Sonic Xtreme for Sega Saturn LEAKED!

 Are you a Sega Saturn owner that was bummed that elusive 3D Sonic game, Sonic Xtreme, never was released? Well, maybe this news will help you feel better…

z3ntn3l, from the recently-deceased, Saturn Torrents Forum just informed me that a copy of Sonic X-Treme (which was recently sold for a hefty sum) has found its way onto the Net.

Assembler Games has a great discussion about this release and you can find a torrent for the leaked game on The Pirate Bay. While it may not be as complete and polished as the leaked copies of Half-Life and Propellar Arena for the Dreamcast, I’m sure it will give Saturn owners a unique thrill.

Update: Guess it was a April Fools. That was pretty harsh.

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RGSPro says:

Your not allowed to april fool me yet, because its still the 31st here, so I am still holding out hope that it is infact sonic xtreme.

Mozgus says:

Like I said, April Fools.

romablog says:

impressive demo, nonetheless.

Anonymous says:

It’s true this game does in fact exist over the net, at least I think. Mull on over to mininova and look for it. At first I thought it was a joke, but when I saw the torrent, it has to be true. I may download it on my **** dell just in case anything is hazardous, but if it works, I’ll notify.

StrikeFear13 says:

It does not exist anywhere on the net…trust me.

Pepper says:


that is all i will say.

Mick_aka says:

This is a Sonic Xtreme game engine demo, it is genuine but it depends which torrent you get it off!

g says:

It is leaked, but it isn’t the rumored latest development version, more the engine tec-toy!

justincase says:

Its real guys, here ya go:


Murphy says:

hxxp:// it does not work for some reason plese help me out

Not Important says:

I was on the Sonic Xtreme dev team until about a year ago. Left the project because it was getting absolutely nowhere. Chris Senn, director of the project, was hardly doing any sort of job directing..letting the whole thing fall to shambles. Last I heard, within recent months, “Project S”, which is what the continuation of Xtreme was being referred to as, was completely scrapped.

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