What Are The Best Classic PC Games Today?

As many of you have probably noticed, we typically focus on console gaming here at racketboy.com.  This isn’t necessarily on purpose, it just happens to go along with the gaming habits of myself and a good chunk of the site’s community.

However, I know that there are many of you out there that love classic PC (or Mac) gaming just as much (if not more).  So here’s your chance to speak your mind…

First of all, I want to take a little vote to gauge how much interest there is in classic PC gaming among the audience here, so please cast your vote in regards to if you play classic PC games.

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Next, I’d like to know your opinions on which classic PC titles still hold up the best today regardless of the rapid technology growth we have seen on PCs in the last couple of decades.  So please list your favorites in the comments section below and I’d love to hear the justifications for your choices as well.


  1. Whatupdoc? says:

    Roller coaster Tycoon was one of the best simulation games.
    That is considered “classic” to a lot of my friends because it came out in like 99 but it is one of the first amusement park simulation games.

  2. fastbilly1 says:

    Holds up today is always tricky. But the games myself and my friends still have alot of fun with are:
    Half Life 1 and its mods – mostly TFC and Natural Selection
    Unreal Tournament (UT99)
    Magic Carpet
    Aliens Vs Predator Gold
    Delta Force 2
    Tribes 2
    Quake 2&3/Open Arena
    All SCUMM titles – Monkey Island, The Dig, Indy Fate of Atlantis, etc.
    Outlaws – Lucasarts Western FPS
    Serious Sam First and Second Encounter
    Xwing vs Tiefighter
    Total Annihilation – still the best RTS
    Red Alert 1&2
    Emperor Battle for Dune

    Ofcourse we all play older single player games, but we really stick with multiplayer nowadays.

  3. Aaron says:

    Some older games that I still occasionaly play:
    -Fallout 1&2
    -The Monkey Island series
    -Sam & Max
    -Day of the Tentacle
    -Transport Tycoon
    -Theme Park & Theme Hospital
    -Jagged Alliance
    -System Shock 2

    I’m not sure how many of these would be considered classics.

  4. Gyshall says:

    In my mind, developers will be hard pressed to ever create as engrossing of a game as Deus Ex (the original). I still play this from time to time – chances are, anyone reading this will end up reinstalling it 🙂

    One of the best Star Wars games is Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, and it’s expansions. Didn’t too much care for the second or third, but the original was amazing. I purchased a really expensive joystick setup for Star Wars X-Wing Alliance when it first came out, and still play that as well.

    When I need my point and click adventure fix, I turn to Kings Quest, my favorite being King’s Quest 6. Fantastic game, great narrative.

    Growing up, I was drawn more to my PC than consoles, although I had a sega and nintendo, I played Commander Keen, Jazz Jackrabbit, and all manner of ID shareware for my platformer fix.

    Doom I and II, as well as Wolfenstein are fantastic games as well, if only for the nostalgia value – and fighting a cyborg Hitler.

    I still play Quake II on occasion, although not so much since Team Fortress 2 came out.

  5. Josh Miller says:

    The ones that come to mind are Starcraft, Half Life, Fallout, The SIMS.

  6. Tim says:

    All the classic LucasArts adventure games — especially Sam and Max and Day of the Tentacle. The Space Quest series. Sim City 2000. X-Com: UFO Defense. And a little bit of an oddball pick: the Commander Keen series, specifically the Goodbye Galaxy episodes.

  7. Bleh says:

    How old does it have to be? Most of the above titles aren’t that old (from the 90s).

  8. racketboy says:

    I’d say anything 20th century, but pre-1998 would probably be ideal.

  9. Jack says:

    Theme Hospital, Constructor, Dungeon Keeper, Fallout, Appogee Games ect.

  10. otaku says:

    HOw old are we talking? 20 years? Tons of good stuff and of course emulation is very easy 🙂

    I need to get system shock. Any trouble with playing it on vista? fair prices? I saw a copy for 50 bucks the other day (seems pricy)

  11. fox says:

    Civilization 2!!!!!!

  12. pocket says:

    X-Com UFO Defense is the greatest game ever!

  13. Dusan says:

    Doom 2 and Dangerous Dave 2

  14. glynnahab says:

    Most of the gaming I did on PC back in the day was some form simulation. Mmicromanagement somehow feels appropriate on a PC.

  15. Singapura says:

    It depends on the era. On my UMPC I play Civilization, Duke Nuke’em, Doom 2, Hexen, Heretic, C&C, Dune2, X-Com, Zork I,II and III, Dungeon Master, The Ultima Series. On my old P4 laptop: Unreal Tournament, System Shock 2, Total Annihilation, Warlords, Quake. On my main system I play lots of emulated games (Mame, ZSnes etc.) but those aren’t real PC games.

  16. deathclaw says:

    fallout 1+2, diablo 2, system shock 2, deus ex, crysis, age of empires 2, command and conquer series, might and magick 7+8

  17. Pitmaker says:

    Myst, Sam and Max, and Sim City 2000.


  19. SpearXXI says:

    I heard Grim Fandango is really good!

  20. Pete says:

    Little Big adventure. Best game ever.

  21. ZeroAX/Quaro says:

    The Longest Journey
    Railroad Tycoon 2
    Red Alert 2
    Lands of Lore
    Gabriel Knight 3
    Deus EX (actually played this game for the first time 6 months ago so I think it stands the test of time pretty well if I loved it now)

  22. Gennss says:

    Quake 1
    Doom 2
    Grim Fandango
    Warcraft 2
    Commander Keen games

    a lot of the 90’s games aged really well.

  23. d says:

    just arcade roms online with 2dfighters.net.

  24. James says:

    Starcraft!!!! Perfectly balanced RTS!

  25. bobbynewmarkiii says:

    I’ll second nominations for System Shock 2 and Deus Ex. These are both games I would not (and do not) hesitate to recommend to current gamers as imo they represent the pinnacle of their respective sub-genres.

    I would also nominate X-Wing Alliance – the X-Wing series is for me the most immersive of all space combat sims, with good control systems, decent radar / targeting interface and excellent micro resource management (shields / guns / engines). I do think that Alliance was the most successful of the series, with best production values and a satisfying story arc.

    @ otaku – head over to strangebedfellows.de for a copy of system shock portable – it’s system shock emulated for current gen PC’s, and it’s free.

  26. General Chaos says:

    You’re probably going to get a lot of recommendations for classic Lucas Arts adventure games, and maybe even a few Sierra ones (King’s Quest, Police Quest) but in my opinion the Quest For Glory series must be on the list. For myself and many others I think it defined the genre and is stilled re-played over and over today.

    A few others I think need to be on the list:

    Dungeon Keeper (1 & 2): 2 still looks good and the experience really can’t be found elsewhere.
    Myth series (No, not Myst): My friends and I still prefer this to most modern strategy games at lan parties.
    Settlers 1&2 (from 3 on they changed for the worse): Still an awesome game and the graphics have held up surprisingly well.
    X-com and Terror From the Deep (those are givens, I think): Again, I think it’s obvious.

    If you want more adventure genre recommendations you might also want to look at Westwood’s Kyrandia series and Sierra’s Goblin Quest series.

  27. Hatta says:

    Oh yes, Quest for Glory is an absolute must. I don’t think any game yet has so successfully blended RPG and adventure gameplay. The world has a rich mythology, conveyed with wit and character. It’s a real joy to experience.

  28. Matt M. says:

    I still play all the old ID shooters like

    Doom , Doom 2 , Wolf 3d , Hexen , Heretic, Quake sometimes.

    Also like early strategy games like Dune 2, CNC, CNC red alert.

    A while ago I played through the FPS Blood from 1996ish I think.

  29. Hatta says:

    Ok, I thought of a few more:

    Ultima Underworld – the first first person RPG, like Oblivion? thank Ultima Underworld. It even predates wolf3d.

    Alone in the Dark – the first survival horror game

    Civilization II – still the best in the series

    Covert Action – Best spy game I’ve ever played

    Pirates! Gold – I love Sid Meier.

    Starflight – The best hybrid space trading/exploration/rpg I’ve ever played.

    Nethack – the ultimate roguelike, and the most difficult game I’ve ever completed.

    Jedi Knight (Dark Forces II) – I have to second this one, it has some of the most amazing level design I’ve ever seen in an FPS. I will never forget being tossed around inside the ventilation system of a Star Destroyer.

    Every one of these are true AAA, 5 star, classics. If you haven’t played them, you’re truely missing out. I’ll probably be back with more once I shake the cobwebs out of my brain.

  30. Covarr says:

    I remember when edutainment was good:
    Number Maze
    Decimals and Fractions Maze
    Reading Maze
    Number Maze Challenge
    Math Blaster
    Treasure Math Storm

    Of course, there’s also the non-edutainment:
    Jazz Jackrabbit 2
    Lode Runner: The Legend Returns
    Headrush (pretty sure it’s old enough)
    Any of the games built into After Dark 3 and 4
    Shockwave: Assault
    Humongous Entertainment adventure games (Putt Putt, Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, etc).
    SimCity 2000

  31. Tim says:

    Roller Coaster Tycoon, and SimCity 2000

  32. PharmaceuticalCowboy says:

    Well I was introduced to Mega Man on DOS… so that might count.

  33. Jonas says:

    Jagged Alliance Series
    Monkey Island Series
    Indiana Jones Series

  34. Tancred says:

    Fallout 1 + 2
    nuff said!

  35. Caleb says:


    Quest for Glory series

    Ultima (there is a special program called exult that allows Ultima 7 to run on a modern machine)

    Deus Ex

    Wizardry (Mostly 7 and 8)

    Secret of Monkey Island

    Sam and Max hit the road


  36. Caleb says:

    Oh and Starcraft is a no-brainer.

    A lot of people I know play that.

    It came out in 1998 and is still going strong.

  37. Mike says:

    I’m playing through Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight again right now. The acting isn’t great, but i really liked it compared to some of the new CG “acting” on the newer games. Plus it is just fun. Man, the level, where the ship is tumbling through space towards the surface and the gravity is flipping constantly, is crazy!

    I love the original Half Life, and it’s expansion packs, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force!

    Going a little farther back now, i have to mention Commander Keen!

    For the longest time growing up, my family didn’t have any consoles, but we had a pc, and i loved commander keen! (who’s mario anyway:) lol

    Anyways, these are just a few of the memories that i revisit from time to time on my pc.

  38. Thermoptic says:

    When it comes to gaming I think console is always the best way to play a game. Today new games are always released on both console and Pc. The difference is that when you want to play in on a Pc you always have to have the right hardware and software, upgrades and money.. etc. but with a console its just insert and play! no problems! So I think the consoles win!… except! with FPS games!

    FPS games are meant to be played with a trackball.. that means a keyboard and a mouse. So to answer Racketboys question on what classic PC games that still is worth playing and works with today’s modern games.. Quake! Id Software where many year ahead when they made this game. It was released 12 years ago and its still lives! And not many FPS games have succeeded to even get close to this great engine. There are many good old PC games but i think Quake is the best choice in this question.

  39. Harvey says:

    Warcraft 2 is one of my all-time favorite games.

  40. ott0bot says:

    The Neverhood is one of my all time favorites for about 70 reasons. I played it about 3 years ago all the way through. The puzzles are truly challanging and it’s hilarious. The first person scenes are a bit choppy, but all in all it’s still a solid title.

    Sid Mier’s Civilization series is also great. Especially 2 and 3.

    Grim Fandango is a blast too.

  41. SmartOne says:

    Reader Rabbit ( 😛 )
    Reader Rabbit Reading Journey
    The Playroom
    Treasure Mathstorm
    Treasure Galaxy
    Math Blaster

    Hyper Studio (… not a game)
    Power Pete

    Microsoft Bob (…)
    Dangerous Creatures (…)

    Fury 3
    Mechwarrior 2
    Civilization II Multiplayer Gold
    3D Ultra Pinball
    Sim City 2000
    *Gahan Wilson’s The Ultimate Haunted House* GREAT!

    Roller Coaster Tycoon (+ expansions and sequel)
    The Sims (great original music)

  42. SmartOne says:

    Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland

  43. Kevin says:

    You misspelled something. When after you vote, it says, Yes, All Time Time. Just helping! Love your site too.

  44. Kevin says:

    One must fall and Jazz the jack rabbit. I love playing Duke Nukem 3D!

  45. Ryan says:

    I generally play Command and Conquer on my IBM as well as Marathon 2: Durandal on my Mac Performa 550. My favorites are still Doom, Quake, C&C, and other micelaneous strategy games (the lost world comes to mind)

  46. Only Eyes says:

    A few no one else listed:
    I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream
    SimLife (Spore without all the shiny stuff!)

    And I just want to second/third/whatever these:
    The Longest Journey
    Fallout 1 + 2
    Commander Keen
    The original Quake
    Grim Fandango
    The Indiana Jones series
    Dungeon Keeper (oh, to be evil)
    Treasure Mountain/Math Blaster/Reader Rabbit/Number Munchers/etc. (oh, to be in third grade again)

    And I’m probably alone on:
    Oregon Trail (oh, to….die of..dysentery…again?)

  47. John says:

    If you want to go into the world of classic mac games try Spaceward HO!

  48. arcadegamer says:

    Red Alert 1&2
    Emperor Battle for Dune
    C&C TS

  49. zaphod4007 says:

    I know it’s been said a lot but:
    System Shock 2, honestly, if you haven’t played it you’re missing one of the minor masterpieces of 20th century PC gaming history.

  50. Goon says:

    Heroes of Might and Magic 3. That game destroyed our GPAs in college. All the early Doom games. They are a blast to play even today.

  51. King says:

    i would say most point and click still work really well
    in addition anything that uses a mouse like strategy games,

    doom in my opinion doesn’t hold well at all

  52. Acetate says:

    Duke Nukem 3D defines the word classic.

    Heroes of Might and Magic II/III are big milestones too.

    And apart from all the gems already mentioned above, I would also add Syndicate and M.A.X. (an excellent turn-based strategy game… the last?) to the list.

  53. cowgod says:

    it’s insane to me how large the doom and quake communities still are to this day. people are still making source ports for these fantastic games. doom with reflective surfaces, smoke effects, and the ability look up and down–awesome. these games are the ones i always come back to play again and again.

    system shock 2 (essentially bioshock without the big daddies) is still amazing. i went from start to finish on this game again not that long ago with all the community upgrades (textures, models, etc.). an intense soundtrack and awesome voice acting on this game as well.

    battlezone is tons of fun. the graphics here hold up well when you install the large asset update. it’s awesome to jump off a cliff on venus, snipe a pilot out of their battle tank, land in it and drive off.

    the original tie fighter. nuff said.

    going way back, i also like relentless and battle chess. someone really needs to make a new battle chess with updated graphics and animations…

  54. Captain Max says:

    One Must Fall 2097, The Neverhood, DOOM, and all of the LucasArts point and click titles have aged very well. OMF for its simple, yet wholesome fighting system, Neverhood and the point and clicks for their hilarity and artistic standpoint, and DOOM (and DOOM II) because it’s the only FPS that really gets the adrenaline pumping on the higher difficulty levels as you constantly and perilously scour the maps for health and ammo by the skin of your teeth. Good times.

  55. Johnnie Rowe says:

    Deus Ex should definitely appear on the top list, as well as Fallout 1&2. From time to time I also play Half Life and try to speedrun it.

  56. Derek says:

    You have to go with the Star Wars Simulation trilogy. Just the whole mechanics and story of Tie Fighter was incredible then and still is now. The Windows update of X-Wing was nice and is better than Alliance in the whole being part of a squadron instead of a mercenary.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Wasteland! My favorite RPG of all time. We wouldn’t have Fallout if not for Wasteland. 🙂

  58. deathclaw says:

    Well in your list, there shouldn’t be only games like 1998 and older.. there are supposed to be all those games that are really worth of playing/something like the best n64 games that still matter today/ so I would say lets do that list with all games. Well at least for the objectivity, there should be games like from 2004 and older..so there can be wolf 3d, diablo 2, as well as cnc generals..and I would say lets take only pc exclusive games or games, that are way better on pc, so it changes the experience, like counter-strike( definitely MUST be on the list) or command and conquer and so on

  59. fastbilly1 says:

    deathclaw, it will probably be split up many ways – year releases (the equivalent of the “best of” articles), genre, and possibly an overall (that wont start fights). I honestly do not think Racket imagined how big of a news post this was going to become, nor how much work it is going to be.

  60. racketboy says:

    Actually, I wanted to just throw it out there and see what the result was and take it from there.
    Needless to say, I’ve been very impressed with the response!

  61. The Apprentice says:

    Red Baron, ZZT, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, Rollercoaster Tycoon.

    By the way, the picture above inspired me to search on ebay for ibm keyboards. Thay have a trackpoint keyboard in black for PC (YES) but it’s $80 (NO).

  62. Pixelbender says:

    One Must Fall, Hocus Pocus, Original GTA, Epic PinballCommander Keen series, definitely Raptor: Call of the Shadows!!!! I think many of these are still relevant.

    I love Hugo’s Haunted House and Chuck Yaeger Air Combat. Apogee and Epic games also ruled.

    IMHO, as much as I LOVE Doom, it just doesn’t hold up. Neither does Wolfenstein although I think it does a little better than Doom.

    When you create the article, define a timeline perhaps? I will say for me there were 2 distinct “retro” gaming times: the DOS era, and then the 3dfx Glide era (I LOVE LOVE LOVED all those Glide API games!)

  63. LiveFireMZC says:

    Scrolling quickly through the comments, I don’t think I saw this one:

    Star Control 2

    I didn’t play this back when it first came out, but I discovered how enjoyable it is through the the open-source remake “The Ur-Quan Masters.” I’d recommend playing this to enjoy its mix of space exploration, arcade-style space combat, and sense of humor.

    Keeping with the space theme, I still enjoy the first two Wing Commander games and Wing Commander: Privateer as well. The space combat is still fun, even if all the ships look like pixelated clip art. But the cutscenes are a joy to watch due to their cartoonish appearance that holds up well despite the age of these games.

    And one more:

    Interstate ’76

    A car combat game set in an alternate version of the 1970’s. Critically acclaimed for its excellent use of funk. Activision later spun-off the Vigilante 8 series from this concept.

  64. Sam says:

    The only games that really come to mind for me are Doom and Doom II. It’s great for those people who prefer more simplistic shooters to deep, story-driven ones like Half-Life.

  65. Kobun says:

    Descent series. I spent so many hours on them, especially the second one, which I thought was absolutely brilliant. Haven’t played the 3rd yet though.

    Mechwarrior series. I only played the second game, but wow. Still is the best mech simulation I’ve played to this day. I dream of a new mechwarrior game with current gfx technology. Man, that would be so awesome.

    FREESPACE 2!!! Best space combat sim EVER. There is NOTHING that comes close to this game’s epicness. The single player campaign was SO intense from start to finish, always surprising you in EVERY mission. Not to mention the hugely colossal capital ships tearing each other to shreds with powerful beams… man, what a game. One of the greatest games ever made for sure.

    Theres lots more I enjoyed so much in my PC back then, but can’t remember it all 🙂

  66. kevinski says:

    Septerra Core is an excellent console-style RPG that you can get on PC. It’s similar to Chrono Trigger, although admittedly not as good. Still, it’s an amazing game.

  67. Wouter says:


  68. I only breezed through the postings but I don’t recall anyone listing this two part series of amazing 3/4 view action adventure gaming for PC.

    Crusader: No Remorse
    Crusader: No Regret

    They’re simply amazing. The live actor recording mission briefings and cut scenes are wonderfully cheesy and nostalgic of the time period. They gameplay was also far ahead of it’s time, along with cool design and an amazing soundtrack. You must play this game.

  69. The Chosen One says:

    I pretty much agree with this fine community.

    Here’s my top 5 more recent classics that are just as good today as they were then.


    For something a bit more ancient STARFLIGHT is still a deep, satisfying and incredibly fun game even by todays standards.

  70. StarFoxA says:

    I don’t do much PC gaming, but I do have a few favorites:

    Command & Conquer series (especially Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge)
    Descent series
    Age of Empires series
    Humongous Entertainment’s games

  71. Ryan says:

    All of those Apogee games were brilliant, stuff like Terminal Velocity, Rise of the Triads, Wacky Wheels, Duke Nukem II…

    And then there’s the “classic” FPS games – Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Exhumed, Hexen etc.

    But the ultimate, and perhaps my most favourite game of all time, would have to be Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen’s Odyssey. So much to do, so much to see, it’s like Zelda only not crap.

  72. Nick says:

    heres my picks

    Rise Of The Triad- A lot of people overlooked this game when it came out, but it has tons of cool features that make it an out of the ordinary first person shooter. Rise of the triad has a lot of features still used in first person shooters today. ROTT was the first to have dual weilding, for example. plus the random level genearator makes it something fun to play again and again.

    One must fall:2097-one of the best fighting games on the computer, you fight as giant robots. sweet. the areas where you fight all have different obstacles of their own which makes the game pretty interseting at times.

    XCOM: UFO defense.
    Duke nukem II
    wacky wheels
    Terminal Velocity

    Tyrant 2-this was a top view shooter that was pretty crazy. awesome graphics, if you got certain passwords you could change your ship into a carrot…

    Basicaly all of the ID games, doom, wolfenstein, etc

  73. nick says:

    I forgot to mention the Journeyman project series. These games were quite unique. You had to travel through time and do all kinds of weird puzzles, plus the second and third had live action. i still play them from time to time.

  74. Robert says:

    Deus ex
    Wheel of time
    Theif 1&2
    Die by the sword
    Blood 1&2
    System shock 1&2
    Turok 1&2
    Soldier of fortune
    Quake 2
    Duke nukem 3D
    Star wars dark forces 1&2
    Shadow warrior
    Age of empires 1&2
    Warcraft 2
    Septerra core
    Monkey island series
    Final DooM
    Heretic 1&2
    Half life
    Wolfenstein 3D

    Damnit the list goes on forever… well atleast these are some i came to think of atm.

  75. James says:

    Basically anything for the PC that was made by lucasarts in the early and mid nineties.

    Grim fandango, Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Tie Fighter, Dark Forces…. The list goes on and they were all amazing.

  76. Barts says:

    Heh, I actually love oldies.

    The ones I revisit the most so far:
    – UFO Enemy Unknown
    – Alpha Centauri
    – Manhunt
    – Diablo
    – Duke Nukem 3D
    – Deus Ex
    – Max Payne
    – Unreal Tournament
    – Vice City
    – Planescape Torment

  77. Nick says:

    I just found a website that hosts a whole mess of freeware, many of which are old dos games that people are talking about on here.


    theres even a final fantasy game on here…

  78. James says:

    Theme Hospital and Duke Nukem are still amongst my favourite PC games.

  79. CptFishStick says:

    I am going to try to List some of my favorite, less heard of PC Gaming Classics:

    Origin, to me was the perfect example of a classic PC gaming powerhouse! Everything they touched can today be considered a classic PC Game!

    Crusader (series)
    Wing Comander (series)
    Ultima (series)
    System Shock

    But there are some other Amazing Examples:

    Relentless (series)
    Kings Quest (series)

  80. ed_is_dead says:

    I keep going back to these, even though I hate most old games:

    -Need for Speed: Special Edition (best NFS game on any system)
    -Sam & Max Hit the Road (SCUMM perfection)
    -Secret of Monkey Island / Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge (SCUMM perfection)
    -Total Annihilation (best RTS to date)
    -Urban Chaos (excellent and very under-rated)

  81. Philipofmacedon says:

    Interstate 76 is one of the coolest and most entertaining car combat games ever. Great voice acting, story, and a fun physics engine.

    Blood Omen Legacy of Kain had an incredibly amusing anti-hero. Again, incredible voice acting and plot.

    I still enjoy the original Sid Meier’s Pirates, and Age of Empires II.

    Hexen 2 is an interesting old school FPS.

  82. Tad says:

    Oh my god I can’t believe noone has mentioned the resident evil series!! I, like yourselves, was always a console man, but all the resident evils are out on pc and can be downloaded pretty quickly on utorrent and torrentman.com. Also I recommend getting a playstation style USB controller. They’re the way forward when playin pc games, and can be bought pretty cheaply on ebay. I’ve got to say though me and my mates spent many an hour playing the monkey island series’ and loads of other old skool classics and I still enjoy playing them now just as much! also I reckon a lot of the proper classics have a helluva lot more playability then all these new fangled graphics ridden games.

  83. Alex says:

    My top 5:

    Deus Ex
    Gabriel Knight (1,2,3)
    The dig
    Morrowind (elder scrolls 3)
    Alone In The Dark (the first by Infogrames)

  84. ShiftyBob says:

    I think most that I could possibly think of have already been listed but there are two I’m surprised to not see yet.
    Master of Orion 2
    Master of Magic

  85. Anapan says:

    I spent a large portion of my youth playing PC games. I guess it’s impossible for me to choose only a couple. Also it’s hard to define classic since it only takes a few years to outdate any game.
    Some of my favorites which I’ve played at least for 1/2 hour each in the past year (gotta love dosbox):

    X-com: UFO Defense – hands down best classic.
    Abuse – great control scheme, awesome atmosphere, huge explosions.
    Dune II – the first RTS I think. played hundreds of hours on it.
    Ragnarok – Roguelike with some great innovations and 640×480 graphics. I’ve been trying to beat it for almost 10 years!
    Epic Pinball – Sweet mod music!
    Fuzzy’s World of Miniature Space Golf – Fun cartoony mini-golf with antigravity and such.
    Star Control II (ur-quan masters) – expansive game that’s always been fun.
    One Must Fall 2097 – it was awesome to find out you can make your own characters, tournaments and whatnot. the first game I seriously modded.
    Raptor – my first shmup.
    Jump ‘n Bump – bunny giblets. awesome multiplayer deathmatches.
    Stunts – I can still remember when I figured out how to hit top-speed and glitch it out to do even more insane stunts.
    Descent – been playing it through on my cell-phone. it’s still really fun.
    Pizza Worm – Almost beat my brother’s high score. the trick is to leave enough room in your coil to make it back around again.
    Scorched Earth – me and my friends used to play this every day in the computer lab. Gotta love the death heads and funky bombs. the smallest tank can fly.
    Action Supercross – The physics aren’t realistic, but that’s what makes it fun.
    Jazz Jackrabbit – Better than sonic?!? I thought so anyway.
    IBM Alley Cat – This game was designed so well! Look at the filesize!
    Dark Legions – Action and strategy and awesome 320×200 Graphics.
    Hi-Octane – smooth hovercar gameplay. Awesome intro.
    Sim City 2000 (the original’s still pretty good too) – Launch Arcos.
    Sim Ant – The sandbox mode is really fun. this is what edutainment is supposed to be.
    Terminal Velocity – hi-rez areal dogfights
    Sky Roads – unique
    The Amazing Spiderman – this game gets very hard. a different kind of puzzle-solving than any game I’ve played since.
    Commander Keen 4+ – who hasn’t played this? It came with the Gravis Gamepad!
    Dominus – create your own generals to command your armies of monsters using alchemy. then you go out yourself and help kick ass.
    Sam&Max hit the road – point and click goodness.

  86. Saturnalian says:

    I am glad to see that many of my picks have already been mentioned, but am disturbed at what I see as a strange absence.

    No love for the Heavy Gear series? (I&II)
    Sure it was completely overshadowed by the Mechwarriors, but I though they had a style all their own.

  87. gnrlchaos says:

    Quest for Glory Anthology (1-4)
    Dungeon Keeper 2
    Populous: The Beginning
    Settlers 1 & 2/ Serf City

  88. gnrlchaos says:

    Sorry–forgot Myth 1&2, definitely not to be confused with Myst.

  89. Jay Williamson says:

    My list off the top of my head of my favorite older games, I’m sure I missed a few.
    Gothic 1-2
    Dungeon Keeper 1-2
    Fallout 1-2
    Doom 1-2
    Wolfenstein 3D
    Duke Nukem 3D
    Red Alert 2
    Warcraft 2
    Quake 1-2
    Clive Barker’s Undying
    Diablo 1-2
    Half-Life 1
    Max Payne
    Dungeon Siege
    Never Winter Nights
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (might not be really old but it was an instant classic)
    Total Annihilation
    Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption

  90. mitch says:

    lol, my god, not one person here mentioned Homeworld. you people do not know your PC games.