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First Sega Visions PDF Released

As mentioned a couple months ago, I’ve been in the middle of scanning some of my old gaming magazines. Well, there is now officially a new Magazine Section over at SegaXtreme. You can look at my first release there (Summer 1991 Sega Visions) and keep checking back for new releases.

Easy Saturn Mod Chip Installation

My fellow SegaXtremers probably know this thread well, but for any others of you that happen to stumble across my site, might not have seen this. If you are looking for an easy way to install a modchip in you Sega Saturn, look now further. My buddy, Mal, discovers a different way to accomplish this […]

Super Mario Reloaded

This has been out for a while, but I wanted to post it anyway. Paul ter Voorde put together a great Flash movie that puts Mario in a parody of The Matrix Reloaded. It’s pretty well-done and it worth the download. Here are some other links if you would like more Flash movies: Other Mario […]

Getting Good at Arcade Fighting Games

SofaKing posts this message at Ars Technica: I’m building a MAME cabinet and it’s almost complete. I’ve purchased the (supposedly) best joysticks for fighting games: Happ’s Perfect 360s. Even though I’ve almost NEVER played fighting games, I’d really like to start playing them on my new cab. However, I suck at them, BADLY. I can […]

Classic Gaming T-Shirts

Now I’m sure you’ve all seem some retro-themed gaming t-shirts, but how would you like an endless stream of pixel-laden shirts? Well, I’ve been spending the good part of my afternoon and evening today working my own designs and looking at hundreds of others at Pixel-Tees. It’s a very cool site where you can buy […]

Racketboy Needs Your Feedback

It’s been nice to hear from a few of my readers. Comments are what keep me going. So I’m hoping that those of you who are regulars and even those just stopping in could let me know what you like about the site and what you don’t. I really want this blog to be something […]

Pinball Furnature

Are you a pinball junkie? Do you need a way to squeze your pinball lovin’ into your living room? Well I just came across a place that can help your vision become a reality. Borden’s Home Amusements sells some amazing home furnature that has a pinball machine built in. Add a cocktail table like this […]

Games these days…

A newbie over at Ars Technica, Archangel Mychael, has struck a nerve with gamers with his discussion titled, “Games these days…”. Check out this interesting debate about whether games from out past were actually the better than today’s incarnations or whether we have rose-colored-glasses while looking back.

Homebrew Game & Watch Games Make Debut

As posted on Slashdot: The latest PDRoms Coding Competition has just finished. The idea was to write a homebrew Game & Watch-style freeware game for handhelds or consoles, and there were a total of 24 freely downloadable submissions. In detail, there were 10 Game Boy Advance entries, 8 GP32 entries, 3 Gameboy Color entries, 1 […]

Sega Releases USB Saturn Controller

Sega has decided to sell separately the special USB Saturn controller that it was originally going to release with the PC version of Puyo Puyo Fever. It is reported to be a white controller that will match the white Apple PCs and accesories. For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of using this […]

Magazine Archiving Update

Well things are starting to pick out steam on our effort to scan a bunch of old gaming mags. I’ve completed a couple and am waiting for Iceman2K to finish up the pages for the Magazine Archive over at SegaXtreme. After that my first two issues will be available to download. I’ve also got MountainDud […]

Would You Buy A Good, Old Game With New Graphics?

This thread at Ars Technica caught my eye. The question is would you buy a remake of your favorite classic games if they had a new graphics engine? I could think of many. However there are number of games that I would be very skeptical about going from 2D to 3D. But enhanced 3D and […]

Vintage Gaming Magazine Preservation

Some of you may have read this thread at SegaXtreme. I have already started scanning some of my old gaming magazines and we have some availible to download very soon. There are also a couple other SX members who are planning to contribute as well. We hope to start up a formal magazine archive soon. […]

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