Put Multiple Homebrew Saturn Games On One Disc

 One of my good friends, Rockin’B is at it again with another software package to make life easier for Sega Saturn enthusiasts.

His latest project is the Atlas Game Pack. In a nutshell, it is the Saturn equivellent to the Self-Boot Inducer for the Dreamcast.

According to Rockin’B on his website:
“An AGP contains a game/demo/application that can be run on the SEGA Saturn videogame system. With Atlas Creator, you can turn up to 50 AGPs into one single CD image. When inserting this CD into Saturn, a nice menu called Atlas will let you choose which game to start. Different themes to customize the appearance of the main menu are available. With this method, you can create your very own Saturn disc without any background knowledge and you can save up to 49 CD-R’s.”

So if you are interested in trying many of the interesting homebrew games and applications for the Saturn, this is a must have app. Not only will it save CDs, but its will save you lots of time — both with disc burning and swapping.

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digidev says:

sorry to dig out an old article from the retrocemetary but, with this tool, is it possible to combine multiple commercial backups? cause most of the backups i made end up weighting under 100mb..

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