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How To Play Sega Saturn Backups

Those of you that frequent my site are probably familiar with this topic, but I thought I would write a guide for new readers that are looking to play backups on the Saturn. The Sega Saturn is possibly one of the best systems for 2D gaming and has a number of enjoyble 3D titles as […]

Gunstar Heroes PS2 Treasure Box – Feb 23rd!

As I mentioned back in July, Sega and Treasure will be releasing a collection of their most popular games on a PS2 compilation. Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy and Alien Soldier will be combined in Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 25: Gunstar Heroes – Treasure Box. Sega and Treasure have both finally given a solid release […]

Will Our Old Consoles Die Soon?

Do you ever wonder when our old consoles will just die from age? I know many people that have had their NES die right on the shelf. Soon, you’ll be afraid to pull your Genesis off the shelf for fear that it might be dead as well. An online friend of mine mentioned that SNES […]

Want Wireless Saturn and Dreamcast Controllers?

I love my Sega Saturn and Dreamcast. That fact is easy to pick if you visit my site often. However, I don’t play the systems as much as I should. What keeps me away from these great systems? I am addicted to wireless controllers. I have a Nintendo Gamecube and have fallen in love with […]

FAQ: Can You Play Genesis ROMs on a Sega CD?

This question has been asked all over the Net during the last decade or so. I just encountered this topic again today and thought I would address it here. No, there is not a way to play Genesis/Megadrive ROMs on the Sega CD. The system does not have a way to nativly play them. It […]

Looking Back At Console Launches

With the launch of the XBox 360 getting ever so close, has decided to do a quick rundown of every major game console launch since the NES. They include a list of major launch titles, the strengths and weakness of the launch, and 1-5 star rating. Sega represented each end of the spectrum: the […]

Is It Easy To Install a Saturn Modchip?

I’ve had a number of people asking me if it is easy to install a Sega Saturn Mod Chip. Basically, if you have a Model 2 Saturn, it’s extremely easy — even for beginners. Read my post on for more details

New Way To Get Your Dreamcast Online

I finally got a my first broadband connection of my own a couple months ago. So imagine my delight when I came across this guide that helps you connect your Dreamcast online via a broadband connection — without having to buy and expensive Broadband adapter. While it is not as fast as a pure broadband […]

Create Reprogrammable Genesis Carts

MAKE Magazine pointed to an informative piece on how to create your own reprogrammable cartridge for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. It can be used for many things, such as running demos, homebrew games and music on the real console. Sounds like a cool project for me to take on when I get caught up on stuff. […]

Sega Saturn Mod Chip Still For Sale

Is your Sega Saturn gathering dust in the back of your closet? Bring new life to the 32-bit powerhouse with one of my Sega Saturn Modchips. I’ve worked hard to always have my modchips in stock and have them at very low prices. I also have a great flat-rate shipping to anywhere in the world. […]

Will the Revolution Erode the Game Renting Market?

When it was first announced that Nintendo’s next console would feature the ability to play Nintendo’s entire back catalog, I was extremely excited. While I enjoy using emulation on my current devices to play classic ROMs and ISOs, I’m desiring to have a more enjoyable experience — one that I believe Nintendo can provide. While […]

My Love Affair With Alien Hominid

I have to say, I feel a bit guilty for not reaching this point earlier. I covered the progress of the console ports of Alien Hominid since it was first announced that the indie Flash game would be coming to the big three home game consoles. I’ve played the game a bit in the past, […]

Sega Saturn Model 1 Modchip Installation

This Saturn is by far the most difficult because you need to have some skill with a soldering iron. The actual installation of the chip is quite easy once you have correctly altered the chip. Model 1 Chips are no longer in production, so unless you can find some backstock or place that has some […]

My Newest Sega Saturn and Sega CD Downloads

I’m going to do my best to share a good deal of my game ISOs over a long period of time. Larger files will be distributed via BitTorrent and smaller ones will be uploaded to YouSendIt. Each game will be availible for a few days or weeks. Then I will move onto other games. Here’s […]

Atomiswave Lineup Impressions – Part 2

I have finally found time to do the follow-up to my popular write-up, “Atomiswave Lineup Impressions – Part 1“. There have been quite a few developments on the Atomiswave platoform, even though it may be approaching the end of it’s lifespan. Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) If you’re looking for the freshest […]

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