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My visit to Santa Cruz Boardwalk

A couple months ago, my wife and I went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for a weekend. We had a very nice time, but I especially enjoyed the arcade they had there. It was very well-kept and had games of all genres and eras. In one corner you had the classics such as Pacman, Rampage, and Dig Dug and over your shoulder you could see The King of Fighter 2003, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, and some DDR games. The place [...]

Classic NES Wireless in Action

IGN has a nice little feature showing the GBA’s new classic NES series utilizing it’s wireless capabilities. This looks to be a nice feature for classic multiplayer gaming on the go!

Sega Visions sacrifice…

So I’ve been thinking about archiving my Sega Visions collection. In case you have never heard of Sega Visions, it was basically Sega’s answer to Nintendo Power magazine. It covered all things Sega from the late 8-bit era through the announcement of the Saturn and was quite interesting. Unfortunately it was cancelled right after I got my free subscription in 1993(?). But I managed to stumble across a nice collection of back issues while shopping at my old hometown used [...]

Welcome to racketboy’s classic gaming blog

Welcome. That is all.