t butcher the older title in new 3D)
  • Take note of what aspects made the mentioned games made them stand out and incorperate them in new titles.
  • Demonstrate that people still like 2D

Again, I want to especially thank Digg, Joystiq, and Kotaku for their links — they just have brought enough attention to my opinions to catch the eye of somebody that can make a difference. I also want to continue to encourage my readers to keep spreading the word about these games and that classic games can still be fun — and the best way to do that is buy the game compilations and re-releases that you enjoy.

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