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 I still love going to arcades. There are still a few arcades out there that have some fun-filled games, both new and old. Unfortunately, when I stick a quarter or two into some older machines, I’m greatly disappointed by such problems as unresponsive controllers, screen problems, or just machines that don’t function well at all.

It is times like these that make me wish that arcade owners would take some time to fix up their old machines or just sell them off to people that know how to treat them.

Today I was excited to see a written documentary of one man’s adventure in restoring an old Pac-Man machine. The Scripted Lizard’s Pac-Man Project walks us through the details of a purchase of a the machine, opening it up, and cleaning and repairing the machine to its full arcade glory.

The guide covers many details that tinkerers may wonder about including picking up replacement parts on eBay and cosmetic work.

I hope that somebody out there is inspired by this piece and gives new life to a beautiful arcade machine.

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Kevin says:

I refurbished an old Street Fighter II cabinet a couple of years ago and turned it into a MAME Arcade cabinet. It sits in my home office now, and we play it all the time. One of the most interesting, fun, and involved projects I’ve ever taken on.

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