Sega Visions sacrifice…

So I’ve been thinking about archiving my Sega Visions collection. In case you have never heard of Sega Visions, it was basically Sega’s answer to Nintendo Power magazine. It covered all things Sega from the late 8-bit era through the announcement of the Saturn and was quite interesting.

Unfortunately it was cancelled right after I got my free subscription in 1993(?). But I managed to stumble across a nice collection of back issues while shopping at my old hometown used bookstore. They (along with some other classic gaming mags) were only 10 cents each, so there was no hesitation to pick them up.

To make a long story short, I’m trying to clean up the clutter around the house and would like to transform some of my vintage reading into a digital form. Unfortunately to do an optimum job in doing so I would need to separate the pages from the binding.

Leading the endangered magazine committee, is my good buddy, Cloud. He’s begging me not to destroy the mags and to put them in his greedy hands. But I feel compelled to digitize these beauties and be able to share them with the world.

My decision will arrive in the coming weeks… Stay tuned.

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