Sega Releases USB Saturn Controller

Sega has decided to sell separately the special USB Saturn controller that it was originally going to release with the PC version of Puyo Puyo Fever. It is reported to be a white controller that will match the white Apple PCs and accesories. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of using this model of the Sega Saturn controller, I will tell you that this controlled is commonly called the best gamepad made without an analog stick. It’s six button (plus trigger buttons) layout is very popular for an array of games, especially fighters.

I hope other console manufacturers would see this and think about selling PC versions of their controlls as well. It would be nice to play games with an official Dual Shock or a Dreamcast arcade stick without need of an adapter and have everything work flawlessly.

Although there’s no plans to release the $30 controller in the States, it’s likely importers like Lik-Sang will sell it via their website. The Sega Saturn USB game pad will hit Japanese stores on July 23 for 3129 yen ($29). Preorders can be made at Sega’s online retailer, Sega Direct.

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