Racketboy Asks: What Classic Console Do You Want Next?

My goal with this little site it to provide a place that is as useful and practical as possible for anyone that is looking to build upon or maximize their classic gaming collection.   However, since we have such a diverse readership here, I thought it might be a good idea to run a poll every now and then to see what consoles you have the most interest in.  This time around, I’d like to hear which classic console you plan on picking up next to build your collection.

Maybe it’s one that you used to have that you’ve been meaning to get or maybe you’re a die-hard Sega fan that’s been holding out on getting a SNES.  Or maybe you’ve been saving up for a Neo-Geo for a while.

Just choose one of options below (I know it’s probably hard to choose one) and feel free to justify your choice in the comments section below.

What Classic Console Do You Want to Get Next?

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ggg says:

dreamcast because i sold mine

Chessman says:

Sega Saturn, the real choice. After all this years still the best from SEGA.

deaditeash says:

I chose “something old” because IF I come across one in the wild my next purchase will be an Atari 7800 – the only system I don’t have but want…since I recently found an Atari 5200 and also bought a Top Loading NES…

Franco says:

2 Points

1. I’m pleased to see so much love for the Sega Saturn

2. Why isn’t the Atari 7800 on the list!

Alex says:

Got a model 1 sega cd but the damn thing doesnt work looking for another one on ebay I already got Spiderman vs Kingpin waiting for me

Xonticus says:

I want me some Turbografx! All the other sega stuff I love n got, but turbografx I never got into yet.

link343 says:

A Sega Saturn. I already have both a model 1 and model 2, but I’ll provably get a 3rd one to chip it.

Chessman says:

SEGA SATURN, the real choice. After all this years still the best console from SEGA.

Franco says:

I would definitely want a Saturn. It would complete my sega hardware collection.

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