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Sega Saturn Modchip
Sega Saturn mod chip modchip
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The Sega Saturn Mod Chip will allow your to play burned CD-R games on your 32-bit powerhouse console and open up many other great gaming possibilities.

If you would like to learn more, please read my article,
“Why Mod Your Saturn?”

Feel free to read just a sampling of customer comments below.

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  1. I ordered a mod chip and iso dvd from racketboy and the post office lost it so he sent me another one. The second chip that came was one of the 1/100 that are defective so he sent me another one and added free delivery confirmation and another iso dvd for free. This guy is legit and very nice to deal with.

  2. GAMESOULjA says:

    cheapest prices,super fast shipping,rare quality stuff for your old skool lifestyles.
    what more can ya ask for?
    racketboy’s is a very reliable source for modchips.
    highly recommended!

  3. RGSPro says:

    RacketBOY’s Saturn modchips are top notch, easy to install, and very quickly delivered. I would highly reccomend these chips to anyone interested. On top of that, they are hard to find anywhere else. I couldn’t reccomend a better source. Thanks!

  4. loopdogg says:

    I got it in yesterday, (superfast shipping by the way!) and quickly modded modded my 32 pin saturn! Thanks Racketboy!

  5. Anonymous says:

    awesome! bought a modchip and ram cart from racketboy on a thursday, had it on monday! i’m a complete novice with electronics, but i managed (with shakey hands, no less) to solder the modchip into my model 2 japanese saturn with only minimal problems (i didn’t push the chip into the slot all the way, the troubleshooting page helped me on that one though) and now it plays my backups no problem! heck, it even loads without mentioning “checking disc” when playing imports (it goes to the cd screen and skips the disc check, usually imports must be “checked” first)
    nothing but good stuff from racketboy! thanks!
    -Chris L

  6. Ciao! I just received and installed your chip on my SATURN!!! It’s great!!! Now it’s perfect…it reads everything!!! Thankyouverymuch!!! FAST SHIPPING TO ITALY and WONDERFUL CHIP!!! Do you know where to buy one for Sega DC?! Thanks!!! GRAZIE 1000!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I ordered on Monday and received on Thursday!
    only 3 days for delivery cross the ocean!!!

    Very easy installation, runs perfectly!!

    THX! 😉

  8. faxmachine says:

    Arrived extremly quickly, I was so surprised when a package arrived for me just two days after I ordered it.

    Slight problems installing it though, seening as the insides of my saturn are well, backwards. I seem to have a model 1 inside a model 2 case! Oh well, im sure i’ll be able to get it working soon.

    Thanks for the great service!

  9. omar says:

    Ordered a RAM cart and mod chip. order was shipped next day though USPS was kind of slow (not racketboy’s fault of course). anyways, RAM cart works perfectly. Mod chip was a little bit trickier since I have a 64 pin Model 2 saturn (21 pin cd ribbon). But I used the A+B method, put the chip in with the components facing out and put the ribbon in upside down and it works like a charm…almost. I can play both burned games and retail games but both require me to boot to the CD player screen and then open and close the lid. but it’s a small inconvenience for an awesome mod. Thanks racketboy!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice, corrosion-free modchip, delivered in style. Looks brand new and works fine.

    Just wanted to add an install note that I hadn’t seen mentioned before: the A+B (“solderless”) trick worked fine with this chip on my Japanese model 2 Saturn!

    I’ve seen instructions elsewhere on the web claiming that ALL Japanese Saturns require soldering a connection to the 32-pin IC. But that wasn’t true in my case. The install using the A+B trick was exactly the same as on my 32-pin model 2 US Saturn.

    The only catch was that the +5V point on the Japanese console is slightly farther away than on a US Saturn, so you have to stretch the power wire a bit further. 🙂

  11. Posty says:

    Well, I ordered my modchip on Friday night and it came here on Tuesday. So considering that the order couldn’t even be sent until Monday, it was very speedy. I’ve also talked to the owner via e-mail in the past, and he is very trusting and loves to talk to his customers. I got my modchip in GREAT condition, and it works just fine. I did the A+B trick on my 32-pin Model 2 Saturn, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Anyone looking to buy a modchip should go through this guy. He’s very speedy with the shipping, and is extremely helpful and reliable.

  12. davidon says:

    speedy, easy to installation and now im playing all the games ive always wanted to play on my saturn.This a must for everyone who is serious about retro games

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Racketboy for the prompt shipping. Installation was a breeze (altough I most admit I had previous soldering skills) Got it up and running in just one try. Now if you excuseme, I gotta go play some Radiant Slilvergun!

  14. Anonymous says:

    i had fun installing this in my 64-pin model 2 US saturn. don’t worry if the circuitboard pics on racketboy’s site don’t match, you can find pictorial installation guides for this type elsewhere. seems like the A-B method is working out for me, so no soldering fiddly pins! oh, and most importantly, it was delivered swiftly, and works!

  15. Bustaballs says:

    I recieved the chip and battery today and installed it right when I got home. At first, I thought it didn’t work because so many of my burns wouldn’t read but when I tossed my Panzer Dragoon Saga disc in there, it ran perfectly. I guess I grabbed a bad image of Nights. That and Nero doesn’t like to burn backups very well. I’m using clone cd now. Anyways, it was well worth the money and I’ll be sure buy again sometime and send along the message to anyone who has some retro gaming hardware needs.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Perfect, I have never spent my money better. It didnt work on my Sanyo (wouldnt recommend getting a mod chip for a sanyo board! they never work!) but on my model 2, 32 pin, it works PERFECT. I am already playing tons of backups! no complaints at all. THANK YOU! the instructions are great too, i had never sodored before, but i got it working my first try on the 32 pin saturn.

    What you should do,
    Make sure you have the 32 pin saturn (they work the best)
    Follow instructions from racketboy
    Burn image using nero

    Any problems? DONT THINK SO


  17. Bob says:

    I bought a racketboy modchip, and I couldn’t be happier. It installed EASY with just a couple of PIECE OF CAKE soldering spots. I’m a novice at soldering, and this was SO EASY. Plays every backup I own flawlessly.

  18. Paul says:

    Hey great site lots of great info, the “Burning SegaSaturn Backups for the Mac” link seems to be down, I’m a mac user so i kinda need that

  19. Lewishim666 says:

    Loved the first one that I bought! I’m buying another.

  20. Cássio says:

    Procuro chip sega saturn destavamento.

  21. Cássio says:

    Procuro chip sega saturno para desbloqueio.

  22. Matt says:

    Well i was going to buy one but they are OUT OF STOCK so i cant get one….

  23. Paul Bell says:

    Ordered the mod chip for my apparently hard to mod model 2 64 pin saturn. Worked flawlessly first time, i was freakin’ zonal!!!
    A pleasure to do business with Racketboy, recommend to anyone!!

  24. jokeradvance says:

    curse me has not arrived my chip for saturn surely is the local mail of here (Colombia)
    I have many desire to play already

  25. Dave says:

    The chip works great. I had a problem at first where the drive wouldn’t spin and it would constantly check the disc’s format/content (even if there was no disc in the drive). This was solved by filing down a small part of the chip to ensure a snug fit. Works great now, so far. Thanks.

  26. codman says:

    for the aussies
    I bought the modchip from racketboy and received it in oz in 4 days. I have the model 2(round buttons) with a 64 pin chip, took the blue signal wire off and used the A+B method and plugged the modchip facing outward. then instead of soldering the 5v wire i just unplugged the small green cable from the cd drive and stuck the wire inside the hole 2nd from the right, then plugged it in. Booted the games first go after i finally worked out how to burn the games. it even booted the games that failed with the swap trick.

  27. Saod says:

    I bought the modchip from racketboy and received it in El Salvador, Central America in 11 days.
    Gonna mod my model 2(round buttons) with a 64 pin chip, today!!!

    Can’t wait to play Panzer Dragoon Saga.

    PS. For all your Sega Saturn needs (ISO´s), this site is a definite plus to look at.

  28. D_H says:

    Received my modchip in the UK after a week (fast delivery, thanks)

    I have the Model 2 64 Pin Saturn, so the expected success rate is 65%.

    I used the A-B method using a wire (not a solder bridge), fitted chip in around 2 minutes (take care when pushing chip into motherboard, do not force as you could snap Saturn motherboard or modchip!)

    Turned on Saturn, tested original game, no problems.

    Tested backup again no problems, boots from turn on and from cd screen. Works 100% as it should. No boot from cd screen workaround needed for me.

    Thanks Racketboy

  29. GotIt says:

    It took four days for the chip to arrive and roughly twenty minutes to install.
    Good price, fast delivery, easy installation, and the chip worked perfectly the first time.
    Time to go try out Radiant Silvergun

  30. Dave says:

    This site seemed too good to be true but I bought and installed the modchip with MINIMAL effort and am super-satisfied with it. Plays everything no probem, and didnt even really have to solder if i didnt want to. Great product, Great site.

  31. Detelle says:

    My modchip arrived 3 days after I ordered. Racketboy promptly shipped literally within hours of me ordering and emailed me to tell me so. When it arrived, I installed on my 64-pin IC using the A+B method and didn’t have to solder a thing. All I had to do was stick the blue wire through the hole of what I was supposed to sodder it to, and it boots both originals and backups exactly as it should.
    A+ order. Thanks!

  32. Gonzalo says:

    I ordered my modchip and RAM cart and they arrived within days. I had a bit of problem with this first chip (wouldn’t work no matter what method I tried). I contacted Racketboy and he immediately responded. He asked me to send him the modchip back and promptly sent me a replacement which works perfectly (A+B method) on my model 2 (32-pin) Saturn.

    It actually took longer for the soldering iron to heat up than to install the chip itself. I’m very happy and thankful for the great service and excellent chip.

  33. racketboy says:

    Glad I could be of service!
    Thanks again!

  34. Tecreatta says:

    Worked like a charm. The A+B method didn’t work for me but connecting the signal wire to pin 14 worked

  35. As usual, Racketboy delivers promptly, safely, and in perfect condition-ly. Chip works like a dream, now it’s time to get busy with my Saturn!

    Thanks Nick!

  36. neil says:

    thanks a lot was posted 1st class still took 14 days to u.k for but not racketboys fault. (royal mails lol) tested and works fine thanks again highly recommended!

  37. Anthony D says:

    I ordered the modchip and had it at my house in three business days. I was able to install it using the A+B method (without soldering!) in less than 15 minutes and it is working GREAT! Thanks, Racketboy!!!

  38. Skywolf says:

    I ordered a modchip monday and received it thursday (today). I was able to install it using the A+B method without using any solder at all, and it works perfectly. I didn’t even have trouble with the ribbon cable socket, the chip fit perfectly without needing to file the ends or apply extra pressure.

    And it works bueatifly. I was even able to get my original copy of Virtual On, which had trouble booting in the past, to load and run without problem!

    Many thanks to Racketboy! Now I’m off enjoy the many classics of the Saturn library.

  39. Psygunner says:

    i forget to thank you! i’ve installed the chip and it works perfect! i have no problems during the installation, it was very simple.
    from Chile i say: RacketBoy rules!

  40. Jeff says:

    I order my mod-chip the other week. I got my Saturn from ebay yesterday, Me and my friend installed the chip. Everything works greats. Next up the MB Card from racketboy.

  41. Tony says:

    Just got my chip in yesterday. Installed it today. Guess what, it works! I was REALLY scared since this was my first soldering job and even though it looks like i soldered it drunk, it’s working beautiful. I used the A-B method and am having NO problems. Great product from a great guy. Thanks RB.

  42. Danny says:

    Hi! I’m from Portugal and I am very satisfied, the chip is working great! I had a problem with it and asked Racketboy for help, he told me to send him back because it could be defective, I did just that and he sent me the replacement. Now I have it installed and its working flawlessly!!
    I highly recommend it! And once again thank you Racketboy for you great job!

  43. Andrew says:

    Excellent! Took less than a week to get to the UK, and next to no time to install. Works a treat and I’m very happy with it.

    Would definitely consider buying more stuff in future. Thanks Racketboy!

  44. Chessman says:

    Thanks to Racketboy, my Saturn is alive and still kicking, with more than 100 games to enjoy. Saludos desde Santo Domingo!

  45. Chessman says:

    Now I have a question for Racketboy, when would the mod-chips and ram carts be available again?

  46. Miguel says:

    Dear Racketboy,

    I see that someone else asked before me but more than 20 days ago and no answer. Do you know when will be there modchips available again?

  47. Chessman says:

    Sega Saturn has a very high cult following here in Dominican Republic, viva SEGA. We all want more modchips and ram carts to be available soon. Thanks Racketboy for make us happy over the years, you make our dreams come true. Please keep on bringing Sega Saturn stuff.

  48. racketboy says:

    Awesome and thanks for your support! Hope to have more in the near future 🙂

  49. Chessman says:

    Sega Saturn Forever!

  50. Andrew says:

    I too am curious as to when you think you’ll be receiving more Saturn mod chips? I had been meaning to order one, but always put it off.

  51. racketboy says:

    I’m looking at about a week right now…

  52. MS says:

    Hi Racketboy;

    Wondering when your getting a new supply of mod chips for the sega saturn. Also, is it possible to pay with a US money order? thanks.

  53. bluntedone says:

    i am wondering if you will have these mod chips soon i just got my first saturn yester day with 52 games but i want to mod my saturn too i will get this chip asap when its available

  54. racketboy says:

    Got more in for anyone’s interested

  55. bluntedone says:

    i just got the email and i bought one thanks racketboy!!! i hope to have it soon

  56. bluntedone says:

    i bought this modchip on 6/24/09 i have it and installed it (a-b method) and i am playing games on it right now!!!!
    thank racketboy i cannot stronly recommend you product enough!!!! easy to install and my first time soldering anything!!!! super fast shipping and a great quality product!!!!! i just want to know if you will ever get the action replay plus 4 in 1???? i want that too and cannot find it

  57. moofree says:

    Fast shipping, easy install with the one-wire method. Works perfectly.

    Thanks a lot, racketboy!

  58. Andrew says:

    Yeah can’t really complain =) Fast shipping (didn’t take all that long to arrive in Australia), well packaged, and the online guide made it easy to install.

    It was in fact the first mod chip I have ever installed and had no issues at all =)

  59. Chessman says:

    Happy new year 2010 to all SegaSaturn lovers, and thanks again Racketboy for everything!!!
    Viva SEGA!!!

  60. fibblins says:

    No complaints about the chip, however there should be a big warning about Sanyo board (with pc-trap) Saturns as it’s seemingly impossible to get the chip to work with these. Backups will still only be read as audio CDs.

  61. MaxWar says:

    Works like a charm!! Fast shipping from Racketboy.

  62. MaxWar says:

    Worked like a charm for 2 days using the AB bridge method. Then it fried. Racketboy sent me a new one and i installed it with the traditionnal solder on pin 14 method. Has been working like a charm for more than two weeks now.
    Although i have no way to prove it, it would seem the traditional method is more reliable. Can be tough to solder as the pins are small but using thin cardboard proved a great help. Also if your soldering iron seems too big for the job, Try coiling some thin copper wire around the tip of your iron and leave a quarter inch of the wire protruding at the tip. This can act as a new, very thin soldering tip, also useful to clean the mess if you ever accidentally short two pins from the chip with your solder. Good luck !

  63. Alex says:

    Hey just got your modchip and installed it (which while ignoring the fact that I have soldering experience is extremely easy to do). Just got done watching the opening to Panzer Dragoon Saga and am extremely happy now having saved 200+ bucks on ebay. You have my many thanks.

  64. Mike says:

    I just ordered the Sega Saturn modchip and I am truly impressed by the shipping speed and functionality of the product. Thank you for the wonderful service!

  65. Jared says:

    Very fast shipping, great product! I have a 64-pin model 2,I had to un-bride the 0019, and bridge the 0014 points as stated here “”. I also used the A+B method. But after that it worked perfect from power on just like an original disk. Thank you again, I’m off to play some Radiant Silvergun…

  66. Bruno says:

    Fast Shipping. Work 100%. Thank You 😀

  67. Stephen says:

    I ordered one of Racketboy’s mod chips a few weeks ago and have been very pleased with it’s performance. I placed my order on a Friday and recieved the chip by the following thursday via standard shipping, so shipping time was good.
    The install was not complicated at all. I would recommend getting a soldering gun with a very small tip though, I had trouble due to trying to solder due to the tight places. If I had the proper tools I could have finished the install in just 5-10 minutes, literally. Don’t let the install scare you away.
    The chip has performed great since the install. I would highly recommend this to anybody looking to mod their Saturn.

  68. Darrin says:

    I ordered Rackeyboy’s modchip just a three days ago, shipping was fast, and it worked like a charm! Installation is very easy. Look up the A to B method! It’s much more simple than trying to solder to the 14th pin. I used the signal wire and just cut it down a bit to make a small jumper. Since the new (red) modchip has a hole there, the solder was dripping right through. (Maybe I got the wrong kind?)

    In any case, its amazing! Team this up with an Action Replay and the entire Sega Saturn library is at your finger tips!

  69. raystorm002 says:

    man, idk wth happened. i followed the instructions exactly as described and it didnt work. i kept trying several times and i ended up messing up my saturn.. i melted the pins on the 32 pin chip 🙁 not good….is there any way to get that fixed?

  70. racketboy says:

    Wow… you mean really melt the pins or just get a lot of melted solder in there? You might be able to hear the stuff back up and clean it up, but might be a pain

  71. raystorm002 says:

    yes i literally melted the pins on that chip.. at first i couldn’t quite solder it on the pin because it was so thin, so i said eff that im doing the a+b method and nothing. i had an orange sphere on the left and a green cube on the right..i check plenty of websites about troubleshooting and none of them had anything about it. they had green sphere and stuff. also before i messed it up i removed everything and plugged the regular white cable and it still didn’t work. so at this point im really upset so i attempted to solder it on the 14th pin thingy and that’s when i messed it up. the metal pins look like scramble eggs right now. is it possible to get someone to fix that because i am incapable of soldering..

  72. racketboy says:

    Bummer — if the pins are gone of the chip, it’s probably toast unless you’re super skilled.

  73. raystorm002 says:

    oh damn…even tho just 3 pins are messed up i guess its time to bury it lol. i just bought a model 1. so i guess ill just buy the PAR from here and use the swap disk trick thingy lol. i know modding the model one saturn is hell and im not even considering it lol

  74. Will Twrry says:

    Best money i ever spent. Two wires to solder for me, infinite fun with my saturn. Awesome!

  75. Urinalballer says:

    Ordered on Friday, arrived on Monday, installed on Tuesday… Decided to put my soldering skills to the test (no A-B method) on my model 2 32pin. Took more time for my iron to heat up than to do the install and works like a champ! ….. Thanks Racketboy!!!

  76. iamprinco says:

    Got my Modchip within a week to Australia!!
    My model 2 Saturn with the 32-pin board just required the A+B trick.
    Took a few goes to get the CD drive going as the ribbon cable and the chip have to be in tight! The modchip is wafer thin, so I was careful!
    But this is awesome, works great with my Action replay cart & 50/60Hz mod!!
    Thanks racketboy! My saturn ROCKS now! 🙂
    This place is the last store selling chips, act fast! Or you’ll miss out forever!

  77. Ian says:

    Received my mod chip for a Saturn Model 2 Japanese ,fitted chip which worked straight up, then started to have two big red balls on the menu screen,removed chip and still have two big red balls on menu, my Saturn is now fried. Have left email am waiting on response

  78. Ian says:

    Update have not received reply as yet, but have done a search into possible causes and using a rather large magnifying glass I found their was a short on the 32 pin chip caused buy solder flux.Cleaned it up using a touch of metho and tooth brush all is now good I have my Saturn back.

  79. racketboy says:

    Hey Ian
    Just responded to your email — glad to see you have it up and working.
    And sorry for the slight delay in my response — got a newborn at home which slows things down for me 🙂

  80. keyboredlizard says:

    So does this chip work for any saturn model?

  81. racketboy says:

    It works best on Model 2 saturns — particularly 32-pin models.
    I don’t recommend it for Model 1s

  82. Steven Rios says:

    hey Racket Boy, still got my chip working great, bought it from you ten years ago! this guys awesome, and i see his reputation is still topnotch! i just busted out my saturn and was looking around for the list of games you had that were compatible with the ram cart, YES GUYS his chip will last years of gaming!

  83. ben says:

    I’ve had my modchip for several years now. Even modded it to work in my model 1 Saturn. The performance and reliability has been rock solid. If I ever need one again I will be buying it from racketboy!!!

  84. Lloyd says:

    Will these modchips be back in stock at any point?

  85. Lloyd says:

    If so is there a estimate on when? Thanks

  86. racketboy says:

    It’s not looking like it at this point — sorry!

  87. carlos says:

    hola quisiera saber si teneis modchip de sega saturn model 1 y 2 de la sega saturn in stock,
    si es que si lo teneis mandarme precio de los chips