Sega Saturn 4MB RAM Carts Now On Sale!

Sega Saturn 4M/1MB Video RAM Cart

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This cartridge will allow you to play many of the best Saturn games that are otherwise unplayble without it.
Here’s a list of games that support/require the RAM carts.

Worldwide Shipping – $3.50 per order
Your modchip order will be shipped the next business day via First Class Mail (US) or International Air-Mail

If you need extra-fast delivery and/or insurance, please contact me before ordering.

You can order them with my Sega Saturn Modchips to save on shipping costs.


Anonymous says:

are the cart’s blank like that? do you have the stickers to put on them

racketboy says:

Yeah, this batch is blank.
Not sure if I’ll get stickers again.
It wouldn’t be too hard to make your own though.

If you ask me though, they have a nice clean look without the stickers 🙂

Anonymous says:

yeah but that pic of the blue cart with the sf and xmen characters had my hopes up

racketboy says:

Sorry man, my manufacturer in Hong Kong said they were out of stickers at the moment when I requested them. Not sure if they will have them later

Anonymous says:

Just call me Fighter17, racketboy.

Ok, I have some questions:

1. All games that required the RAM cart, will work with THIS cart?

2. That stwich is for 1 MB/4MB option?

Sorry if I bug you, I just stop a order of a Action Replay cart that saids it can play every 4 MB/1 MB game, in fact that was a lie. I hope these carts are the real deal, and they do in fact, WORK!!! By work, they play almost all 4 MB/1 MB games.

racketboy says:

As far as I know they do.
I know the switch (which does toggle between 1MB/4MB mode) does help elimiate most of the problems.

I haven’t tested every single game yet, so I’m not 100% positive.

I’ve sold about 10 carts so far and haven’t had any complaints yet

Anonymous says:

I just reciently purchased a modchip and this 4mb ram cart. I was wondering if in the future you aquire the stickers that go on the cart, would you make them available for purchase for people who previously got blank ones?

racketboy says:

If you wanted to pay to send your existing one back and pay for shipping to send the new one, I guess I could.

But I can’t promise that I’ll have ones with stickers.

I will post here if I do though.

racketboy says:

Well I just ordered a new batch of carts and the manufacturer told me that these won’t have stickers either. Don’t know what the deal is…

Anonymous says:

Do these cartridges allow me to play import games?

racketboy says:

No they do not boot imports, but paired with a modchip you can play burned import games after the region has been patched.

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