Dreamcast Games That Have Ports On Other Systems

I’ve had a couple requests to compile a list of all the Dreamcast games that have appeared on other console and the PC and Mac as well.

While this list may not be exhaustive, it includes just about every worthwhile game Dreamcast including imports. The list is alphabetical and the other systems each game appears on is noted after the title.

Games that have the PS1 or N64 are usually ported from those older systems and received a higher-quality port on the the Dreamcast. Games ported to the Playstation 2, Gamecube, or XBox are usually of equal quality or received minor upgrades on the newer systems.

If you have any correction or additions, please let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. nonesuch says:

    Wow, amazing list! Never thought anyone would actually compile all these. I’d kind of like to see a list of cancelled Dreamcast games, particularly ones which were almost finished by canceled at the end of the DC’s life, like Half-Life.

    A few minor points:
    Rayman DS is Rayman 2
    Tony Hawk 2 is on PC
    Mr. Driller appears on GBA, though maybe not the exact same edition
    Puyo Pop Fever seems to have been on GBA, Arcade, Palm OS and Pocket PC
    Silent Scope seems to have had a kinda-sorta GBA version (didn’t know about the PS1 version!)
    Rainbow Six was ported to Mac by MacSoft
    I’m not sure if you’d like to count the GBA remakes of Crazy Taxi and Chu Chu Rocket

  2. gord says:

    Re-Volt had a pc port too i might add 🙂

  3. D says:

    Cleopatra’s Fortune on the dreamcast is a sequel to the ps1 and saturn games
    doa2 – pc
    hotd2 – pc
    Mr. Driller came out for alot of systems
    Virtua Tennis 2K2 came out for the psp as well, but I think the name was changed. Somebody should run all of these titles through gamefaqs.
    What about Yu suzuki’s game works, the games on there came out for about every system. There are more games. Tip*
    open twi IE instances and copy every dreamcast game into a search and register for what systems they came.
    I like the list, but what is the actual point of it?

  4. fastbilly1 says:

    Shikigami no Shiro II was also in the Arcade and on the PC

  5. Equiz says:

    Shadow Man: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_Man_%28video_game%29

    I knew it had a PC and DC version, acording to WP, the game was also available for N64 and PSX.

  6. racketboy says:

    I’m trying to stay away from listing the portable versions — especially if other console versions are available.

    I’m also not listing arcade versions because there are a lot of them and most people aren’t going to track down arcade versions.

    And, D, while this list might not be as useful as some others, it just serves as a reference for those looking to find some of their favorite DC games on other consoles.

    Older consoles like the PS1 and N64 may be easier to emulate if need be. Sometimes people like me like to have games on newer consoles that have modern conveniences like wireless controllers and such.

    BTW, I plan on having a list for Dreamcast exclusives later on too. On a side note, these types of lists probably won’t be as interesting for most other consoles, but the Dreamcast is just one of those special machines 🙂

    And thanks to all for the updates!

  7. Yacko says:

    Nice list. One addition: Omikron – The Nomad Soul was also available as a pc game. One can search either allgame or IGN or other sites to research the ports of individual games. As to the subject of interesting lists, how about a corollary idea, part of a larger picture, perhaps a list of all games that are available on one and only one platform. Probably excluding 8-bit carts, but maybe start Apple II/C-64/Nintendo/Sega. I have a personal heartbreak in this regard. Immercenary is only available for the 3DO and it crashes my FZ-1. Grrrr. I’ve never been able to play it to the end.

  8. Haha. Immercenary rules. It was like the first FPS with RPG elements. FMV’s were in surprisingly good quality too.

  9. Oh yea.

    Also some ports on newer generation consoles are sometimes worse. Dead Or Alive 2 for the PS2 doesn’t have the sweet and smooth anti-aliasing that the Dreamcast does.

  10. sovietsniper says:

    many games have ‘updated’ and ‘enhaced’ versions that are way better than the original, even if they dont have the same name. Crazy Taxi 3 for the xbox and the pc has the 3 cities, including both in crazy taxi 2 + las vegas, and it obviously has much better graphics than the original one and that the sequel… i really dont find any reason i should play crazy taxi 1 or 2 when i can play 3

  11. LiveFire says:

    Smilebit’s Hundred Swords was translated to English and ported to PC as well.

  12. MattDJ says:

    Thanks for finally putting this together. As a Dreamcast fan from day one, it’s great to see what other systems offer a taste of Dreamcast goodness. Learned a lot from your list.

    One note: San Fransisco RUSH 2049 also appears in Midway’s third Arcade Compilation (along with Hydro Thunder which you noted).

    Keep up the great work. Your site is one of the top three I visit first each and every day.

  13. sideshow says:

    Evil Dead Hail to the King came out for the PS1.

  14. Bonus Kun says:

    The following games also had pc ports:
    Dino Crisis
    Mr. Driller
    Resident Evil 2
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

  15. Devin McConnell says:

    So sad to see all those great Dreamcast games go to the un-deserving systems that worked to kill it. Oh yeah Tony Hawk 2 and 4×4 Evolution were also released for the Mac. In fact 4×4 Evolution also had Mac vs PC vs Dreamcast online matches. Tony Hawk was also released for the Xbox at it’s launch if you want to count that, it was called “Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2x” for some reason. I don’t know what the X is for

  16. kewpie says:

    Omikron – PC

  17. ShAdOw says:

    JET SET RADIO – PS2 and other consoles (XBOX 360, Wii etc.) in “SEGA SUPERSTARS TENNIS”

  18. racketboy says:

    eh… just because JSR characters are in SS Tennis, doesn’t make it a port of the game…

  19. ShAdOw says:

    V-Rally 2 – PS1

  20. ShAdOw says:

    Ducati World-Racing Challenge – PS1

  21. ShAdOw says:

    Kao the Kangaroo – PC

  22. ShAdOw says:

    Toy Story 2 – PS1, N64, GBC, PC and PS2 on Disney’s Collection

  23. unixphreak says:

    Edit the list to add Test Drive LeMans to the PC

  24. unixphreak says:

    also Aero Dancing F and Aero Dancing i for the PC and Dreamcast even though they are Japanese versions. SpecOps is also another

  25. Retromangia says:

    Can we please do something like this for the original Xbox? Alot of games for that system also came out on PC, and it would be awesome to know the differences between each version, and which port comes out on top.


  26. whitestrider the iron ruler says:

    “Maken X” for DC was ported to PS2 as “Maken Shao – Demon Sword”. The main difference is the change of the point of view, from first person in DC to 3rd person of the PS2 version.
    “Crazy Taxy” 1 &2 were ported to PSP as well, into the collection “Crazy Taxy – Fare Wars” and “Vampire Chronicles for Matching Service” (JAP only release) was ported to PSP too, as “Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower”
    Thanks for the interesting article, I was just searching for this list!

  27. LiquidSoap says:

    Vigilante 8: Second Offense is also on Nintendo 64. I own it.

  28. Matt Wick says:

    the games Expendable, Centipede, Bust-A-Move 4, Virtua Tennis, sega bass fishing are also ported to pc

  29. whitestrider says:

    ChuChu Rocket was ported to Android and iOS recently! Maybe not a straight conversion, but still pretty good!

  30. GameX says:

    Toy Story 2 is also ported on PC / PlayStation and N64.

  31. Geoff says:

    Silver was originally released on PC.

  32. Geoff says:

    Also, Tomb Raider The Last Revelation was released on PS1 and PC.

  33. freekjuuh says:

    There was also a Dreamcast version of Phantasy star online,

  34. freekjuuh says:

    also it says, Sonic Adventure 2 – Dreamcast
    it isnt a mistake but its important to note that it was also released on the gamecube
    under the name of
    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, also known as the Battle expansion that adds just a slight couple of things.
    and there was a PC port called Sonic Adventure 2 HD (there is a DLC called Battle eventhough that makes almost cuz it removed lotsa shit that were always that without the battle HD dlc and adds practically nothing that the gamecube Battle expansion did… its realli fucking retarded but ok..)