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Sega Saturn Model 2 Swap Trick

How to perform the swap trick on a model 2 Sega Saturn By Sengoku Notes: I take NO responsibility for damage done to your Saturn by utilising the following text. Perform the swap trick at your own risk. The mentioned ‘Sega’ screen is not the animated ‘Sega Saturn’ screen, instead it is the next […]

Sega Saturn Swap Trick With PAR (Pro Action Replay) Guide

–=PAR-Swap Method=– by G Face CD-R Swap method using a Pro Action Replay (PAR) v1.0 -For those like me who are having a hard time with a Model 2 Saturn and no mod chip here is a 99% accurate way to play with a 4-in-1/5-in-1 – Pro Action Replay (PAR). –>Before you proceed: Using this […]

Burning BIN/CUE and ISO/MP3 Images with Nero

I’ve whipped up a handy tutorial for those of you that are new to burning ISO files for classic console games. For this tutorial I am using Nero Burning ROM version 6. Version 5 should work as well. I am also using the latest free version of WinRAR to extract my game files. I have […]

Classic Console Re-Release Ideas

As we all know, there has been a continuing trend of re-releasing classic games for the current systems. However, I’ve had an idea pop in my head about companies such as Sega and Nintendo re-releasing not only their older games but also the machines that originally played the classic gems. I’m sure this idea is […]

Sega Saturn Necessary 2D Experiences

I just stumbled across a great page for people that might not know much about the Saturn and what it offers in terms of 2D gaming. I can’t think of how to word it better than Cafeman does on his page, Sega Saturn Necessary 2D Experiences: “You may not have experienced the Sega Saturn much, […]

Neo-Geo Cart to CD Conversion Project

Just recently cdoty started a thread on the messageboards claiming to have started a project that will basically take ROMs from Neo-Geo AES/MVS games and converting them into Neo-Geo CD games. There is a major interest in this since The original carts are expensive and people a looking for a cheap way to play […]

Modify a Saturn to Read CD-RW Media

This guide was originally on SegaXtreme, but now I am hosting it due to future server cutbacks. It was writen by RadSil a while back. Below is instructions on how to adjust the laser in the Saturn to read CD-RW Games. It can be handy for testing out games and home development. Disclaimer: If you […]

The Essential 50 Games has concluded their lengthy coverage of what they deem to be the 50 most influencial games of all time. Overall, I believe they did an excellent job. There is a good representation of many eras from gaming history. If you are fascinated by how gaming has evolved over the years , you definately need […]

Video Game TV Commercial Archive

Well, not all of these are classic games, but I wanted to pass along this link anyway. If you have the bandwidth, these video clips of gaming commercials should keep you entertained for a while.

The History of Shining Force

Sega-16 has a exceptional article about the history of Sega’s Shining Force series. It goes into depth about various aspects of these tactical RPG games. From the article’s intro: Very few RPG series stand the test of time. Sure, a few sequels might spring up here and there over the course of a few years, […]

Saturn vs PSX Shooter Comparison

The 32-bit era was known for two classic genres, the 2D fighter and the 2D shooter. In fact, most of the people that pick up my Saturn modchips are heavlily interested in building their shooter collection. If you are interested in figuring out what the best shooters to start out or round out your game […]

Changing the Sega CD Game Region Codes

I was just looking at my page for playing imports on a Sega Saturn and figured I should fill some people in on how to change country codes on Sega CD games. Right now, you best bet is to use SCDConv (download). This utility can convert most (not all) Sega CD ISO images to a […]

Guide To Ripping Older CD-Based Games

I’ve had a number of people ask me how to rip their older games into an ISO-type format, so I’ve cobbled together some information on the topic. I personally use a piece of shareware software called CDRWin. It’s a very powerful piece of software that is very solid and has never given me problems. It […]

Neo-Geo Freak Magazine Section

NeoGeo Freak, cult Japanese magazine of the nineties that disappeared with the NeoGeo home system, is now being resurrected in a way via a section in this month’s issue of Dorimaga. The “NeoGeo Freak” section of Dorimaga has its own staff, cover and design. The first issue retraces the Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) saga, offers […]

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