PDF: Official Dreamcast Magazine – Issue #1 – September 1999


September 9, 1999 (better known as 9/9/99) was the date of possibly the most successful game console launch in history. It also marked the release of what is possibly one of the best console-specific magazines to be published in the USA.

The Official Dreamcast Magazine was a slick publication that not only featured some of the most interesting design, but also had some engaging and reliable content. In addition to its fine journalism and reviews (although I still can’t
forgive them for giving Kao The Kangaroo such a gleaming review), The Official Dreamcast Magazine also had a number of quirky topics and features that matched the creativity of the Dreamcast library.

The first issue of the publication got off to an excellent start (not your typical pure-hype issue). Here are some of my favorite highlights:

  • Page 14 gives a good run-down of the healthy selection of third-party peripherals
  • Page 16 mentioned the long-rumored Zip Drive for the Dreamcast
  • Page 17 has a display of some sweet Dreamcast-inspired figurines
  • Page 18 talks about the connectivity between the Dreamcast and the Neo-Geo Pocket (precursor to the GBA-Cube connectivity)
  • Page 28 starts a feature on Sega’s arcade situation and the GameWorks location in Seattle
  • Page 38 begins a long feature that guided gamers through the Dreamcast launch. It provides recommendations and guides for both the veteran and newbie gamer. (I might have to re-publish the article in text form as it is a good reference).
  • There a number of excellent previews, but on page 58, you will find a preview of Castlevania Resurrection — a 3D Castlevania that never saw the light of day
  • Page 88 begins the Dreamcast 101 feature that covers all the basics that newbie Dreamcast owners should know. This also would make a good article to reproduce and update with new information.
  • Deeper into the magazine you will also find a in-depth review of Sonic Adventure in addition to a gameplay guide and a tour of other aspects such as the VMU Chao minigames.

Again, I was very impressed with how much quality information can be found in this first issue of The Official Dreamcast Magazine. I hope you find it enjoyable as well.

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I obtained this PDF through my #1 download source, Underground Gamer. Thanks to the original scanner!

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SegaVega says:

There’s twelve issues not counting the pre-release. I wonder how much they got done on the what would have been the next one? Is anything from it out there?

gnome says:

Excellent, I ‘ve been trying to get this for ages. Thanks a lot. Any chance of seeing coverd-disc isos?

haley says:

I have this unopened

Jhodges1123 says:

I still have this issue and the special edition (The Get-Started Issue)… Is it worth anything now adays?

racketboy says:

I actually just bought that issue a month or so ago on eBay and I think I paid a little under $10

Sleipnir says:

Could you please upload the pdf again?
The link is broken…

b33znutz says:

both links work as of today

Batman says:

PDF is down again.

Josh says:

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