PDF: Nintendo Power #1 – Jul-Aug 1988


I’m following up on the first issue of Sega Visions magazine with the first issue of the beloved Nintendo Power. I can still remember when this issue first came out. I would have just been starting the third grade and I could help but be fascinated with the infamous claymation representation of Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom.

The original Super Mario Bros was still filling our little elementary school minds and after flipping through this magazine, we were impressed yet fairly confused about this new Super Mario Bros 2 game. It seemed so different from the original game, but of course, Nintendo Power knew how to spin the remake of Doki Doki Panic into something we would all anticipate like nothing before.

In addition to the huge SMB2 preview, there is also a good walkthrough of Zelda and a ton of other Nintendo nostolgia to be found.

Enjoy Issue #1!

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I originally got this puppy from Underground Gamer, but it was originally scanned by the great team over at RetroMags


  1. Jakanden says:

    Despite the fact that is was completely cheesy, it was still as enjoyable now as when it was first released.

  2. Josh Miller says:

    This SendSpace thins is really lame.

  3. rmal says:

    Thanks racketboy! I download these at work and since I can’t email them to myself, I upload them to my webserver. You can check them out here. I’ll probably keep them there for a week or two, so you wouldn’t have to go through SendSpace.

  4. racketboy says:

    Thanks rmal
    I’ve added you as a mirror and also added it to my webserver.

    I only do the SendSpace thing because I don’t have a ton of bandwidth. The Sega Visions scan got submitted to Digg and had 100s of people downloading it. That can really add up.

  5. rmal says:

    Hey, it’s no problem. I can mirror most of them, and at this pace I can keep them up for quite a while. I don’t use the web server for much other than development and then it’s only me so I’ve got plenty of space and bandwidth.

  6. Alihes says:

    This thing about scanning and providing old gaming mags is just genius. Thanks.

  7. Scott Vieth says:

    I’d like to let you know that there’s a great site out there already which is helping to propogate scans of Nintendo Power issues and has already scanned over 100 issues in. Go check out:


    I’d love to get all of us together to combine efforts.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone else notice that the number one spot for Super Mario Bros in players forum belongs to Cliff Blizinski with a score of 9,999,950? He is the programer for gears of war. Check it out on page 99. His website confirms that he grew up in North Andover till he was 15

  9. Anonymous says:

    Technically weren’t there thinner Nintendo Powers for about 5 or 6 issues before they released this “first” issue with Mario 2 on it?

  10. G. says:

    Anon, that was the Nintendo Fun Club Newsletter. Nintendo Power replaced it.

  11. Josh Arthurs says:

    Yeah I’ll host it also, I have 100gb transfer that I don’t use.

    The link will be: http://www.jorsher.com/uploader/files/jorsher/nintendomag.zip

  12. racketboy says:

    Thanks for the additional mirror!

  13. Josh Arthurs says:

    No problem. I just checked and 8gb of transfer was used so far today, but turns out I have 500gb of transfer instead of the 100gb I thought I had.

    I only use my site for development also (which there isn’t much of going on right now) so if you’d like me to host other magazines in the future just drop me a line, jorsher at gmail.

  14. thunderleg says:

    At 13 years old his handwriting is better than mine at 28…!

  15. Zaron3d says:

    I actually have the first issue of Nintendo Power and EGM. I have NP issues 1-75.. or something like that.

  16. Toupee says:

    Yeah, I have this issue – ordered the first six issues when Nintendo Power used to actually have back issues. Was really enthralled with it. Good times.

  17. walrus12 says:

    The Final Fantasy Players Guide through that nintendo power subscription deals was AMAZING. That thing was my bible back in the day.

  18. Ed says:

    I have that one!!! And all the Nintendo Club corporate mags before it.

    Have you guys seen the Nintendo Amusement Park? It’s pretty funny:


  19. Nameless says:


  20. seanjuan says:

    Isn’t that King K Rool from DKC on the cover?

  21. earthdog says:

    thanks for this
    i lost this issue by 1990 probably
    i got this issue from my mom at 7 years old
    (easter 1988 ) glad to see it again…

  22. Justin says:

    I cant seem to get the issue to download, it says

    Invalid Quickkey. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire’s development team.

    Has the issue been taken off the site or am I a nerd.

  23. DB says:

    Damn! it says invalid quickkey!

    can you like reupload this or something? file sharing websites have limits.

  24. David says:

    Looks like the MediaFire link is down. Any chance someone can re-upload it?

  25. Lee W says:

    Hi there, Im only 15 years old so i was unable to get it when it first came out but, I saw this on eBay and i just had to have it and Im a big fan of Nintendo, so I brought it from America for $33.00 about £21.00 and I framed it and now its hanging on my wall and everytime I look at it I smile and say to myself ‘I cant believe I have issue 1’. (Abit sad, but it makes me feel good)…. =D

  26. cheese says:

    this is really cool! I read the new and the old just because im geeky

  27. cheese says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Why will it not download?! I was really looking foward to reading this!:{

  28. Me says:

    Retro mags service used to download the magazines has been shut down on the 1/19/12, since most of the magazine use the links from Megaupload, you can’t download them anymore

  29. blackzombie says:

    Remaked and smaller version of Nintendo Power #1 from retromags.com: