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The Sega Genesis / Megadrive RPG Library

Presented by Ack Most people I know don’t automatically think of RPGs when they think of their Genesis.  But there is actually a large number of titles available on the console.  Add in the Sega CD, which I outlined earlier, and you’ve got a hefty selection available, spread across a variety of different types of RPGs.  Just take a look at your options.   (This is a rather lengthy post and we had to divide it up to two pages until [...]

The Sega Genesis / Megadrive RPG Library – Pt 2

This is a continuation from page 1 TechnoClash (NTSC-U, PAL / 1993) This title is also sometimes written as Techno Clash.  In a world full of magic, a mysterious portal opens, and forbidden machines start pouring through.  To stop the ensuing war between magic and mechanics, the wizard Ronann, along with apprentice Chaz and mercenary Farrg, must venture through the portal into the machine world to find the “Machine Man,” who apparently lives somewhere near Las Vegas.  This action RPG is [...]

The Sega CD / Mega CD RPG Library

Presented by Ack When considering reasons to get a Sega CD, RPGs are often one of the foremost genres in consideration.  And why not, some of the RPGs released on it were absolutely phenomenal and well respected titles that regularly go for decent amounts of money.  Unfortunately, many of them never made the leap to our shores, and in some cases information is extremely limited.  While this list is in rough order of quality, the majority of the RPGs on [...]

The Best in the Wonderful World of SNES RPGs

Note from racketboy: Thanks again to Ack, for all of his hard work on this comprehensive guide to the best RPGs the SNES has to offer. Were you one of the next generation of gamers that didn’t think RPGs were cool until Final Fantasy VII?  Own a Super Famicom, but have no clue what to play for it?  Wondering what the role-playing classics of Nintendo’s entry in the 16-bit generation were?  Well look no further.  Here at we’ve got [...]

Together Retro: Lunar: Silver Star

Presented by: Fastbilly1, Marurun, & Racketboy New To Together Retro? Check out the introduction to the club After much debate we came down to a handful of options for the next game. We knew that many were thirsty for an RPG and we wanted to continue into the 32/64bit generation. We did not, however, want to settle for what some might see as an obvious choice. Sure, it would be easy to choose something like a Final Fantasy or Dragon [...]

Zelda Four Swords + 5 Gamecubes + 5 TVs = Sweet Zelda Party

presented by fastbilly1 with racketboy The Idea In A Nutshell Zelda Four Swords Adventure for the Gamecube is a killer party game, but who wants to play on a GBA? We fix this issue with a killer multi-Gamecube, multi-TV setup. Nintendo Makes Legend of Zelda Multiplayer It is a fickle slope when traditionally single player series add multiplayer elements. Sometimes it works, but more often than not it feels tacked on, rushed, or are just simply bad. However in 2002, [...]

Final Fantasy: Twenty Years and a Massive Universe Later

Note from racketboy: To commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the original Final Fantasy, contributer, Fastbilly1 has spent a great deal of time putting together a look back at this landmark RPG series. This look back at both the original game and the extensive and diverse series that followed is filled with both an historical look at the games and personal experiences with each. I hope you enjoy it! “I Garland, will knock you down” are the infamous words that [...]

Odin Sphere (Princess Crown Sucessor) Coming To PS2

It isn’t every day that a beautiful 2D game gets released on a home console. It is even less frequent that such games make it out of Japan and reach the English-speaking marketplace. However, Odin Sphere is a side-scrolling action RPG from Altus Software that is not only on its way to the Playstation 2, but actually has a good chance of making it to the US. (You can even pre-order it on Odin Sphere is the spiritual successor [...]

Final Fantasy I & II Coming To PSP

I still find it funny that after all the initial hype of the power of the PSP, the biggest PSP game announcements as of late have been remakes of old games. Anyway, this time around, Final Fantasy I and II are once again making their way to a new device. The PSP version might just be the must beautiful (see the new screenshots) and fully-featured. From GamesAreFun… ” Famitsu recently released some new screenshots of the two upcoming remakes of [...]

Review: Beggar Prince – Sega Genesis / Megadrive

With all the praise we give the Dreamcast for staying alive with new commercial releases, we sometimes forget about other older systems that have a new game released. In this case, contributer, retrogamer, shares his review of the recent Sega Genesis release of Beggar Prince. Introduction: Beggar Prince is a rare and obscure title that took 10 years to finally get the recognition that it is due. The game originated as a Chinese Megadrive game by C&E, Inc in [...]

Final Fantasy III Walkthrough

We begin our journey in a cave with our ambidexterous quadruplet orphans, unless you are playing the DS version and you have a “well thought out” party of heroes…  Head the only way you can, looting as you go, until you are met with your first boss.  The land turtle should be a fairly easy fight, just heal as you go, you can use those southwinds if you want but I really suggest holding on to them.  After the fight [...]

Final Fantasy II Walkthrough

  You begin in a fight with four darkknights.  This fight is ofcourse a loosing battle and soon after you loose Firion will wake up in a room with two white mages.  They ofcourse state the obvious in their cliché phrases: “You are lucky to be alive” and what not.  Soon after you begin to move around you will head to the throne room and meet up with your other two partners – Maria and Guy, Leon is no where [...]

Final Fantasy I Walkthrough

We begin with the party of Light Warriors outside of the providence of Coneria.  All the towns are the same, so no reason to go to each of them (this applies throughout the game).  In the original game you did not have to go talk to the king and you could just head out on your adventure, however in subsequent versions guards will block you from leaving town so you have to learn about the plot.  After gearing up we [...]

Meta-Review: Landstalker – Sega Genesis / Megadrive

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, The Legend of Zelda has been flattered many a time. Starting with Golden Axe Warrior on the Master System and Beyond of Oasis on the Genesis, Zelda has had many a clone. Landstalker is yet another action RPG from Climax Entertainment that hit the Genesis in 1993 and provided Sega fans with an alternative to Zelda on the SNES. However, if you do dive into the game a bit, [...]

Meta-Review: Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean – Sega Saturn

The late, great Working Designs ported many wonderful Japanese RPGs to both the Sega CD and the Saturn for the US market. Among the great lineup of localized games is Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean, a colorful title that was originally created by Sunsoft and was the child of a Super Famicom series. The game itself is standard eastern role-playing fare, with vibrant 2D graphics and turn-based combat. While it isn’t overly challenging, it will remind many old-school RPG fans [...]