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2015 Dreamcast Homebrew & Indie Titles: The Dreamcast Keeps On Living!

2015 Dreamcast Homebrew & Indie Titles: The Dreamcast Keeps On Living!

Presented by Blu The Dreamcast is a console that is frequently described by gamers and fans as ahead of its time. Many factors contributed to this: Dreamcast possessed built-in online functionality right-out-of-the-box, with a 56K modem adapter tucked neatly into the console’s design. Use your service provider, plug in, and jump online! Dreamcast brought a near-perfect arcade experience home since it shared the same components as Sega’s NAOMI hardware, allowing for easy ports from arcade hits like Crazy Taxi and [...]

The Best Dreamcast Games Under $10

The Best Dreamcast Games Under $10

I started the Cheapest Games series quite a while ago and I figured I should revise some of the posts to reflect some of the changing values and give more relevant recommendations. Hopefully, this revised list of Dreamcast games will help you start or build up your collection without having to spend much.. (Prices listed are an average eBay price for US games, including shipping) I revised this guide yet again as we have seen some shifting in values over [...]

The Sega Dreamcast Shmups Library

Presented by Racketboy & Ack To complement the comprehensive guides to the impressive Sega Saturn and Playstation Shmups libraries, we’ve updated and expanded this Dreamcast 2D Shooter guide.   We now have more of the newer post-mortum shooters included and hopefully made it a bit more informative.  If you have anything to add, just let us know in the comments! While it only started out with a few shooters from Psikyo and Capcom (most of which looked like nice 2D [...]

Sega Dreamcast 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Note from racketboy: Thanks to Ack for helping me me revise and expand this guide (it really needed it). Can you believe the Dreamcast has already been around for a decade?  (and that it was only on the retail scene for three of those years?)  To help celebrate the landmark, we’ve revised and expanded the Dreamcast beginner’s guide to help those interested in Sega’s little white box get started on their journey. The RetroGaming 101 series is aimed at gamers [...]

A Fan Art Tribute to the Sega Dreamcast

With the 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast’s North American launch quickly approaching, I thought it would be a wonderful time to share some fan-created pieces of art that capture the colorful and imaginative worlds that the console shared with us. Vote for your two favorite pieces below and also check out the previous Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, and Sonic collections. (BTW, if you’re a Dreamcast owner, be sure to check out the Dreamcast VGA cable in the Racketboy Store)

The Sega Dreamcast Survival Horror Library

Presented by Ack See also: Survival Horror 101 and Survival Horror Games and Franchises That Defined the Genre The success of Resident Evil for the PlayStation really brought horror games to the forefront of gaming, finally giving them a genre name to call their own.  Unfortunately, much like the success of Street Fighter during the 16-bit era, it would lead to a slew of clones, ranging from decent to garbage.  Even the next generation would see their share, and the [...]

The Rarest and Most Valuable Sega Dreamcast Games

The Dreamcast is a perfect example of a console that had relatively low commercial success, but a huge underground following after its death.  These two factors help brew up a strong library of games that have high collectibility among gamers that are just now finding out what was so great about the Dreamcast. There are two major trends you will notice in the list below.  First of all is the dominance of fighting and shooting games, mostly of the 2D [...]

Review of the Treamcast: The Portable Dreamcast

Note from racketboy: Forum member, nick944 was kind enough to share this informative review about his portable Dreamcast system with us.  I hope you enjoy it! What Is A Treamcast? The Treamcast is a Dreamcast with a screen attached and a few modifications. Yup, this is another one of those crazy modified systems from China.  As you may have figured out, its designed to play Dreamcast games in your car.  There are three different variations of the Treamcast, the original [...]

Complete SEALED Japanese Dreamcast Game Library on eBay

As we’ve discussed before, sealed games yield quite a premium over their opened counterparts when it comes to collectors. This is especially true of games that are rare to begin with. So imagine my amazement when forum member, lost_within posted this massive eBay auction that includes every single Japanese Dreamcast game in sealed condition. As if it weren’t enough that the seller is offering every regular-issue game (which would be a feat in itself), but this also includes every single [...]

Behind The Scenes With DUX: The Upcoming Dreamcast Shooter

The Sega Dreamcast has one of the most loyal followings of hardcore gamers and more than seven years after Sega announced the end of its hardware run, the Dreamcast is still slowly being supported by a handful of devoted developers. The latest game be announced is DUX, a new 2D shooter from the team at regular, HeavyMetalMe took some time to discuss this upcoming release with René Hellwig of and was able to share some details about [...]

The Best Dreamcast Multiplayer Games

The Nintendo Wii may get all the mainstream attention when it comes to party games, but the Sega Dreamcast is still one of the best (and most affordable machines) when it comes to solid multiplayer action. The Dreamcast multiplayer library is quite diverse and has a number of titles that are recommended for both hardcore and casual gamers. Power Stone 2 Up To Four Players Competitive Pure Chaotic Combat There is no better way for a group of friends to [...]

Sega Dreamcast Exclusives: The Dream Lives On

The Dreamcast is one of the most popular consoles here at, and I’ve had numerous requests to compile a list of the games that still have not been ported elsewhere.  While a good deal of the most popular games have transitioned over to newer consoles, there are still a surprising amount of quality titles that are still Dreamcast exclusives. There are a few games like Soul Calibur that have had sequels that are pretty much the same game (or [...]

“Official” Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Stick: Best Joystick for the DC

The Need For Solid Arcade Controls One of the initial motivations for getting a Dreamcast was its wide selection of fighting games such as Marvel vs. Capcom, Soul Calibur, and Street Fighter Alpha 3. However, once I tried bringing the arcade fighting experience home, I was very disappointed with the button layout with the standard Dreamcast controller. The 4-button layout works fine for Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter 3tb, and the SNK fighters, but die-hard Capcom players need a nice 6-button [...]

Dreamcast Games That Have Ports On Other Systems

I’ve had a couple requests to compile a list of all the Dreamcast games that have appeared on other console and the PC and Mac as well. While this list may not be exhaustive, it includes just about every worthwhile game Dreamcast including imports. The list is alphabetical and the other systems each game appears on is noted after the title. Games that have the PS1 or N64 are usually ported from those older systems and received a higher-quality port [...]

Meta-Review: Cannon Spike – Dreamcast

Racketboy Reaction The Dreamcast game library is filled with tons of 2D shooters, but if you enjoy blowing stuff up, but would like a bit of variety from the standard vertical or horizontal scrolling shmup, with a bit of Street Fighter (and other Capcom) fan-service thrown in, you definately need to look into Cannon Spike. The easiest comparison in terms of gameplay to Cannon Spike is the Smash TV series.  Your character goes from room to room  roaming around the [...]