Sin and Punishment N64 Translation Hack

Sin and Punishment N64 TranslationMany of you are aware of the fact that I’m a huge Treasure fan. Well, I was very excited to stumble upon this little project while I was researching something on Google.

A little website named Vanit Studios has been working on a solid English translation for Treasure’s cult classic N64 game, Sin and Punishment. I’ve personally been meaning to spend more time with this game, and this might give me more motivation.

This won’t really be able to help you if you are playing the original N64 cartidge on your console, but if you have the Sin and Punishment ROM and an N64 emulator, this will let you play the game with full English menus and dialogue.

Links to get you familiar with the project:
Review of Sin and Punishment
The Main Project Page With Basic Info and Screens
The Project’s ReadMe File
My Download Mirror For The Translation Hack

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Anonymous says:

I can’t imagine this playing too well, seeing as how primitive N64 emulators are.

Kevin says:

This game was awesome as an import… I wish I had a copy of the rom so I could try it out in english!
I’ll keep my eyes open 🙂

Anonymous says:

Are you kidding? N64 Emulators play most games better than even a N64 can. Its come a long way, very close to absolute perfection

Vanit says:

Hey, I sent you an email regarding the change of my url.

Indead says:

Take note everyone, this version of the texture pack is outdated, go to Vanit’s website to download version 1.1

This game is pretty bad ass actually! I may have to get a copy sometime.

justin says:

this is game is so fun you will be obsessed

SpooNMan says:

Anyone tested the translation patch on an N64 copier such as the Doctor V64? Emulation is
OK, but I prefer the actual hardware when possible.

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