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Games That Defined The Nintendo Wii

Games That Defined The Nintendo Wii

By: Prfsnl_gmr, Omerta, Flake, and Racketboy Check out the full lineup in the Defining Games Series For better or for worse, the Nintendo Wii introduced the world to motion controls in late 2006.  The Wii and its revolutionary control scheme were a roaring success, and this success, in turn, resulted in hundreds of first- and third-party releases on Nintendo’s console.  Despite the large number of releases – and the existence of dozens of “hidden gems” – not as many games actually “defined” [...]

The Best Nintendo Wii Games Under $12

The Best Nintendo Wii Games Under $12

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to update my cheap Wii games list, and it was very much out of date, so here’s the complete revision.Since Wii games are becoming more affordable, but not dirt cheap yet, I figured the $12 price point word be a good place to cover this, so I’ll list the top picks under that mark (Prices listed are an average eBay price and lowest prices for US games, including shipping.) Since retail Wii [...]

The State of Modern Rail Shooters on the Wii

Presented by Daniel Primed of The rail shooter is a genre synonymous with the arcades, synonymous because it’s where the on-rails format began with force-feedback guns, large displays and adults only red curtains. Sadly, by the time the rail shooter started to establish itself arcades were slowly dropping off the map, leaving the genre stagnant and on all but on life support. Fortunately, the Nintendo Wii, with it’s pointer functionality, has in many sense breathed new life into a [...]

The Best Nintendo Wii Games Under $20

As some of you know, my wife recently got me a Wii for my birthday, so being the cheapskate I am, I did my research of the best games for the system that won’t set me back a bunch of money.  Now, I haven’t played all of these, but I’m going mostly on critic’s reviews and word-of-mouth from gamers with similar tastes.  I figured the $20 price point word be a place to start, so I’ll list the top picks [...]

Zelda Four Swords + 5 Gamecubes + 5 TVs = Sweet Zelda Party

presented by fastbilly1 with racketboy The Idea In A Nutshell Zelda Four Swords Adventure for the Gamecube is a killer party game, but who wants to play on a GBA? We fix this issue with a killer multi-Gamecube, multi-TV setup. Nintendo Makes Legend of Zelda Multiplayer It is a fickle slope when traditionally single player series add multiplayer elements. Sometimes it works, but more often than not it feels tacked on, rushed, or are just simply bad. However in 2002, [...]

The Best High-Resolution 2D Games Yet To Be Released

Luckly for old-school gamers, there are plenty of two-dimensional games on portable gaming devices like the GBA, DS, and PSP. However, when it comes to modern home consoles like the Wii, XBox 360, and the PS3, quality 2D games are getting harder to find and often get overlooked. In this feature, I wanted to focus on the upcoming two-dimensional games that are confirmed for these modern consoles and their download services. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Platforms: XBox [...]

NiGHTS into Dreams for the Wii: Screenshots & Interview

As we draw closer to the first of April, we can’t help be feel a little uneasy when we talk about rumored sequels for cult classic games. But a number of sources have been slowly “confirming” that a new NiGHTS into Dreams game is indeed on its way for the Nintendo Wii. Portuguese games magazine, MaxiConsolas, seems to have a the most solid evidence of the game’s impending release via a full article (with yummy screenshots) and interview with Takashi [...]

Creative Hacks for Elegant Gamecube and Wii Harmony

One of the most overlooked selling features of the Nintendo Wii is its small footprint and sleek styling. Once the Virtual Console is fleshed out more, the Wii has to opportunity to make an incredible amount of games, both new and old, available without taking up much space in your entertainment center. Unfortunately, if you plan on using the wide selection of Gamecube games with a stock Wii, you will be required to significantly decrease the attractiveness of the Wii’s [...]

Neo-Geo Gaming Coming To Wii Virtual Console

Even though, it is impressive the the Wii’s Virtual Console supports every Nintendo console in addition to the Sega Genesis/Megadrive and the TurboGrafx-16, you can’t help but admit that the Virtual Console hasn’t quite lived up to its hype just yet. As I had suspected in the past, the Neo-Geo library will soon be added to the lineup to add a bit more punch. This was confirmed just recently on Nintendo’s Japanese site. According to Nintendo, support for SNK’s 2D [...]

Make Your Own Wireless NES and SNES Controllers For The Wii

When the Wii (or Revolution) was announced I was so happy to hear that the standard controller would be wireless. However, once the “Retro Controller” was displayed, I was disappointed to hear that a wire was tacked on. However, we are now aware of the project to turn authentic NES and SNES controllers into wireless retro controllers that truly give the old-school feel for those Virtual Console games. Engadet sums up the project… “[The] wireless NES controller mod for Wii [...]

Visual Comparison: NES, Virtual Console, and NES Clones

Within the last year, the options for playing classic Nintendo games has multiplied via the Wii’s Virtual Console and a small handful of NES clones now available. While all the options sound very nice on paper, Ben Kuchera from Ars Technica’s Opposable Thumbs has taken the initiative to actually try all the different retro Nintendo solutions on the same HDTV and see which ones hold up best. As Ben explains it, “I tested an original NES, the Generation NEX system, [...]

Preview of Bust-A-Move Bash on the Wii

It’s already been demonstrated numerous times that the Wii’s motion-sensing “wii-mote” can take modern game genres and make them more engaging (see the Wii’s new commercials for a demonstration), but we haven’t seen many examples of taking old-school 2D games to the next level (Metal Slug being the only one so far). Majesco, however has recently published more information about their upcoming remake of Bust-A-Move (aka Puzzle Bobble) that will take full advantage of the motion detection all while keeping [...]