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Platforming Games 101: Running, Jumping & More

Platforming Games 101: Running, Jumping & More

Presented by Gamerforlife The Racketboy crew is back with yet another ambitious effort to educate the masses on some retro-gaming (and even some modern gaming) essentials.  In this Retro Gaming 101 installment, we will be taking a lot at one of the most essential and popular genre in video games.  Platforming games really kick-started and pushed the 8-bit and 16-bit generations and the genre has remained an integral part of modern gaming culture. Of course, the Super Mario Bros. and [...]

Together Retro Game Club: Kid Icarus

Presented by: Fastbilly1, Marurun, & Racketboy New To Together Retro? Check out the introduction to the club Welcome to the second entry in the Together Retro Game Club. For our first entry we featured the arcade hit Defender, one of the most challenging arcade titles around. We know we hit hard but we’re not quite ready to grant mercy just yet. This time around we’re offering up a much-neglected, oft-overlooked Nintendo classic, Kid Icarus. History Kid Icarus is the paternal [...]

Legend of Spyro: Eternal Night (GBA) – Impressive Combo-Filled Action

Since you probably never thought you would see me bother to review a Spyro game, let me cut to the point — Legend of Spyro: Eternal Night on the Gameboy Advance ROCKS.  I can honestly say that this game can easily be put in the same league as Metroid Fusion, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and Astro Boy: Omega Factor as the best action games on the Gameboy Advance and put up a phenomenal fight.  The fact is, the GBA version [...]

A Sonic Boom Of Hedgehog Fan Reactions

When I originally wrote my Sonic the Hedgehog opinion pieces (How Sega All But Ruined Sonic the Hedgehog & How Sega Can Bring Sonic the Hedgehog Back To Glory), one of my main hopes would be that it would spark some conversation. Sure, part of my hoped somebody at Sega would read it and that my thoughts might actually make a difference, but I mainly looked forward to hearing other people’s responses. Even though I wrote the articles over nine [...]

Review: Little Nemo: The Dream Master – NES

Note from racketboy: With so many unique and interesting games from the past out there, I obviously don’t have time to review them all myself. This time around we have contributer, SegaVega reviewing one of his favorite Nintendo classics, Little Nemo: The Dream Master for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I’ve also added a couple of statements of my own to round it out. Introduction The Mega Man games are the finest examples of action platforming on the NES, and [...]

The Lost Levels: Ultimate Test of 2D Super Mario Bros Skill

My wife grew up with the original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES and still enjoys playing the classics to this day. I also recently bought her New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS to give her some fresh 2D Mario action. However, she routinely plays through these platforming masterpieces in a relatively short amount of time with what I consider a small amount of effort. As I was setting up emulation support on [...]

Castlevania SOTN Hauntingly Good on XBLA

As one of the most anticipated games released on the XBox Live Arcade, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night would have had to be really screwed up in its XBox 360 port to not turn out well. For those of you not familiar with the title, it is regarded not only as the best Castlevania game ever, but also the best 2D games for the Sony Playstation. (Read this review for more info) It’s gameplay was very deep and the beautiful [...]

How Sega Can Bring Sonic the Hedgehog Back To Its Glory

After my rant on How Sega All But Ruined Sonic the Hedgehog, I thought it would be most appropriate to expand on how Sega can actually transition Sonic into the next-gen consoles without making their down-slide worse. I figured the best way to go through this is to take the core elements that did work of all the past games and explain how they could be pieced together to build a new Sonic classic.  (BTW: I’ve updated this post since [...]