Sega Saturn Modchip Troubleshooting

Sometimes there are a few things that can be overlooked when installing a Saturn Mod chip that can cause problems.
If there is something wrong with the installation you may find that your games boot to a Audio CD Player.
If your Saturn modchip installation seems to be giving your problem go through this check list:

  • Make sure you are using the correct set of instructions. Since there are a few different types of Saturn models, you need to make sure you are installing the correct way for your Saturn.
  • Make sure all the neccessary connections are clean. Make sure there is not any stray solder that could cause an electrical short.
  • You may want to look over the Soldering Guide to look for tips you might find helpful
  • Ensure that your system cannot play original games in addition to backups. If your Saturn can play originals with the chip in, it is most likely an issue with the burned CDs themselves.
  • Ensure that the chip is in the slot all the way. Sometimes a chip may have a hard time going into the slot and feels like it needs extra force to cram it in there. If this is the case, you may need to file down the edges of the slot plug.
  • If you are attempting the A+B method, try soldering to the chip on the mainboard instead. The A+B method is supposedly not a 100% sure thing.
  • If you are worried that your Sega Saturn console may be dead, you can take the chip out and see if it still plays regular games.

If you still need help, just post comments below or in the technical help forums and I’ll try to help you out. The forums will be your best bet as I will probably respond sooner and you will have many other knowledgable members at your service as well.


  1. Lalufu says:


    I got my modchip today (great delivery time, 7 days for cross-atlanic shipping is pretty damn fast), but so far I have not made it work yet.

    The machine is a european Saturn, model 2, with the 64 pin chip. The mod must be installed with the component side facing away from the CD unit since the ribbon cable is twisted.
    The mod does not fit in this way around, one has to remove the metal shielding from the mainboard and file a notch in it. Not too hard to do, then the mod fits physically.

    I used the A-B method (and I can track a connection from pin 7 of the IC to A and B, so the connection is there).
    Originals work just fine with the mod installed, CDRs don’t. The failure is either “Disc is unsuitable for this system” or offering just the audio tracks. I have not tracked down what the difference in the disks causing the two modes is.

  2. racketboy says:

    First off, I’m assuming you used the mod instructions for the Model 1/64-pin Saturn. The number of pins is the important characteristic.

    Second, it sounds like the backups you are trying to play are not PAL games.
    The reason I say this is that if the chip wasn’t working, you would most likely not be able to play original games. Also the “Disc is unsuitable” message usually means that you’re trying to play an import.

    Try patching the ISO files with one of the region converters on my Saturn Hacks page and then re-burn the games. Hopefully that will solve your problem.

  3. Lalufu says:

    Why do you assume that I used the model 1 instructions? The machine has a 21 pin cable.

    Some of the backups are most definitely PAL. I even made a copy of one of the (working with the mod installed) originals. The copy just drops to the CD player screen.

    There seem to be two subtely different error messages displayed by the Saturn.
    “Game Disc is unsuitable for this system” and “Disc is unsuitable for this system”. The former means that the disk is recognized as a game disk, but has the wrong “region code”. The latter (that I am getting) means… whatever, something else, but the machine does not like the disk.

  4. racketboy says:

    Hmm, well I’m not a model 1 expert, but I thought that if the chip on the mainboard has 64 pins then it is considered a Model 1.

    I’ll ask around on SegaXtreme and see what I can dig up.

  5. mechagouki says:

    Hi, further to my e-mail earlier this week, I still have a similar problem to Lalufu: To recap Model 2 US Saturn with jumper conversion to play ONLY NTSC-J (Japanese) games, Modchip installed with signal wire connected to pin 14 of 32 pin chip on laser unit. Saturn plays original JAP games perfectly but when I attempt to play backup system jumps to audio menu and displays ‘Game disc unsuitable for this system’ Have tried two different backup discs, both of Radiant Silvergun, one was a BIN/CUE burned on a mac using Toast Titanium 6, the other was an ISO/MP3 burned on a PC using NERO Express, both were torrent downloads and neither specified any JAP to US patching having been done. Have tried A-B method as well but no joy that way either. Obviously something is working or originals would not play…..I just want to play RSG……I’m so confused!

  6. racketboy says:

    The Region Converters I mention on my Saturn Hacks page should be able to display the region that the ISO is set to. I would check that Radiant Silvergun ISO before anything else.

    You can always patch it to Japan just to make sure anyway. Patching it again won’t hurt anything.

    Usually, if the system is playing original discs correctly, the chip should be working.

    Please keep me posted

  7. mechagouki says:

    I’ve just played Radiant Silvergun for the first time! You were right all along, the image had been patched to play on US hardware, I patched it back with SatConv and burned it on my Mac using Roxio Toast Titanium, plugged in the Saturn and held my breath, at last instead of the audio player screen that wonderful big blue SEGA appeared, followed by the Treasure logo. It was a special moment…. Soukyugurentai is next! Thankyou so much for all your assistance and kudos to you for enabling people to play these games without taking out a second mortgage. I will be putting together a guide for Mac users and sending it to you, I can’t be the only one. Thanks again.

  8. racketboy says:

    Glad I could be of service!

    And I would love to see that mac guide also. I’m actually hoping to switch over to the Mac in the coming years, so it would come in handy πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your shooters!

  9. Lalufu says:

    OK, something changed during my experiments to get the chip going, whatever it was.

    The situation now is that the Saturn drops to the CD player screen, no matter if the disk is an original or not.

    (Regarding my first post, I can track a connection from pin 8 of the 64-pin chip on the CD unit to the A/B pads on the modchip, not from pin 7 as originally stated)

  10. racketboy says:

    Just verify that you are using these directions:

    Those are the ones you need for a machine with 21-pin cable.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I recently received my mod chip and am having trouble getting it to work. I noticed a few things that seemed odd and I want to know why they take place. First off, when the Saturn starts up, the splash screen where the polygons fly around the screen and form the Saturn logo is shortened to the Satrun logo. Once the disk is inserted, the Saturn says it is reading the disk but the disk and laser do not move. When soldering I tried the A to B method and tomorrow I plan on trying the original way with the signal wire. Also, I wanted to make sure I had the power cord right. The little 5v outlet has a pin sticking up, and I wasn’t sure if i stick it to the pin, or wedge it down in the socket or what. A more detailed pic would be a huge help here. I’m sure the games are ok burn copies, and although they are all imports I have the correct cartrige to play them.

  12. racketboy says:

    You don’t always have to solder the power cable in there for it to work.
    It’s just good to solder it so it stays in place — but you might want to wait till you have it working.

    Also, test to see if original games (not burned) work correctly with the chip in and out.

    Best of luck!

  13. Anonymous says:

    The modchip is easy to install! Just bridge A and B, it’s easiest and works perfect. If you are having problems, the main reason is probably that you didn’t shove the chip into the slot far enough. I had to litterly try about 10 times before it went down enough. You have to put a ton of pressure on it to go in.
    Great mod chips raketboy!

  14. racketboy says:

    Thanks for the comments.
    Just remember, sometimes you have to file down the edges of the plug part for it to fit well in the slot

  15. Anonymous says:

    Yes this is me from the day earlier and I wanted to let you know that the problem was the chip being to large for the slot. I filed it down, slipped it in, and it worked just fine. Symptoms of the chip not being in all the way include the shortened start up screen and the disk motor/laser eye not doing anything. I changed to the signal wire before I did this, but I think A to B would have worked just as well. Thank you for help.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I also had an ititial problem with the chip becuase i had to force it in. I actually got games to work; however they would freeze sometimes, or not load the next part of the game. I figured out that the problem was that the chip wasn’t seated in far enough into the slot and the cd-rom had a hard time reading the disc. Once I filed the sides down a bit the chip slid in nicely and games played perfect. I suggest everyone file the sides a little bit so that it goes in all the way.

  17. Bridgeboy13 says:

    I received my Chip today!

    But I quickly realized that my Saturn is a model that you don’t have simple instructions for.

    My system has a 21 pin cable, 64 pin IC, and the plug on the mainboard for the chip faces outward. I tried soldering the signal wire to the 8th pin on the IC chip (as I read on Sega Xtreme), but it didn’t work so I bridged A and B and it still doesn’t work. The chip gets warm, so it is getting power, chip fits snug after a little filing, what am I doing wrong? Please Help.

  18. Outrider says:

    I’m having the same problem. PAL Saturn, 21-pin cable, 64-pin chip, cable socket faces outward.
    I removed parts of the shielding as well and filed down the sides until the chip went in and out of the socket smoothly.

    When A and B are bridged, the Saturn logo starts normally, but no matter whether an original or a backup game is inserted, the CD player starts. Audio tracks on the game disc play just fine; the Saturn just doesn’t boot the games. Also note that there’s no kind of “unsuitable disc” errors for me.

    I’ll try the instructions from the segaxtreme thread next. Expect my report soon.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think AB meathod my destroy the mod chip. I connected my chip in about a month ago, worked fine with AB for a while. Then it stopped working.

    It had a normal load up screen the cut to BIOS screen. Happens with both burnt and regualr chips.

    I pulled out the mod chip and the saturn works fine, i’m going to try attaching it to the main board.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I used the A+B method too and now I have the same problem as the above poster though my chip lasted a lot longer than a month so Im not convinced that the A+B method is at fault. I did notice however that the area where I had to re-solder the power cable to the chip has turned some what brown. I do not know if this signifies that there was some sort of short or if it is rusting (is that even possible?). I do not know much about electronics so I was wondering is some one could provide an explanation for the symptoms I have described. Frankly, I am glad that my Saturn is not broken but I would like to get back to playing my burnt games.

  21. Lalufu says:

    Just for the record, I got my hands on a new saturn, and it was a 32-pin model (lucky me). Ripped the chip out of the 64-pin model, put it in the 32-pin one, and lo and behold, it just works.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I completely botched the mod chip installation, and now my Saturn doesn’t even play original CDs. I think the 32-pin chip is completley ruined. The Satun logo appears, but then I’m taken to the Audio CD screen, and nothing ever happens. I was wondering if there is a site that sells replacement parts or repairs Saturns that are damaged due to an unsuccessful mod chip installation?

  23. Thomas says:

    hi i am having trouble with my mod chip. The Saturn boots up with animation, cds spin, but orig disks are detected as audio cds. It acts as if it is playing music but no music is playing. On the screen there is one green cube on the left and red ball on the right. It is a model 2 us saturn with the 32 pin chip. I tried the A-B method but i ended up just removing it and connecting to pin 14.

  24. Temjin says:

    hi, im the australian that bought the chip off you and am having trouble. My CD drive is the same one which is pictured in your instructions with the 32 pin IC (what does IC stand for?, im not good with computer lingo) it also has a 21 strip cable. however my power board has five pins not four. i tried installing the chip using each different power pin in consession with the signal cable attached to the 14th pin of the 32pin IC, then switched to the A to B method and tryed all the power sources again, but to no avail. the best i could get was for both originals and backups to play in CD menu. i also tried the chip in my other older saturn which is basically identical except for minor differences on the power board and only got the same result. could it be to do with that fact that i have an australian dreamcast which is 240volts and PAL?, ive heard of a chip called version 7.0 or somthing which does not require a signal cable to be hooked up, do you know anything about that?

  25. Temjin says:

    sorry i said dreamcast instead of saturn in that last one, force of habit, also what is the significance of the 0014 and 0019 thing on the chip, i also tried swapping the bridge over to the 0019 and testing all the things listed previously, but that didnt work either

  26. glyphic says:

    hi, i ordered a chip from you about a month and a half to two months ago, and installed it the day it arrived, it has worked fine up untill today. i turned it on to check a disk i burned and it didnt work, so i tried another burn and that didnt work either, so i popped in an older disk that i knew worked and still it would only go to the cd audio screen. i put in an original saturn disk and it came to the same audio screen. i opened up the saturn and everything appears good, but i removed the chip (leaving the soldered wires alone, and just connected the cd wire directly to the saturn, and the original game booted just fine. i then tried soldering the blue wire directly to pin 14 (i had previously used the a-b method) and still nothing, backups nor original would play, this leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the mod chip. is there a high failure rate with these chips or is mine just a fluke, or is there something im missing? thanks

  27. Anonymous says:

    Tried doing the A to B but it would just go to the cd player screen on my Type 2 Japanese Saturn when inserting original disc or backup. So I tried soldering the A to the 3rd pin from the right but I got a little solder on the 4th pin from the right. If I turn on my console now it will be fried right?

  28. racketboy says:

    It’s not necessarily fried.
    Just do your best ot try to clean up the extra solder…

  29. Xavier says:

    Well I have exactly the same problem than Outrider.

    I have a PAL Saturn, 21-pin cable, 64-pin chip with nationality switch, no matter I try original or copy It only lauch Audio CD player.

    I confirm pin 8 of the 64-pin chip is directly connected on pin 1 of CD drive flat cable and pin B of the modchip.

    Maybe a problem with this particular Saturn batch?

  30. Anonymous says:

    I ordered on Monday and received on Thursday!
    only 3 days for delivery cross the ocean!!!

    Very easy installation, runs perfectly!!

    THX! πŸ˜‰

  31. Anonymous says:

    I have a similar problem to what someone else posted. I have a model 2, 32 pin saturn and bought your chip a week or two ago. I got it and installed it easily. When I boot up the saturn it doesn’t show the fragment formation animation saturn logo, insted it goes straight to the silver saturn logo screen. Then it goes to the Bios menu and says “checking disc format” but never loads. I tried an official saturn game and it does the same thing. the chip was hard to insert where the ribbon went but I think it is fully in. what should I do?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hi racketboy;
    I hope you can help me or explain me why my SAT do this: I’ve installed the modchip (following your instructions) and when I PWR-ON the SAT the MIP153 component explode…
    What’s wrong???

    P.S. Sorry for my bad eng! πŸ˜‰

  33. danholo says:

    Hi! So my white Saturn seems to be the model as the pictures in the guide are. I soldered the blue signal wire on the B hole which seemed to be easier. However, the chip doesn’t seem to fit into the slot very well… Do I really have to jam it? Seems risky, not to mention I’m modding a console for the first time. The red wire just barely reaches the power link. How deep does it have to go? Is there any other way to connect the power or is soldering the only way? Thanks!

  34. racketboy says:

    don’t jam it hard — you may break it.
    Instead, try to find a file and carefully file down the side edges of the plug that go into the system.
    As for the power wire, some people have gotten it connected without solder — it may be a good way to test it, but I would suggest soldering for the long-run.
    If the cable is too short — you may need to connect an extra piece of wire.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got a model 3 Saturn, will this chip work for me? Is there anything special I should know?

  36. danholo says:

    I must say. An amateur shouldn’t attempt something like this. Simply because this looks to be a very easy procedure, and I can’t get it to work. I didn’t solder the power cable onto the machine but I could feel the chip heating up so there must be something wrong with the bridging of the signal wire to the B-slot. This is my first time soldering since school, so it was to be expected. I did file a bit on the other side of the chip and it fits in nicely though. When I put the chip in, connect the proper wires, put in an official disk, it only recognizes the disk as a CD. So I have no idea what might be wrong. I’d like to play backups, but I don’t want to ruin the console. πŸ˜€

  37. danholo says:

    To continue, it also might be that the chip isn’t powering up… Who knows. My sense of touch could be deceiving me. However, after I solder it, there’s not going back.

  38. racketboy says:

    Do you have a Model 2?
    If so, it shouldn’t been too hard.
    Please email me at racketboynick AT hotmail DOT com and we can discuss it in more detail.

    If we find that the chip is faulty, I can replace it for you.

  39. ThePhased says:

    Bought this mod before christmas. Fast shipping. Well packaged. Thank you

    Unfortunately my luck has been rather grim, I’ve gone through 3 systems. My first system (model 2: 21pin/32bit IC) my filer broke in the pin socket of the motherboard.

    The second system I bought was also a Model2/21pin/32bit IC, but its motherboard was DOA and would not even boot originals.

    The third system I bought turned out to be a Model2/21pin 64bit IC (cd-rom connector faces away from the drive). I am having the same problems as others who have posted on here. The system was manufactured in July 1996. It is a Model2 (round buttons).

    When I boot the system with the mod, it goes straight to the audio menu. Sound out of the system is delayed. For example: when moving around in the interface the ‘blup’ sounds more like a ‘blooop’. The mod-board has no problem fitting in the motherboard.

    I also tried switching CD-ROM drives and putting a 21pin/32bit IC drive in, but the issues are the same. However, with the 32bit IC drive, the system at least attempts to spin the drive by shortly pulsing.

    I looked at the 21pin mod to 20pin Saturn thread, but my system has a 21pin board. I have checked multiple times and made sure the connector on the motherboard is the same as the pins from the modboard.

    I am going to try and get help for my latest issue on Sega Extreme..but maybe someone can enlighten me on here.

  40. Anonymous says:

    ok i have the sanyo version saturn and i believe i got the chip in because it powers on and it can still play my original games, i burned one of my og’s to check if it worked and it just played the audio tracks. so i was thinking that i would have to do the alternative to the a+b method correct? If yes can you link or describe me on how to do it.

  41. racketboy says:

    that’s the only way that I am aware of on the Sanyo model.

    I don’t usually deal with them much.

    But you must be on the right track if originals are playing correctly.

    Are you sure your discs are burned correctly?

  42. Frankie says:

    Hello! I just got my mod chip today and I had the same problems that the people had witht he 64 pinned ones…you have to put the mod chip in with the strips facing away from the cd drive…and you need to have the cd wire strip in at the right direction.

    This is where people got stuck…their games ..being CDR games or official games just ended up going straight to the cd player screen. I found out on my system just now that all you have to do is upen the cd cover and close it again. And hit load game…and it voila! it works! Hope this helps anyone!

  43. Anonymous says:


    I have modded lots of saturns and the chips that are available have only worked on (model 2s):

    Model 2 32pin chip any region console
    Model 2 64 pin jap console

    and not model 2 64 pin pal version

    These are my findings after 10+ consoles..hope this helps

  44. Anonymous says:

    The chips arrived in Australia extremely quick, but I have yet to get them working.

    I have a Model 2 (32 Pin IC), and initially did the A+B trick, but after it didn’t work, I found ( ), which told me that doesn’t work for Japanese models. So I attached the blue wire to the chip directly.

    Still plays original JP games, but not backups nor original PAL games. I’ve filed the chip and aligned it so all connectors are visually touching, and both the red & blue wires are soldered correctly… I assume.

    Is there any way to troubleshoot things individually? Can I tell if the power cable is working somehow, other than touching it with my finger and seeing if it’s warm?

  45. racketboy says:

    For playing imports (backup or original) check out this link:

    That may be most if not all of your problems there.

    If you need futher assitance, I would recommend posting your issues in the forums

  46. JC says:

    I was about to order a Saturn Modchip from you, but wanted some advice before doing so. I just got a Japanese White Model 2 (round buttons) Saturn. Will the modchip you supply, work on this Saturn?

  47. racketboy says:

    Sounds like it should.
    The region of the Saturn doesn’t matter, so assuming it is a Model 2 (which most round-button ones are), you should be ok.

  48. Zachism says:

    I need help. Would two connecting pins ruin the saturn completely, because it goes straight to the CD menu. The laser doesn’t move and the CD doesnt spin, but it says “Checking Disc Format” constantly. Do I have a dead Saturn?

  49. zachism says:

    sorry, forgot to post this, I tried unplugging the mod chip, but it still didn’t work.

  50. racketboy says:

    Go ahead an post your question in here, and we’ll get you helped out much quicker:
    Technical Support

  51. racketboy says:

    Did you unsolder the chip as well?

  52. Zachism says:

    Yes, I did. And I have a thread with another question, which needs to be answered. here’s the link.

  53. Zachism says:

    Ah, I posted a new one. here’s the link

  54. Anonymous says:

    I used the ab method and a couple months later it quit working. Tried the signal wire method. nothing. did the ab method again but connected the power cord to pin 14 and tada! its working again. weird

  55. Andrew says:

    I have an MX-80000 console with oval buttons, and there’s a read-access light on there, so I assume it’s a Model 1. Do you have modchips for the Model 1?

  56. LordOfTheCynics says:

    I bought a model 1 20-pin Saturn (yeah, I know, poor me), got a chip from Racketboy, and attempted to modify and install the chip myself. I followed all the instructions as best I could, but all I get is nothing. The light comes on, and that’s it. The CD doesn’t even spin. Works fine without the chip, though, so what could I have done wrong? I checked all the solder connections, double- and even triple checked them, and I still can’t see what I did wrong. The only thing I can think of is the part in the instructions that mention “traces to cut.” I don’t see anything on those areas specified that I could cut, so I don’t know what else it could possibly be… maybe the modchip is faulty? Should I get another one, from Rob Webb? Apparently they have chips for Model 1’s that work fine…

  57. racketboy says:

    I don’t know much about Model 1s or the other chips — Sorry I can’t be more of a help πŸ™‚

  58. Anonymous says:

    is there any way to get a picture of where to solder the power cord in larger detail? Do I solder it to the metal part sticking up, or do shove it way down in there?

  59. Michael says:

    Hi I just recieved my chip and have been trying to install it in a model 2 with the round buttons. At least I think it is, It is a little different than the images in the guide cause my chip could not go in without me snipping a corner of the bracket off so it could slide down into the slot. I have to do the A+B Method due to the bigger chip being under the laser for some reason, only way to it would be to take the laser all the way out. I have the 5v connected to the red wire and soldered the A+B together, even took the chip in and out to make sure it was in all the way and when the machine is turned on it makes a static noise and goes to the cd player screen and checks the disk. It does not spin or anything. If I take the chip out it will work. So Im not sure what to do try next.

  60. James says:

    I’ve tried modding my 2 Saturns w/ no success. My Saturn looks the the Saturn in the picture, but the buttons are black. And, the in the pictures of the Saturn’s insides, most of the stuff to the left doesn’t exactly look the same way. I’ve tried on 2 different Saturns & used 2 different mod chips and I come up with the same problem. The disk won’t spin. I even take out the mode and the disk still won’t spin. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  61. David Jones says:

    Hey RacketBoy

    Looking at your modding page now and theres no installation for the model m80200a sega saturn, I cracked open my version of the sega saturn and it has a 64 pin chip not a 32 pin chip, is this wrong? I my sega saturn not moddable? I can provide a picture of the insides of the saturn if you like.

    Please help if you can RacketBoy,

  62. bobbygamer says:

    I tryed the install both ways with no result I filed down the edges and it fits great I have it on the 14th pin (gen 2) all I get with original or backups is the audio player all connections look great any help?

  63. racketboy says:

    just emailed ya…

  64. hen says:

    Greeting everyone! i’ve got the chip delivered today from racketboy. I have the saturn Model 2 64pin which look exactly like this guide here:
    my saturn is a white japanese Model No. MK80219-07
    Power source:200-240 50/60Hz, made in indonesia. serial no.AD65003837
    i tried both methods(bridge A-B or solder A to 8pin IC), but either one work.

    when power on my saturn with the chip in either mod, these are the things i get:
    -Straight in ‘Sega Saturn’ screen’ with no boot up animation
    -Two green cubes at the CD player screen
    -No CD rotation
    -Displays “checking disc format”

    racketboy, what else can i try? my saturn can play normal games fine when i disconnect the chip.


  65. racketboy says:

    I can’t really offer you much support with 64-pinners as I haven’t done one myself and I don’t recommend them as they aren’t 100% compatible.

    Personally, I would try tracking down a 32-pinner.

  66. hen says:

    oh.. no. you mean your chip is not compatible with my MOdel 2 64-pin saturn racketboy?
    man, my bad.. i must of read it wrong about your chip.. when i decided your chip and this one here:

    but anyway its already too late for me.. is there anyway you help me out this mess? i am ready for some more soldering!


  67. racketboy says:

    Well, I would recommend asking the forums.
    People in there may be more of a help.
    Just be specific with it being a 64-pinner

  68. Shinebi says:

    Hi Racketboy, I’m currently trying to install a modchip in a JAP Sanyo Saturn. Do I have to REMOVE the entire “TRAP” PCB including the wire or do I leave it be? Also, where exactly do I connect the signal wire? (all of the ICs on that version are marked SANYO) Or do I connect it on the same pad as to where the “trap” is connected to…? Can’t fin any detailed info about this anywhere.

    Hope to hear something soon
    Thanks in advance!

  69. racketboy says:

    I’ve never done a Sanyo personally — you might want to ask in the forums…

  70. Shinebi says:

    No prob man, after reading up on the forum (until page 8), I SUCCESSFULLY modded it yesterday after some testing. I’ll post on the forum and try to make a guide, because a lot of info just doesn’tseem right. Thanks for replying though!

  71. ristar says:

    I just recieved a modchip for my model 2 32-pin Saturn. I installed the chip, and soldered the wires, but when I power on my saturn, the lens and the disc spinning mechanism do not move. Nothing happens. What could be the problem?

  72. aj says:

    Seems as though i have a similar problem as others, everytime i load up a real game disk it goes to music player with green cubes.

  73. koshman says:

    Ah, I’ve had the chip lying here for half a year now and finally got to try it and … it works! I’m almost complete newbie in soldering and kinda clumsy too so if I could make it anyone can. Don’t be discouraged, guys πŸ™‚ And big thanks to you, racketboy – for your great website and for this fantastic chip, too. Radiant Silvergun, here I cooome πŸ˜€

  74. JD says:

    Im having trouble. I bought a mod chip from the site. It is a Sega Saturn Modchip Board V2
    chip and I have been trying to install it into my Model 2 32 Pin Saturn.
    It is being a pain because the disc will not spin when the chip is connected. The installation is abit different from the other chips. There is only a power cable needed.

    here are the instructions…

  75. Aaron says:

    I installed mine today in my Model 2. Works great. It didnt work at first, but I re-did all the soldering again and re-did the power wire to get it working. Thanks!

  76. gfoxtrot says:

    today i received my modchip.I have a Saturn model 1. I made all the wiring soldering to change it ,as i read from the instructions. I installed it and the first thing i ve done was to test with an original disk. It works perfect. But when i insert a burned disk i get the audio player or usuitable game disk(this has to do with the region). I ve checked the region of the iso which is European, but nothing any idea???


  77. gfoxtrot says:

    Found the problem. It seems that when the console comes together the upper part presses the chip(down)and it loses some of the contacts. Today i am gonna buy a cable to install it horizontally.


  78. sg1 says:

    Hey racketboy i purchased a chip for my saturn…it looks just like the one in your tutorials.i bought it last fall,had a game technitian (yeah right rip off lol)do it for me anyhow i got it back from him, without a backup to test and of course it didnt work. so i tried to make my own cdr…..and no luck, so i put it away….i decided to look around a few days ago again,since i had put it away and this is what is doing. he soldered the a-b together,the original game would go to cd player as well so i removed the chip,and it worked great. i plug in the chip and it doesnt work, goes to cd. after of messing with the chip, filing it to fit and what not… i tried a couple more times,now with the chip in and an original game,it doesnt even go to cd player anymore,it just says checking game and thats it. if i take out the chip,it works good….any help… buying another chip just in case..thanks

  79. Jeff says:

    Just wanted to share this with all of you in case you are having problems. I have a Model 2 32 Pin system. I used the A+B method (bridged) and it did not work. I got the splash screen then checking disc then cd player and two green cubes. I am using known working discs (tested with swap method). Originals still booted fine but not backups. I am not new to mod chips and have been installing chips for more than 10 years (ps1 days). The bridge was fine (multimeter) and the ribbon cable was all hooked up. So I tried a second Model 2 32 Pin system to see if that would work. Still nothing. I finally decide to just try to remove the A+B bridge and connect the signal to pin 14 and it worked great! every game every time! So basically I see statements that say the A+B method works 99.9% of the time and I had it fail with two systems then I must either be very unlucky or the 99.9% is an exaggeration. To take the extra step and install the one little signal wire to pin 14 is worth it. Its very easy anyway. I have installed 20 wire ps2 chips and 30+ wire wii chips and they were not fun at all. Two wires (power + signal) is nothing!

  80. Gallery says:

    My saturn is a white japanese Model No. MK80219-07
    Power source:200-240 50/60Hz It will be suitable with your modchip

  81. Gallery says:

    My saturn is a white japanese Model No. MK80219-07
    Power source:200-240 50/60Hz It will be suitable with your modchip???? I am waiting for your answer I need order two pieces if is ok

  82. DogP says:

    I picked one of these up a while ago, and it seems to be having a minor problem. It’s a US Model 2… when I try to boot from a CD-R, it tries to read for a while, and eventually goes to the CD player screen, either detecting a music CD, or none at all. Very rarely it’ll boot fine, and occasionally it’ll give the Licensed by Sega screen, then drop back out to the CD player screen.

    Here’s the weird part… if I’m at the CD player screen and pop in an original, it almost immediately says “Start Application”. If I then pop it out and put in the CD-R, it also almost immediately says “Start Application” and works perfectly.

    I don’t know if it has something to do with the laser… I tried adjusting it a little bit, but nothing seemed to make any difference. I’m using Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs, which are supposedly the best, and they work perfectly once I get them to boot.

    I initially did the A+B, but after these problems, I installed the wire, but it didn’t make any difference.

    Any ideas?

  83. Roderick L Strong says:

    Hello Racketboy. I just purchased a Sega Saturn modchip and followed your instructions for the install. I have a model 2 version and I’ve used the 14th pin as well as the A-B method and although my originals still worked, none of my backups have worked. To further troubleshoot, I backed up my original and that works perfectly so I’m thinking it’s my backups, but I’m using the A-B method. Does it actually matter what install method is used? To further inform you, my system is a US one and my original is one too but the backups are Japanese imports.

  84. racketboy says:

    It is probably just the backups — the method of mod doesn’t matter. What message are you getting from the Saturn? You might need to patch the region code of the ISOs before burning to a disc.

  85. sbiky says:


    I bought the modchip last summer, I tried to install it but it didn’t work, I followed the instructions of this page, I have a model 2 saturn 32 pins. My power supply has 5 pins, so I tested the first and second pin (starting to count from above). The console showed a menu screen with the two cubes of sound (left and right) in red colour and menu sounds changed, sounding like error or something. The disc didn’t spin or the console showed a message saying disc format incorrect or something.

    I don’t know what thing I did wrong, a few days ago I tried it again but the result was the same…

    I know I should have put this message before but I wanted to try again and I have not had time until now.

    ΒΏCan somebody help me?

  86. Sterling says:

    I have a model 2 sega saturn and installed your mod chip without issue a couple of years ago. Recently, my saturn stopped recognizing copied games without multiple tries. Now it doesn’t work at all. I’m not sure what could have gone wrong… Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  87. Hi there! If you’re having trouble with a model 2 64-pin chip, follow this guide:

  88. Gearheadtocz says:

    Hello, I saw a small error in the instructions for the model 1 mod.
    The pictures correct with the connection of Connect Pin 6 EM78 to pin 6c
    But the instructions say to “Connect Pin 6 EM78->pin 5 C”
    I installed to pin 6c like in the photos and it works fine.
    Just figured I would mention it so nobody else will get confused.

    I also have a small problem. The chip works great with playing US and EU burnt games
    but will not play Japanese burns. My console is a Japanese model 1 Saturn and I know the
    burned discs are good because I also have a US model 2 with the modchip and it plays them just fine. Any Ideas?