Enhance PS1 Graphics With The Best ePSXe Plugin Settings


Many hardcore retro gamers try to play most of their games on the original gaming hardware for the most authentic and enjoyable experience. However, the original Playstation is one of the consoles that most definitely prefer playing via an emulator. One of primary reasons I use ePSXe to emulate PS1 games is the amazing graphical options it provides via plugins.

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What Can These Plugins Do?

Without getting too technical, most of these ePSXe plugins will make some of the PS1 games look nearly as good as an early Dreamcast or PS2 game. These improvements are usually made by enhancing the 3D model textures and using anti-aliasing techniques to smoothen the rough edges of the polygons. Here are some great examples of enhances screenshots (click to enlarge) …



What Plugin to Use?

There are a number of graphical plugins available for ePSXe, but for most modern PCs, you’ll want to go with Pete’s plugin, which has been around for quite a while, but it always being improved. Our resident emulation enhancement specialist, Mozgus, has these words of advice:

“For most 3D PS1 games, you want to use ePSXe, with the newest Pete’s OpenGL2, and Eternal’s sound plugin. From there, study each setting to better understand which ones are appropriate for which games. ” He also noted that “OpenGL2 is aimed at very good video cards like Geforce 7 or Radeon X1K series and up… Those with weaker video cards should use Pete’s OpenGL plugin (not OpenGL2). Those with no video card should seek a software mode plugin.”

What Settings Are Best?

Since the options screen on these graphical plugins are filled with lots of technical terms and can be a bit intimidating, I asked Mozgus to provide us with the following screenshot of his typical settings…


He said that he typically uses these settings for most of his games, but “there might be one or two small changes… Also, sometimes theres option you should enable under the “special game fixes …” button.”

Don’t Forget Custom Shaders

There are also some other add-ons known as shaders that can give some very interesting graphical effects. Mozgus likes the Natural Vision shader, because it strengthens colors, anti-aliases the image, and adds a nice blur that hides numerous PS1 visual flaws which high resolutions will not heal alone. Note that the Shader Level controls the blur amount for the given resolution. If the level is too high and the resolution is too low, the picture will be blurred too much. This shader arguably provides an overall pleasing look for every game out there. The set of filters and related information can be found at this phenominal thread at NGEmu.

To get your imaginations wandering, here are some samples of what other custom shaders can do…



Pretty Cool, Huh?

Of course, there are additional tweaks you can do for certain games to make them look extra special, but these settings should definitely get you started in the right direction.

If you have any other tips and would like to post screenshots of your own enhancements (Playstation or otherwise), feel free to join in on this forum topic where we started this discussion. You may also want to check out Kane’s domain, who has always made a habit of helping people tweak ePSXe just right for specific games.


  1. Sega says:

    Holy sh*t!

    It makes PSX games look like DC Games, and just a Quick question…

    Can you put in your PSX games into the CD Drive and Load the game up through the Emulator? Or do you need to Rip the ISO from your PSX Games?

  2. ZikZak says:

    You can do both.
    I used to do it under GNU/linux with PCSX which is using the same plugins.

  3. SaurianOverlord says:

    I haven’t used it in a while, but as far as I recall, yes, ePSXe can run games directly from CD.

  4. SaurianOverlord says:

    Wow, what were the odds of that happening? 😀

  5. D says:

    Holy cammoly, the articles just keep coming. Awesome job. This site is fast becoming the best site on the net. Awesome keep it up, you guys are doing great.

  6. Mozgus says:

    Well running directly off the disc is a bad idea. It causes massive stutters in many games, at least with all the drives I’ve ever had. The drives also like to go to sleep after a minute or two of inactivity, and then when the emu requests a read, it’s delayed 3-4 seconds for the spin-up, which delays the game obviously.

  7. SaurianOverlord says:

    That’s all true; I think it depends not only on your disc drive, but also the drivers, the plugin you’re using, your media…a lot of things could cause delays that aren’t necessarily inherent in ePSXe. Then again, maybe it is. I’m pretty sure I tried it at some point, but not for any length of time. And like I said, it was a while ago.

  8. bob says:

    wow, it totally butchers the games.

  9. racketboy says:

    Care to expand on your thoughts?
    Otherwise, that comment is meaningless…

  10. Mozgus says:

    He probably glanced at the last two pictures and didn’t read a thing.

  11. The last pictures look absolutely awesome! Looks like I have to buy a pad for the pc and download epsxe again.

    Once again this site kicks ass! Best retrogaming source on teh webs.

  12. gnome says:

    Hey, this really looks nice! Who’d have thought…

  13. zmttoxics says:

    I have been doing this for years. The linux version of epsxe has slightly better opengl plugins from personal observation. But all in it, it makes replaying final fantasy’s and front mission games a ton more enjoyable.

  14. i ve done this but the psx says no wgl extensions or somthing says:

    i ve done this but the psx says no wgl extensions or something like that

  15. i ve done this but the psx says no wgl extensions or somthing says:

    please somebody help me

  16. Joey says:

    Does anyone know what parts are need to upgrade my ps1 to a ps2 or ps3? I don`t want to buy a new system so I figured I would try and build a ps2 or ps3 with my ps1. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


  17. Gerard says:

    the plugin is acting up on my pc when i try to load the game Final Fantasy 9.A windows pops and says.No wgl extensions.
    I do not know what that means and how can i fix it please.

  18. racketboy says:

    I don’t know off the top of my head, but you should ask for help in the forums — somebody should be able to help there.

  19. Super Nintendo Chalmers says:

    Which shader was used to get the shiny effect on that last FF9 screenshot? I’ve been trying various shaders, but haven’t been able to find one that looks like that.

  20. asguard says:

    Super Nintendo Chalmers

    >>Final Fantasy IX SimoneT’s Bump Map shader<<

  21. Odale says:

    uhmm about the config for internal X & Y..
    when i use ultra high settings..epsxe crashes…

    my video card is ATIRadeon x550 (512VRAM)
    intel pentium D (3.4 GHZ)

    can you please help me??

    add me in YM or MSN

    really appreciate your help

    good day every one…

    btw even if i use the high settings…my tekken 3 looked like tekken tag…^^

  22. racketboy says:

    If you need technical help, I would recommend posting your question in the forum. You’ll have more people to help you out quickly.


  23. sondeN says:

    yo i want this ff9 grafiks, how can i make it? wery nice !
    please say how i can get like such as in the Screan Shot !!

  24. laur says:

    I have too bump map shader but its not that good then this picture.

  25. komuri says:

    i got this the ova day
    i noticed the graphics were smoothed out alot of digimon world 1 but i didnt no u cud do all that =O

  26. Michael Shultz says:

    Is there anyway to run the emulators on the PS3?

  27. racketboy says:

    Nope, you’re stuck with the PS3s own backwards compatibility at this point….

  28. joe says:

    i do everything you did but it just ends up saying missing render-texture extension. Please help!sometimes it says no buffer availible when i try somtheing else please response!

  29. Mlata says:

    I gotta say this ff9 screenshot is freakin awesome!

  30. malapazkuwa says:

    Plx help Valkyrie Profile has not running for a while now….. idk the prob…. ive used all the settings possible… hmm..

  31. nones says:

    ALL of it is cool but how did you get chrono cross working mine works fine till i press new game then i get a black screen and it dont load i have tred diff chrono cross torrents and i have redownloaded the emulator but i get the sme thing

  32. racketboy says:

    It might be a setting in the emulator… possibly something that keeps the FMV cutscenes from playing.
    I would dig around in there and if you still have problems, ask in the forums and copy a screenshot of your settings in there….

  33. loinbread says:

    Do these plugins work with psX? Are there any similar filters or graphic plugins for psX? I vastly prefer it to ePSXe.

  34. Gato says:

    If you can’t get past the New Game and Vibration Function Menu, try turning on the Game Fixes. If that doesn’t work, activate the options one by one – or activate all if you’d like to see if at least one of the fixes works. Worked with me – though I don’t know which of them

  35. SimoneT says:

    I have rewritten my BumpMAP shader. You can download it at:
    For ATI/AMD users: you cannot set the “Internal X resolution” more than “High”. Is a ATI/AMD driver limitation, not a plugin or emulator bug.

  36. Assassin007 says:

    Very good tutorial I was looking for the configurations with the video card settings 🙂

    Regards //Assassin007

  37. OMG says:

    dude i need help… thers a no WGL extension error appeared when i start the game using these settings… what is it?

  38. racketboy says:

    Sounds like a question for the forum. We may need more details — maybe a screenshot of your settings and what games you are trying.

  39. Haoie says:

    Quite impressive looking. My computer is probably a bit too slow to handle the extra bits and pieces though.

  40. Hose says:

    , that looks good, what is the first shader? on the ff ix screenshot

  41. adam says:

    how do you fix freezing?

  42. racketboy says:

    You’ll need to share more details than that — and it’s probably a question for the forum….

  43. freezingicekirby says:

    It’s awesome!

    …too bad I don’t have enough ram to use it’s best settings, but I can use the next best settings (looks good, but no texture filtering).

    Still, thank you a TON for this article! I deeply appreciate it! (Now I just have to get some money to upgrade my RAM so I can use the best settings ^_^)

  44. alex says:

    you don’t need to use the exact settings stated above, I’m using high settings for the X and Y resolution and I’m using my crappy notebook a dv2224ea here’s ma specs;http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&cc=us&docname=c00848340&dlc=en
    32mb dedicated video card, and it can handle this stuff with reasonably good results without any slowdown.

  45. breakwind says:

    People,People trying to play your PS1 games on a pc to obtain pc quality graphics is laudible goal- but utterly futile.With so many programing configuration variables to consider you’ll fail in trying to get those games to run right.Remember the Bleemcast on the Dreamcast that allows ps1 games to be played on it,you know how that product faired.So be content with the PS2/PS3 texture smoothing feature when playing your PS1 games.

  46. zappa141 says:

    very useful site thanks! can anybody recommend a decent game pad? tried using wificontroller avec my psp but its not really workin. cheers

  47. igor says:

    LoL Yea of course u can play direct fomr the CD , is very best tham donwload roms ,i do this everytime ^^

  48. soul1112 says:

    Very nice, it’s awesome. I’ve got a question though:

    When I load a game(Soul Reaver) the emulator crashes, it says “A problem ocurred and ePSXe has to close” and I configured it the same way like in the image. What do I do?

  49. racketboy says:

    I would try, unchecking or turning off one feature at a time to see which one is causing the problem.
    The other issue may be that the game image is corrupted.

  50. link4587452 says:

    How do you get the shaders to work?

  51. nizam says:

    just a quick question…
    i dont have graphic card but is there any plugins for epsxe for computer without graphic card?

    is it possible to use epsxe without graphic card?

  52. Leon says:

    Wow! The Tomb Raider games look just like the PC versions with these enhancements, but I am not even using everything that is listed, and it still looks good.

  53. Leon says:

    What I mean by the PC versions that are enhanced with glidos.

  54. McDohl says:

    Help >.<

    I’m on valkyrie profile psx, i played da game, n wen it come 2 some events with voices, da game often hang / freeze. Please let me know wat best plug-in n settings for video, sound, cd-rom, bios, etc., 2 played valkyrie profile psx.

  55. racketboy says:

    Hmm…. I wouldn’t know personally, but you may get some good advice by asking in the forum… best of luck!

  56. Normal Guy says:


  57. Ntopa says:

    Racketboy, or someone elese!
    Is it posible to play PS one games (FF7&FF9), on HP Compaq 6720S with 1,73Ghz Intel Celeron, Intel’s GMA X3100 integrated card, 1,5GB RAM and Win XP proff using ePSXe? Pls someone answer, with details posible?

  58. racketboy says:

    it might not be able to do all the fancy stuff, but it should run ok if you Windows install isn’t too bogged down. its worth a shot

  59. Sean says:

    Game looks great (mgs) but is quite slow with the high settings despite my PC. X2 5000+, 4850, 4GB Any thoughts?? Seems to run the same speed on all settings.. possibly my CD rom?

  60. racketboy says:

    Well, you could see if its your CD or not by ripping it to your hard drive and then playing it from the ISO file.

  61. private says:

    how about for intel cards that plugin is for ATI/nVIDA

  62. private says:

    and its celeron and it had an error, and changed my revolution(computer)

  63. private says:

    with NFS 5 i bet it wont work with any other games too

  64. Sean says:

    Can’t get any iso’s to load, ripping with Alcohol 120%, tried run iso, run cd rom (mounted image), iso plugins, CCD/IMG/MDS image files…..

  65. Marbolid says:

    Lol can someone help me…. it seems that MY “Pete’s OpenGL” is diff from this 1…. and even when i configure it 2 have regular speed theres just 1 problem…. i cant see tha actions/status board…. but i kinda cant fix it O_O

  66. ePSXe Blows Dogs says:

    Yeah, this piece of shit emulator doesn’t work. Says “Missing Shader extentions” when I try to load a rom. Gay.

  67. ishianji says:

    Hello peopel i just bought a geforce 84000 yea i know they have better ones out there but i have pci slots for my pc and so it was the best video card that would work. anyway the video look the same intill the next day when pluged in my my new 1GBDDRAM.SO I payed one of my old palastion games witth my borther and we were blown away by the Graphics.The only down side is that there is no 2 palyer games.is there a way to fix this. i dont wont to jump beacuse brother wants too.um mabey diferent softweare for the game pad?

  68. Aenigma says:

    LOL at “ePSXe Blows Dogs” comments about sPSXe being a piece of shit.

    That missing shader extentions error you are talking about means you pointed the directory to a folder with NO SHADERS in it.

    ePSXe is amazing but technical. My advice to you would be to read up on configuration actually set the emulator up before making stupid comments.

  69. link says:

    help me!!!!~
    why opengl2 have many errors like missing shader extension and missing frame buffer object extensions
    how could i fix it plssss
    help me

  70. Sergio Quintero says:

    dudes check if u can put a setting for open gl1 i have because for unknown reason i cant put open gl2 in my epsxe

  71. YuKit says:

    Well. I also am having issues with this “no WGL Extensions” error. I dunno quite why it’s doing it, but I’ll try out that other video plugin. I would go to the forums to post or read about some help, but it’s blocked by my school. I cannot access it to check up on it, so I thought I’d post here instead. If you have any ideas, please email me at: YuKitsuneYoukai@yahoo.com

    Please include “WGL error” as the subject. Thank you. I appreciate it.

  72. Marcel says:

    Hi maybe I’m not the first who ask this question but what shader do you use for Chrono Cross?

  73. angela derscha says:

    hey man i was playing crash bandicoot and it ran an error and closed out the program when i reached %38 or heavy machinery. can u help man?

  74. King of Dreams says:

    I have epsxe on my 2008 E-machines computer and I have been trying to congfigure Soul Reaver properly. Now, I know it works in the emulator but, tiny details have me reconfiguring constantly. Each time I do so I seem to screw it up even worse. What I want to know is, what are the proper settings for this game? Does anyone know?

  75. Chaotik says:

    When i try to run my Final Fantasy 9 ISO (which i downloaded 2 different ones) everything is fine except for big colored squares coming across the screen, it mainly only does it during short movies of the game like the intro, and i have a great graphics card, Nvidia GeForce 8 series, 512 Mb. can someone hel me plz.

  76. Why is it Rp?
    then what game is that?
    i wanna try!

  77. zezo says:


    please can you help me im playing resident evil 1 but the game is too fast and resident evil 2 is too slow

    please help me …….

  78. altair says:

    yo im having problems with the sound when im emulating final fantasy 7 it runs perfect but the sound is kinda wierd the music is acceptable but when im in battle it sounds like im playing some cheesy atari gun commando game or something help will be much appreciated

  79. karis says:

    help me guys!!!!
    why opengl2… have many errors like missing shader extension and missing frame buffer and reender ext..object extensions
    how could i fix it plis

  80. piplupeon says:

    when i do these settings it says missing render-texture extension. no pixel format available,shader effects:missing custom file! and then doesnt work, what should i do

  81. Shocked ps1er says:

    I’m shocked at the versatility of this emulator. I own the Worlds worst PC and can still enjoy all the classics I’ve never had any trouble setting up the config or anything…. every game i try plays great from the CD i was wondering how do i rip an ISO off my discs i would like to put all my disks away forever and I hear they play a lil faster….. also ^^^^ those ^^^^ FF9 screenshots look great i wich i could use OGL2 or do i even need them for the bumpmaps? im no sure

  82. cEd says:

    help me plzzz…. i can play my epsxe downloaded in nitroroms i cant play because it said no WGL extensions… HELP ME..! I WANT TO PLAY MY FAVORITE GAME IN PS1 DIGIMON WORLD,CHRONO CROSS, etc.

  83. John says:

    I notice that quite a few of you are getting missing shader extension type errors, and since it seems that no one else has answered, I’ll try to explain.

    It seems that most of you are using ePSXe, I assume with Pete’s drivers. This plugin supports multiple shader formats, the two main ones being “ARB programs (.vp/fv)” and “GLSlang Files (.slv/slf). The packages linked to include some of both formats, so you have to reselect the appropriate type when changing shaders.

    For simplicity’s sake, I recommend you create a folder named “Shaders” in your ePSXe folder and extract them there. After that, navigate to your desired shader’s folder and note the file extension. From there, reconfigure Pete’s plugin to use you intended type.

    Let’s say you want to use the storybook shaders; by navigating to their folder, you can see that they have .slf and .slv extentions, so you would choose the GLSlang option. The bump map option has .fp an .vp extensions, so you would use the ARB Program option.

    Hope that clears everything up

  84. Chadd says:

    Hey love your site! I stumbled onto it last night trying to configure my epsxe. The first thing I noticed was your shader effects and I gotta say…DAMN sexy! Im currently trying to make mine the same way. I have a geforce 8500 so im pretty sure it can handle it. I followed your link and the above screenshot from Mozgus’ settings but currently am having a “Shader Effects:Missing Custom File” problem. It says that before my game starts after I begin it. If you have any suggestions, awesome. Anyway as I said, dig the site, ill be around. Take care!

  85. geri says:

    Solution for “Shader Effect:Missing Custom File” problem. go to pete’s home page (pbernet.com). select “psx GPU plugins”, search for “pete’s pixel shader files” section. download slf/slv or fv/fp files (many choices, each has different effect, “scale2x” shader is the best i think). After download, create folders named “shaders” in “epsx” directory, paste the slf/slv or fv/fp files there. Configure the epsxe video setting “shader effect”. Play the game (sorry for my english).

  86. Migeruuuuu says:

    I want to fix up Digimon world 1 to work like this! Can someone help me out? I have all the plugins, all shaders and im running off a laptop. Can someone please help me out? Email me the best config or just post it.

  87. Ex says:

    ive been getting the missing shader type errors too, ive tried what JOHN said and it still has the same problems

    anyone help?

  88. Master_OrHan says:

    ePSXe owns! It makes the old PS1 games look absolutely stunning! I used to own the original Playstation and I can see and hear a huge difference in quality. Pete’s OpenGL2 GPU and Eternal SPU are the best I have found. Have to try some of those custom shaders. Unfortunately, I get lag in ePSXe on my P4 HT but I hope to upgrade to a Core i7 930 to remedy this.

    pSX is a great emulator is the best choice for those with systems older than mine. I wish Saturn emulation was on this level but SSF runs with a lot more lag for me than ePSXe by far. Dreamcast emulates better than Saturn because of Saturn’s dual CPU architecture. Excellent article Racketboy, I reference your website a lot when hunting for games to emulate. Keep up the great work!

  89. Matt says:

    Man i was struggling forever to make Legend of Dragoons to look right, thank you for posting a visual of the OpenGL2 configurations, it helped a ton.
    The only thing i ask is to explain how to install some of these special shaders after i have downloaded them. Ex: AA+Bloom shader.

  90. Jake says:

    hey ive played Xenogears on my playstation1 and was impressed by the graphics considering how old the game is but i really want 2 play it at a higher level in terms of graphics. so what i was wondering is if i can just put the game disc into my computer to upload it and what site i should use to increase the graphics
    thanks in advance, Jake

  91. Hazza says:

    I used some settings that ran FF7 pretty good, but Chrono Cross was running really sluggish, till a battle, then it sped up, I have tried these settings, and FF7 looks 10x better. and Chrono Cross seems to be better now. many thanks for posting this they work pretty well with a ATI 4850

  92. Mumba says:

    Fails to mention that the gameplay’s speed dramatically reduces. So I hope you like the graphics because you will be looking at the forever doing one battle!

  93. racketboy says:

    You do realize that totally depends on what hardware you’re running it on…

  94. LadyHecate says:

    My system specs are:
    32 bit Genuine Intel CPU 575 @ 2.00 GHz
    With 2GB Ram memory.

    I don’t think I have any special graphics card, this is a Toshiba Laptop.

    What do you think the best settings for my Video Plugin would be? Most of them that I have tried have actually made the emulation experience worse. Like certainly blotchy areas on the FFVII worldmap. And it takes a bit long to enter a battle when battles occur(or at least it seems that way).

  95. Aericloud says:

    I’ve tried the settings, it rocks! i’m currently playing The legends of dragoon, it looked like the early PS2 RPG games.

  96. Deen205 says:

    I got my own setting’s, butt what i dont get. Mutch people here are asking about a good controller to use, didnt any off you ever considerd PS3-controller? (USB)

  97. jansen says:

    i have a problem in final fantasy 7…
    the screen gets blured image on the menus and the text AFTER ENTERING CHOCOBO RANCH…
    someone help me!

  98. DatOneMang says:

    I have been having lots of fun with ePSXe and I just saw this site today. It seems really awesome and I look forward to testing these out. 😀

  99. Ashley Whitehead says:

    Hey there,

    Does anyone know where I can get a WGL Extensions Files for my emulator. I could really use some help.

  100. Kamil says:

    Great job!
    Could You please send me a copy of Your customized epsxe ?
    I have difficulties with running FFIX… I’ve already tried lots of combinations ( of epsxe v + video plugins).
    I would be really greatful.
    Looking forward to hearing from U.
    Greetings from Poland.


  101. leo says:

    what game is that (which final fantasy) is shown in the pictures above?

  102. logan says:

    some help for digimon world 3, its lagging and skipping and im not sure what to do

  103. kade67 says:

    hey, every time i try and run epsxe using openGL2 GPU it just says missing fbo extention. im new to configuring the plugins, any suggestions plz??

  104. xi says:

    thx for the info,
    but i can’t play FF IX, when zidane and the others going to lindblum for the first time the video can’t play correctly and stop at the same place.. my plugin is “Pete’s openGl2 driver 2.9” please i need your help!
    and i’m sorry for my bad english

  105. evilpair666 says:

    I am trying to play legend of dragoon and I keep getting the error no wgl extensions. I have downloaded petes 3d3 drivers and i still cant get it to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Post or email me. Thanks

  106. Robbyn says:

    At 5/17/2010 6:36 PM, Ashley Whitehead said…

    Hey there,

    Does anyone know where I can get a WGL Extensions Files for my emulator. I could really use some help.

    I’m having the same problem with the openGL I use the d3d for every game and it works fine… But I can’t find any good configuration for Final Fantasy 9 if someone could e-mail me with some tips or advice that would be very much appreciated. My e-mail is hellfire220@hotmail.com

    I don’t know if it helps at all but here are my specs for the computer I am using for this.

    HP Pavilion 061, 2GB RAM, 64-bit OP, NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT, Total available Graphics memory – 1023MB, Dedicated Graphics memory – 256MB, DirectX 9.0 (Or better)

  107. Robbyn says:

    @ Deen205 said…

    I got my own setting’s, butt what i dont get. Mutch people here are asking about a good controller to use, didnt any off you ever considerd PS3-controller? (USB)
    For those who don’t have a PS3. Another good way to do it is to ask around for a Universal USB Converter. I got one just for this. It’s a little white box you plug into your USB port. It has 5 ports on it. 1 port for plugging in PSX/PS2 controllers, 1 for xbox, 1 for GameCube, and 2 other USB extensions. VERY handy tool for any emulating. OH DID I MENTION?! You can use more then one controller at the same time. So someone on Xbox someone on PS2 for multiplayer gaming! (Or if you have a cheap USB controller that plugs into it too for up to 5 players at once. http://blog.sav2880.net/2007/08/05/gamemon-usb-converter-review-drivers/ ~ Side note. The PS2 controller also works well for playing other Emulators like Super Nintendo (As I would imagine the PS3 controller is the same)

  108. the dude says:

    hey robbyn, thats kinda cool ive had that same usb converter for years now(little white box)and yeah it is pretty freakin sweet for all kinds of emulators.its pretty cheap too(got it at wally world, under 20 bucks)! i also would like to know if anyone couldtell me the best plug in and configuration for someone with no graphics card?
    i dont have all the specs but i do know that i have windowsxp home edition and intel pentium 3 processor. would love som help, thanks

  109. get over it says:

    @epsxe blows dogs. Well i geuss somebodys mad there dos machine cant handle this

  110. Jay says:

    I had a problem in ePSXe because i buy a new videocard ATI Radeon hd3650 and i used OpenGL2 and the best setting in above Picture of this plugins. its nice and have a smooth graphics and nice movement of the character in final fantasy 7 but everytime i walk outside the village or in the world map have something popup black on my screen.but in the inside of the village or cave is good nice graphics.but outside have something problem.

  111. Richter says:

    I love playing castlevania on this emu. But when I load the game with the settings above, it says it needs a extension for the GL!!
    please help!

  112. anon says:

    Far out everyone, keep the troubleshooting to a minimum. There are plenty of forums for resolving such things, and there’s an excellent chance someone else has had the same problem

  113. Any says:

    Hey stupid question,
    but does any one know a good website where I can download
    the Spyro games and Crash bandicoot games for this?


    My Brother Has Crash But He Can’t Remember Where He Got It From ¬___¬’

    little help please! (:

  114. Colin says:

    I seem to be lagging a bit on Legend of Legaia in battle when I use Spirit or Arts in any way. Its not a huge deal, but can be a bit annoying. I’m using a Radeon HD 5770 to run it, on a i7 870 with about 12 gigs of ram. I’m using the exact settings above except I have it set to full screen with the widescreen fix checked, and window mode set to 1280×1024.

    Willing to shed a little light on this? Maybe its just my vid card?

  115. Tomas says:

    hey im just wondering if anyone else has had a problem trying to get beyond the beyond iso to work for there espxe if so hit me up and i hope there suggestions work

  116. Colin says:

    Fixed my issue. I forgot to set the vram. Set it to 512 and all my lag issues were resolved in every game that seemed to be having them. =]

  117. Tony says:

    Hey need help with epsxe my game always bring up a black screen in the begining and after battles
    that dosent allow me to progress and i have to shut down i cant go anywere or do anything
    the game is legend of dragoon for ps1 any help would be appreciated

  118. Luke says:

    Does the plugins can make the 3d object from psx game can be ripped from psx emulator that we used with the plugins?

  119. hey is this work in epsxe version 1.6.0 ???

  120. 16bit says:

    May I ask what shader is used in that Chrono Cross screenshot? Is it the Natural Vision Shader?

  121. thomas says:

    Hi ive followed all the steps and instructions to set up the epsx, using a 450gts nividia, i cannot seem to get that clean cut smoothing for the images. seems to have a box like shape, any suggestions

  122. boob says:

    how u make game fast – game much slow with make badsound – matched terrible, u make? y not a broken hamlet PLZZZZZZZ MAKE REPLY????????????

  123. Conner says:

    Missing rendure-texture extension. what do i do?

  124. sony says:

    iam playing FF9….,use ePSXe 1.6.0 & 1.5.2….,can you tell me how to get best quality..?…,

  125. Franz says:

    I have downloaded ePSXe and I have the FFVIII and FFIX, but I don`t know which plugins and bios I should install… I know a little `bout computers, but this is my first time I try this. please help? And it would be great if someone could write the names of the plugins and bios, would make thing A LOT easier.

  126. James Rideout says:

    You’ll want to go with “Pete’s Plugin?”
    That is very vague. Could you be more specific?
    To Franz: The Bios has nothing to do with the graphics in the game.

  127. lyan says:

    if I use gpuPeteOpenGL2
    It says “No WGL Extension”
    How can I fix it?

  128. Lavos says:

    Hey, nice guide and nice help by the community.

    It seems that no one else has the same problem I have.

    After putting the shaders on the folder with the same name, I still have an error message “missing render-texture extension” and “no pixel format available”…

    Can´t seem to find what’s the problem :S

    Live long playing video games!

  129. Ian says:

    Hi i recently started playing FF9 on epsxe 1.7.
    I played up to the point i got to the cutscene just before the airship takes off and it keeps crashing and making a repetitive sound just before the airship leaves the screen. I know there is a way to get past it cause i did before i just can’t figure out what settings or graphics plugin i used. My PC has a 6150SE graphics card. Nothing special relatively 2006. I know it has to do with the graphics plugin i just can’t figure out which one and what settings. Can anyone recommend a plugin and certain setting for me?

  130. Domício Medeiros says:

    Hello, guys.

    Levo, about yoyr doubt:

    That warning is because you’ve selected on the “Full Screen Filters” in Shader effects. I guess it didn’t work because when we select the option 3: ARB program, the plugin search the shade file in the emulator directory.

    I have fixed my problem selecting a option different from 3.

    I’d some help to find a good Shader effect to use with general games.

    See ya.

  131. Mr.NoBody says:

    Nice but one question what version of epsxe are you using?

  132. Mr.NoBody says:

    I start up my PSX and try to run a game, and I get the following error messages:
    “Missing Render-Texture Extension!”/”No Pixel format Available!”

  133. nathan says:

    I did this and it works great thank you broski

  134. hameed Al enazi says:

    Please We want the best ePSXe Settings Sound

  135. L says:

    the command field isnt visible in the battle system whenever i play ff7 or 8 its worse in 7 because theres also black bars that censor certain features .. ive tried ALL settings and none works.. could this be a case of not acquiring the right plugins or can this be resolved already, because i believe i already have all the plugins or the reduce base parts that the epsxe requires to function. please help. 0-0

  136. Nathan says:

    so i changed all my ePSXe settings to how you showed me in that print screen
    and it now says ‘custom shaders missing’???

    i just dont get it, im sorry but i am new to this.

    it is for my Final Fantasy 8-9 but they were sooooo blocky before, help me PLEASE

  137. Leafshade says:

    In Reply To Nathan.
    Use D3D instead of OpenGl2 http://www.pbernert.com/gpupete177.zip
    if you still need help ask me.

  138. samuel says:

    excuse me,
    im using asus win8 64bit
    AMD E-450 APU 1.6GHz

    everything is done except video, GSdx 5334 is not support for video, can you give me some recomendation ? ^_^
    for admin, you can give it to my e-mail
    another guest, you can reply this

    thanks a lot 🙂

  139. Benjamin says:

    So, this game is running great. Got the shaders and everything to work just fine. However, the pre-rendered backgrounds look absolutely horrible – no matter what I do. I’ve seen people play without that issue, so I’m just wondering what I can do to reduce the choppy backgrounds? (If there IS a fix, that is.)

  140. Adam says:

    @Benjamin depends what game you’re referring to tbh. Quite a few games require different settings. If it’s Final fantasy though make sure the compatibility drop downs are ser to 1, 2, 2 along with setting the flicker fix border to either 1 or 2
    Could play around with texture filtering too, keep alternating it until you find the best one. Though I typically use 4 like the screenshot suggests.
    Also check the box for game fixes and select the one that states use for FF7,8,9 and also use the one for old textures.
    I also suggest using the natural shader for most games as it provides many image enhancement methods.
    Also make sure frame skipping is disable in the soft plugin which can be found on the main graphics plugins underneath the ogl2 configuration

    These few settings should get it looking much better. Unfortunately if playing at higher the resolution of the native resolution it’s never going to look perfect

  141. kotor says:

    What’s the best shader for crono cross ? I want it to look good