The Rarest and Most Valuable N64 Games

Rare and Valuable N64 Games

Do you have a bunch of old game sitting in your closet that you’d like to trade in for a stack of cash? Or are you on the hunt for the most desirable games for your collection? In stark contrast to the Cheapest Games series, This new series of Rare and Valuable games will round up the rarest and most valuable games for a given console or handheld so you’ll know what to look for whether you are buying or selling.

Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average selling price, which is typically the going rate for the cartridge by itself. The second price is the peak selling price of recent history. These are typically games that are complete with box or possibly still sealed and new.

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Updated: Prices current as of 8/5/2010

The Expensive Imports

Bangai-O N64 Cover Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (Bangai-O): $65 – $90
Yes, before this cult classic shooter from Treasure blasted its way to the Dreamcast, it was actually a Japanese-only release for the N64. In addition to being one of the best games on the system, it was also limited to a print run of only 10,000. The N64 version of Bangai-O doesn’t show up on eBay too often (a sign of a game that is truely rare), so its hard to get accurate values.
Previous 2007 Value: $80 -$120
Check for Bangai-O on eBay
ISS 2000 Cover International Superstar Soccer 2000: $44 – $65
This PAL only release is one of the hardest to find N64 games of any region, but since its an old sports game, there isn’t a huge demand for it. Every now and then you can find the carts for under $50, but they are especially hard to find complete with box. If you find a complete copy, you can expect a much higher premium from collectors.
Previous 2007 Value: $44 -$80
Check for ISS 2000 on eBay
Sin and Punishment Cover Tsumi to Batsu Hoshi no Keishōsha
(Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Planet) $30 – $40

Much like many import-only Treasure games like Radiant Silvergun, this game isn’t especially rare in Japan, but the cult status of the game itself pushes its collectability status. Since Sin and Punishment has now been re-released on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console service, the value of the original cartridge has actually dropped about $30 over the last few years ($20 of which was in the first year).
Previous 2007 Value: $45 -$50
Check for Sin and Punishment on eBay

Treasured USA Releases

Clay Fighters Cover Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Sculptors Cut : $50 – $120
Released as a Blockbuster Video exclusive, Sculpter’s Cut did not get wide distribution and is now very hard to find. It is now regarded as possibly the rarest USA N64 release you can have in your collection in complete condition. You might be able to find some cartridges of this rare release at a semi-reasonable price, but because of the Blockbuster deal, it is especially difficult to find a boxed copy.
Previous 2007 Value: $45 – $110
Check for Clay Fighters Sculpter’s Cut on eBay
Mario Party 3 Cover Mario Party 3: $50 – $110
This last N64 installment of the Party series came out near the end of the Nintendo 64’s life in 2001 so did not sell as well:  less than 1 million units.  Two sealed copies sold in July 2010 for over $100 each.   The loose copies have also risen in value quite a bit over the last 3 years and have easily topped this list of US releases.
Previous 2007 Value: $32 – $50
Check for Mario Party 3 on eBay
Check for Mario Party 3 on
Bomberman 64 Cover Bomberman 64 The Second Attack: $50 – $89
A rare sequel to a game that didn’t sell very well to start with. Second Attack came out near the end of the Nintendo 64’s life cycle which didn’t help the sequel sell any better. Back in 2007, a boxed version of Second Attack could be scored for under $50, but a sealed copy sold on eBay for $87 in 2007.  However, in July of 2010 a simple boxed copy sold for $89
Previous 2007 Value: $30 – $87
Check for Bomberman 64 The Second Attack on eBay
Check for Bomberman 64 The Second Attack on
Conker 64 Cover Conker’s Bad Fur Day: $45 – $100
Conker is another game hurt by being released near the end of the Nintendo 64’s life. Within one year of the game’s release, the N64 was discontinued. The game was received very well critically and is praised for having the best graphics for a Nintendo 64 game. Conker is still a personal favorite to many fans.  Because of it’s exclusivity and nostolgia factor, values of this game in complete condition have jumped up quite a bit.  Multiple boxed copies have sold in the $100 range.
Previous 2007 Value: $30 – $50
Check for Conker’s Bad Fur Day on eBay
Check for Conker’s Bad Fur Day on
Starcraft 64 Cover Starcraft 64: $40 – $168
RTSs weren’t a popular genre on the N64, but the Starcraft name has made it popular along with it’s low print run.  It seems that the boosted interest in the franchise with the 2010 release of Starcraft II has also helped boost values — One boxed copy has exceeded $150, but it can often be found for less.
Previous 2007 Value: $29 – $33
Check for Starcraft 64 on eBay
Check for Starcraft 64 on
Ogre Battle 64 Cover Ogre Battle 64: $40 – $105
Atlus’s is notorious for small production runs and Ogre Battle was no exception. It is also one of the only RPG’s for N64 and critically acclaimed so there is quite a bit of demand for the game. Typically, you can score this game for under $50, but there was recently a sealed copy that reached the $100 point.
Previous 2007 Value: $40 – $105
Check for Ogre Battle 64 on eBay
Check for Ogre Battle 64 on
Worms Armegeddon Cover Worms Armageddon: $47 – $75
Even though the Worms franchise is quite popular on the PC, the N64 version didn’t get much attention when released. Years later, it is one of the hardest games to find and is still fun.   Back in 2007, this port actually topped the N64 value list, but has since dropped in value considerably without much of an explanation.
Previous 2007 Value: $55 – $120
Check for Worms Armageddon on eBay
Check for Worms Armageddon on
Super Smash Bros Cover Super Smash Bros.: $40 – $69
2.92 million units sold in the US so the game isn’t rare, but is very popular.  Some people might think that people would move on from the original game and focus on the newer installements, but from the rising values of the N64 cart, it seems that newer installements just fuel demand for the original.   Boxed copies are especially in demand as it’s a cornerstone of an N64 collection.
Previous 2007 Value: $30 – $43
Check for Super Smash Bros on eBay
Check for Super Smash Bros on
Harvest Moon 64 Cover Harvest Moon 64: $30 – $60
A very niche game that was not produced in large quantities, but has a bit of a cult following. One of the hardest Nintendo 64 games to find.
Previous 2007 Value: $38 – $80
Check for Harvest Moon 64 on eBay
Check for Harvest Moon 64 on
Mario Party 2 Cover Mario Party 2: $35 – $60
Even though the series has gotten a bad rap in recent years, the demand for the original N64 installements has been on the rise.  While not as rare as the late release of Mario Party 3, Mario Part 2 is still quite popular as popular as even loose catridges can sell for a hefty amount.
Previous 2007 Value: $25 – $33
Check for Mario Party 2 on eBay
Check for Mario Party 2 on
Ocarina of Time Cover Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – $25  – $200
Ocarina of Time is actually one of the biggest-selling titles on the N64, so it is in no way rare, but much like Final Fantasy VII on the PS1 list, complete copies in good condition can demand quite a premium to collectors.
Previous 2007 Value: $20 – $45
Check for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on eBay
Check for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timeon
Mario Kart 64 Cover Mario Kart 64:  $28 – $78
Again, Mario Kart 64 is quite abundant, but it’s such a classic and nostolgic title, it’s hard for casual collectors to pass up.  Loose cartridges stay strong as it’s a go-to title for the platform and complete copies are near the top of collector’s lists.
Previous 2007 Value: $26 – $34
Check for Mario Kart 64 on eBay
Check for Mario Kart 64 on
Paper Mario Cover Paper Mario: $27 – $60
While it doesn’t have the mainstream following of a Smash Bros or Mario Kart, Paper Mario is still popular among Nintendo fans that like to dabble in RPGs.   It also doesn’t have quite the print run of the larger titles, so there is a bit more scarcity to put up with when tracking down a complete game in good condition.  Considering these circumstanced, I’m surprised that the values haven’t been pushed up more (although complete copies have just about doubled in value over the last 3 years).
Previous 2007 Value: $15 – $29
Check for Paper Mario on eBay
Check for Paper Mario on
Majora's Mask Cover Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – $20 – $125
While it is a Zelda game, the mainstream audience didn’t enjoy Majora’s Mask nearly as much as Ocarina of Time.  Bare carts can be found for reasonable prices, but the fact that it is a Zelda game keeps mint boxed and sealed copies hovering around the $100 point.
Previous 2007 Value: $15 – $35
Check for Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on eBay
Check for Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on
Mario Party Cover Mario Party: $25 – $50
And rounding out this top 15 list is the original Mario Party.  Not quite as rare and popular as the other installements, but enough N64-lovers are fans of the series to keep this carts in heavy circulation.  Box copies have been surging in value along with the other big names on the platform.
Previous 2007 Value: $25 – $33
Check for Mario Party on eBay
Check for Mario Party on

Additional N64 Games of Value

  • Castlevania Legacy of Darkness: $27 – $40
  • Dr. Mario: $24 – $50
  • Donkey Kong 64 – $20 – $100
  • Banjo-Tooie: $21 – $108
  • Super Mario 64: $20 – $85
  • Snowboard Kids: $20 – $30
  • Space Station Silicon Valley: $18 – $25
  • Ms. Pacman Maze Madness: $19 – $25
  • Beast Wars Transmetals: $20 – $23
  • Resident Evil 2: $15 – $40
  • Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine: $17 – $26
  • Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon: $13 – $31


  1. StarsCream says:

    Ironic or wink/nod that you called it rare &valuable “Treasure”s…. nudge nudge 😉 .

  2. racketboy says:

    Actually, that wasn’t the original intention, but it will be a common theme in the series 🙂

  3. All Hail The New Flesh says:

    heh, awesome, I am lucky that I got Conker for $15!

  4. sir jorge says:

    What in the world? rare n64 games? This is going to be in my top 5 posts this weekend for sure!

  5. RadarScope1 says:

    Holy hell, I think that is the first time I have ever seen the original Smash Bros box art. What happened? Did the regular artists go on vacation that week? It’s terrible!

  6. tankexmortis says:

    I had thought that Dezaemon 3D would make it into this list, but I guess not. Also odd to see so many games that I or friends of mine had.

  7. dudex77 says:

    You’re forgetting animal forest in Japan. Radarscope, I like the original art and thought it added to the goofiness of the game in the same way the commercial did. The artwork continues into the manual as well.

  8. Espio 1919 says:

    Worms Armageddon is one of the rarest N64 games?! Man, I owned that when I was a kid but sold it after my old N64 got stolen in 2002. I can’t believe it! I had a complete copy and everything!

  9. ariel says:

    sin & punishments drop in value saddens me

  10. claudio says:

    i found a copy of International Superstar Soccer at gamestop last year when they were clearing everything out.

    it wasnt in the system, so they had it marked as .99 cents/other. it was at 85% off, plus tax, so 20 cents wasnt a bad deal for me, lol.

    cartridge only but works for me.

  11. It says that Starcraft is the only RTS on the N64. Isn’t there a Command & Conquer game too?

    Anyway, great article.

  12. racketboy says:

    Dezaemon 3D hasn’t been selling for much. More than most domestic games, but I didn’t want to make the import list too long. There is actually a copy of for bidding right now for less than $10.

    I’m not sure how much Animal Forest has been selling for…

    And, yes there was a C&C game, so I’ll correct the wording above — thanks!

  13. Caleb says:

    Wow! I can’t believe it!

    I have a bunch of these games with manuals!

    Wow. I am glad that I bought that lot of games on craigslist!

    I had no idea Conker was going for so much. I am happy I got my copy!

    N64 stuff must have been very popular in Northern NY because it’s easier to find that anything else up here.

    Thanks for posting this!

  14. dudex77 says:

    Conker is worth quite some money no matter where you get it from not because it’s rare or anything but it’s such a popular game.

  15. Gamerforlife says:

    Conker is not worth much money at all. It’s no more pricey than any new release you’d pick up at Gamestop, and it’s quite common.

    Sin and Punishment is pretty easily acquired too, and not at all expensive.

    They ARE fantastic games though, but no real collectible value to them whatsoever

  16. racketboy says:

    Well, the list was organized by average sale price.
    And collectability is subject to the collector 🙂

  17. Adam says:

    Mario Kart 64: $26 – $34? Super Mario 64: $20 – $25? I think I’d rather keep them and play them myself. Those are some classic titles that no gamer should ever part with.

  18. THe Triscut says:

    hey I have 8 of those, but I don’t have the two most expensive ones, you should see some of the snes game prices, earthbound and harvest moon with the box and stuff are over $150 at least.

  19. Nick says:

    Glad I bought Sculptor’s Cut way back then for $10 used 🙂 still in pretty good condition too

  20. I’m very disappointed that Ogre Battle 64 and Harvest Moon didn’t get PAL releases. They looked like great titles back in the day.

    Years ago I bought Conkers BFD in great condition new for about $15. So its good to see it reach such a high price. 😉

  21. Kyle G says:

    Just a simple FYI on the Smash Bros. comment, the new version for the Wii will not be coming out until March 2008, it has been delayed again! This was just announced, so you weren’t wrong to begin with, just wrong now that the times have changed.

    Take care!!

  22. Brendon says:

    I sure hope you guys move down the console evolutionary ladder. I’d love to see ColecoVision, Commodore 64, Intellivision, and maybe even some MicroVision rarities!

  23. Charles says:

    Nice. I bought Worms Armageddon at Circuit City for 99 cents in 2001 or so. 🙂

  24. mark richardson says:

    ohh i have a few of those rare carts, along with a few more that i think are quite rare too mind you i live in the uk so its prob a diff state of affairs over here!

  25. d says:

    Sin and Punishment is the best N64 game.
    The most underrated n64 game and the n64 game with the best music. But, the music doesn’t fit the action well, not at all actually. But on it’s own the music is the best. Great stuff. Get the vc version, or buy the n64 version or emulate. If you have not tried this game you are losing out

  26. xsmasher says:

    GameCube games are going to start falling into the rare category soon – Ikaruga is going for over $40, and the price for NCAA College Basketball 2K3 is ridiculous:

  27. koolthang says:

    WTF where’s WWF No Mercy? That game’s insanely hard to find due to it’s popularity because of it’s reputation of being the best wrestling game ever, plus a game with bleeding graphics still intact is even rarer (it was removed after controversy)….i’m waiting for the n00b and “wrestling is gay comments”, but still, that’s just my two cents…

  28. Xavier says:

    Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (Import) should make this list.

  29. Jet Pilot says:

    Where did you get your information?

    Why do some of the games that appear on the “The Rarest and Most Valuable N64 Games” list ALSO appear on the “The Cheapest Nintendo 64 Games Worth Your Time” list?

    Super Mario 64
    Super Mario Kart
    Super Smash Bros

    Those three games appear on BOTH lists. Makes the rest of the information suspect.

  30. Steve says:

    I own NCAA Basketball 2K3 for GC…my jaw hit the floor when I read the price on Amazon!!!

  31. racketboy says:

    Jet Pilot, the cheapest N64 list was compiled nearly a year ago. For some reason, the prices on those games really jumped since then. I’ve removed them from the cheap list, but we stand by the numbers presented in this piece.

  32. Steven Hipkiss says:

    I got Mario 64, Goldeneye and two Zelda games. Are they rare? Are they worth much? I’m thinking about 30 dollars each. maybe 100 dollars for all four.

  33. racketboy says:

    You’d be lucky to get $10 each for Zelda or Goldeneye…

  34. Mcr500 says:

    HOlY Hell i own a ton of these games i have about $200 worth in games I nearly Craped myself:)

  35. Arby says:

    I think the low-end prices are way off if you think a cartridge with no box can fetch those. It’s with a box you get good prices.

  36. YummY! says:

    When hubby decided to buy Mario Party 3 he had a hard time finding it at a reasonable price. Now I guess we know why. We finally found it used for $25 and its one of our least favorite mario party games to date.

  37. goat spade5 says:

    I have donkey kong64 and turok dinosuar hunter. How much would those two sell for?

  38. goat spade5 says:

    By the way, turok has everything it came with but donkey kong has only the cartridge.

  39. Caleb says:


    I just looked through my collection and I found I DID have a mint condition Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Sculptors Cut!

    For some reason I thought it was another title.

  40. Chris says:

    I am still punching myself for trading my cart only Harvest Moon N64 for a green GBC last year…

  41. MATILDA says:




  42. Graeme says:

    Yay! I owe starcraft! but what about Reisdent evil 2? thats an expensive game. But clayfighter sculpters cut? i see that all the time!

  43. racketboy says:

    Graeme, You sure it’s scultpers cut and not just the regular 63 1/3?

  44. racketboy says:

    Here’s some more somebody mentioned on DigitalPress:
    JPN – Perfect Dark S.E. (big box that contains the game and 4mb ram pak) ~110$ – rare
    JPN – Mario Kart S.E. (Big box with two tone controller) 45-60$
    JPN – Neon Genesis Evangelion – 55-65$
    JPN – Mario no Photopi – 40-50$ (price has fallen over the past year from 60$

  45. FalloutBR says:

    I’m surprised to see Clay Fighter 63 1/3 on the list… not only because I think it’s a terrible game, but also because it’s very common here in Brazil, where I live. Though it’s not a Blockbuster release like in the US, a boxed copy with a manual usually sells for around R$30 Reals, roughly US$18 dollars.

  46. J says:

    One Gem you´ve forgotten-:

    Resident Evil 2 (N64)!

    Fetches by EBay UK(in Germany really rare(on the “Index”-not sold on Ebay and extremley difficcult to buy!) and i stupid Idiot SOLD IT!) about 75 POUNDS!(about 120 $!)

    Rare also is Duke Nukem zero hour!

  47. Chris Bazela says:

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Do you have the ultra rarest video game ever
    manufactured ever can’t get any rarer ever
    of all-time ever.
    Let me know either way this time don’t forget.
    Still sealed in original box.
    I’d prefer the very first one ever manufactured
    ever of all-time ever.
    Do not forget to get back to me this time at all.
    Answer me back this time just get back to me sooner
    than humanly possible even sooner than that
    can’t get any sooner at all. Just send it when you
    Do you accept checks because that’s the only way
    that I’ll be paying and noother way at all.
    Send me the most accurate and correct address and
    exact address of where to send for this video game
    if you have it exactly like I want it and noother
    way at all.
    If you have this video game exactly like I want and
    noother way at all I’ll take it reserve it for me
    and only me and nobody else at all but me at all.

    Name Mr. Christian Bazela
    15 Thomas Lane
    Gilbertsville, PA 19525-9150 USA

  48. Glenn says:

    Some good deals on this list. Most of these games don’t go for much over their initial retail value or if that.

  49. Joseph says:

    You might want to fix that ISS2000 was released on NTSC and that is the rare one, not the PAL one.

    I was lucky to pick up a ISS2000 NTSC CIB mint for $10. They are now worth $200.

  50. bryan says:

    i got 30 games for free 14 of them are on that list…

  51. Tyler says:

    My friend has Worms, I should buy his. I don’t have an N64, and I don’r plan to get one (most of the games I can get on other consoles, and I hate the controller), but if I see a cheap one that’ll be good.

  52. lalo says:

    how much is doom2 is i have super smash bros i cant belieave its $30-43$

  53. B.O.M. says:

    I paid 80 dollars for Bangai O recently. It was worth every penny =D

  54. Yassine Nouah says:

    I honestly think they are under rating Paper Mario!!

  55. Derek says:

    i’m trying to find some answers about these two n64 controllers i own called “rock bit 64” i dont belive they were sold in stores and i was too young to remember how exactly i got them. has anyone ever heard of them?

  56. Retro Fix says:

    You are missing the last game released for the 64, surprisingly it is very common on other systems. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4, there were roughly around 400 copies produced. I have never even seen one and rarely will you find any info on it on the known web.

  57. matt says:

    best N64 game ever!!! is definitly goldeneye i mean best n64 game and 1st person shoter game ever

  58. Colin says:

    So, I just recently bought the PAL version of ISS Soccer 2000, complete with box and manual, all of which are in good condition.

    I’m wondering if this PAL release is still of substantial value since it’s not the NTSC version, which to my understanding is quite possibly the most rare NTSC N64 game out there?

    Can anyone run me an estimate on the Complete PAL version?

    Any insight is much appreciated.

  59. Sam says:

    I still have Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon.

  60. JAck maRTin says:

    dog u should have pokemon stadium up there

  61. JAck maRTin says:

    ok pkemon stadium 2 or sumthing like that but i understand wat u saying golden eye is a beast game but i think pokemon stadium 2 is better then dat on sum real. Cause u cant beat pokemon stadium so u can continue to play that 4 ever and knowing yall who play golden eye beat it in a week or so but it takes days to beat 2 gym leaders and its like 20 or 30 gym leaders so u will be playing for sum s*** thats y its better than sum games thats up there

  62. har13y says:

    paper mario is very rare on e-bay they like 80 bucks

  63. dufoot says:

    man, i guess that you should have Hydro Thunder over there…
    well, at least i guess that is a hard game to find. 🙂

  64. testyoumite says:

    JACKPOT! i just bought a nintendo 64 console with 4 games and a controller. And all 4 games are up there. And i only paid 40 for it. Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 64, And Super Mario 64. And i was not gonna buy it too. Ha

  65. Daniel Bell says:

    there are countless ISS2000 games on ebay for nothing?… wats up with that?

  66. Rudy says:

    “sin & punishments drop in value saddens me”

    A 12 dollar version for Wii that I can experience doesn’t sadden me.

  67. noobasaurus253 says:

    Damnit! I had played Mario Party 3 before and never bought it. D:

  68. L says:

    how is legend of zelda not up there?
    OoT was THE best game ever!!

  69. Marco says:

    i have Zelda Ocarina of Time – special edition… the golden cartridge. I thought it was really rare haha

  70. Samurai Sam says:

    I got Sculptor’s Cut on eBay a few years ago (cart only) for a pretty low price. I’m glad I got it then and not now!

  71. Kane says:

    i hav wwf no mercy, 007 world is not enough, 007 goldeneye, pokemon stadium and super mario 64 in an old box upstairs that never got thrown away! All the manuals but sadly no origional boxes… can anyone tell me the value of donkey kong 64, war gods, mission impossible and wrestlemania 2000 plz. cheers

  72. Eax says:


    None of those games are worth much at all. You might be able to get $15 for all of them.

  73. Silver says:

    wow. i have all the mario partys and super mario 64. that alot of maoney.

  74. jim says:

    does anyone know where to find the exact retail price of n64 games when the FIRST came out years ago, in canadian and american dollars?

  75. Kurono says:

    Hi dudes!!, I have a copy of the famous Ogre Battle, it cost me (in Guatemala) an equivalent of US$50.00 (year 2003), I love the game, I bought with sealed box and manual, and the store had a copy wihout box, I really want the unbox’s cartige but i didn’t have enough money!!!!

    anyway, In my coutry (Guatemala) you can find a lot of value games if you search in streets markets, electronic stores or videogames stores, BUT its very difficult you find them in very good condition, and there is a lot of risks (very difficult to came to the store, theafts, damage games), so if you will visit muy country, you can find very interesting games not so expensive, but stay alert!!!

  76. XGOUKI says:

    rare n64 game = daikatana
    I don’t think its one that ppl really want to play though

  77. Scott says:


    I have a few games on this list like Mario 64 and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I have a pretty good condition cart of Sculptor’s Cut too. Got it for 10 bucks at a flea market and am probably gonna sell it. How much do you guys think I can get for it?

  78. Cobe says:

    I got 2 Worms arrmageddon games. My brother and I each got one for christmas one year. I loved it but my brother didnt. He wasnt that much of a gamer. A couple of years ago he gave me all his video game stuff. His worms was still factory sealed along with some other gems as starcraft and harvest moon both for 64 and a mint copy of final fantasy 7 for the ps1 and a gold cartrige zelda for nes in box (no paperwork though). These all made nice additions to my room of doom. Thanks Bro!

  79. bart says:

    I had clayfighters the box and everything oh damn i shoulda never sold it.

  80. I got Mario Kart 64 pretty cheap when I bought my N64 ^_^ I also have Smash Bros. I’m kicking myself for selling Mario Party.

  81. Oveneise says:

    Hey You, Pikachu! is the rarest game alive. No rapist has even come CLOSE to getting their hands on the game.

  82. N^$64monster says:

    i got an N64, 15 games and 4 controlers all for 15$ at a garage sale.

  83. elmo says:

    hey what about magic sword

  84. alex says:

    WOW I’m surprised Snowboard Kids 2 didnt make the rarity list that game is still worth money

  85. Bobby says:

    Im still looking for a copy of turok rage wars without the glitch

  86. Cameron says:

    I Hope HM64 Is Worth The Amount Without The Box,Etc. Since I Have 2 Copies Without The Box,Etc.

  87. Jmiles says:

    Sooooo,Mario Kart 64: $26 – $34, Mario Party 2: $25 – $33, Mario Party: $25 – $33, Dr. Mario: $24 – $50,Super Mario 64: $20 – $25 and Mario Party 3: $32 – $50 is rare huh…….? lol HOLY CRAP!

  88. bobdicklett says:

    at one time i had every nintendo 64 game worth owning. But over the years, they have been misplaced or stolen or something. I had 60 something games.

    and dude, the other day I took one of my extra 64’s into a game store to see how much i could get for it now days, and for one offical controler, the system it’s self, a copy of super mario 64, and a copy of glover. they only offered me 15$ in store credit… i was like, yeahh… no. i will never sell something this legit for 15 dollars.

    why do people want to rip other people off?
    its probably a better idea not to sell it anyways.

  89. Werty says:

    I have 007 golden Eye and printed on the front is “not for resale” and then on the back is a sticker that say it is a demo cartridge. What is up with this?

  90. Caztro72 says:

    Funny that the Clay Fighters from Blockbuster (SNES version and N64 version) always seem to end up rare!

  91. Jamesmallow says:

    Funny that the Clay Fighters (63 1/3) were critically panned in N64 magazine(i have 1 issue with that in the review database).How are they worth so much?

  92. Super Smash Bros. Fan says:

    I checked through the entire Rare and Valueable series and I’m surprised to find that so many games I want are rare and expensive (Yes, I actually want to play them).

    Especially the Nintendo 64.

    @Retro Fix: There was actually a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 for the Nintendo 64? Proof please.

  93. ivan says:

    Lol i got starcraft 64 and 3 cartriges of super smash bros and i also got mario kart 64 and i had conker but i lost it and i got 3 n64 8 controllers and 40 games o.0 they all still work

  94. fatjack421 says:

    WTF is wrong with you! Zelda: ocarina of time gold cart is the rarest n64 cart! good thing i have one!

  95. Joshua says:

    Wow I do not really see the point in buying these games if ur not a hardcore collector. Most of these games can be played on computer emulators. If u feel like playing them in a legitamite way you can soon get allot of these games on the virtual console on the wii.

  96. Chris says:

    Yea I just bought back an N64, and it is ridiculously priced because of collectors and reselling on ebay. Honestly I have been outbidded three times by the same people who sold the console the week before. They just swap the games up and resell the same console again. For some reason if a game says Mario or Zelda, whether or not it is good, it will sell for 20 bucks at the least on ebay. Like Mario golf, horrible game, sold with system last week for $60. The systems are not worth the price they are selling for, just people jack up prices so normal college kids buying back their childhood have to pay original prices for out dated systems.

  97. Ksmacker says:

    I personally loved winback; haven’t seen it anywheres in a long time. It was a great single player game and multiplayer wasnt too bad either as far as the 64 goes.

  98. Bear says:

    What the hell is SM64 doing on there?

  99. Hatta says:

    What amazes me is how good these games are. Games like Air Raid (2600) or Stadium Events (NES), honestly kind of suck. But they command high prices. These games don’t cost quite as much as those rarities, but they are far and away much better games. Except maybe for Clay Fighters.

  100. Lithium017 says:

    @ Chris
    The Nintendo 64 came out around $180 or so, so this is not the original prices, however, I agree with you that they are too high in price. If it is the standard black console they sell for $20 with a controller and should be no higher.

    @ Racketboy
    Would you consider doing a list of the consoles for the Nintendo 64? I know of the 6 funtastics, the standard black, the 3 pokemon consoles, Daiei Hawks, Justco clear black/white, clear red/white, clear blue/white…I dont think there are any others so 14 in total or so.

  101. racketboy says:

    I am actually hoping to do a list of rare/valuable consoles some time. Not sure on how it will be laid out just yet.

  102. lithium017 says:

    Cool! Thanks! I nearly have all of the N64 ones but many people do not know how many there are. I believe N64 has the most 😛
    And there are 15 N64 consoles…I somehow forgot the gold one!

  103. sinistergamez says:

    So i have a couple of these games just wondering how much they are worth.Have Starcraft Bad Fur Day Zelda and Majora’s Mask no boxs tho are they still worth something?

  104. The ultimate gamer says:

    YAY!! I have mario party3 and super mario64!!!!

  105. Leon says:

    Hi, Does anyone have any info on a Nintendo game Masters ’98.
    On the cartridge it reads Masters Augusta USA Masters ’98.
    company T&E soft. Also has Japanese write on back of game.
    I saw this same game on Ebay for $500.00 NIB

  106. aceofbass21337 says:

    Great list and good update. I own almost all, except, International Soccer, Bomberman 2, Mario Party 3, and Worms

  107. Egamer says:

    Unfortunately, a lot of these games have not aged very well at all. I recently bought a small collection and was pretty disappointed with the quality of the graphics and gameplay on titles like Hybrid Heaven, Diddy Kong Racing, and Turok. The nostalgia factor is definitely there, but on the whole, definitely not the greatest retro system (and yes, I realize that games like Ocarina, SM, and Goldeneye are ultra classics and are still amazing today).

  108. Pete says:

    Those prices are way off.

  109. Anonymus says:

    International Superstar Soccer wasn’t a PAL only release, in fact the PAL version is quite common compared to the NTSC one.

  110. Egan says:

    i have mariokart 64, banjo tooie, banjo kazooie, clayfighter 63 and a bunch of other games and only paid like 5$ or less when nintendo 64 came out

  111. James says:

    The thing about these games is the best ones will always hold their value, the games in that list there prove that. Although I would really love to see what all the fuss is about with CBFD! Still picked up a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for £8 last week, mint! Lovely Jubly 🙂

  112. Nick says:

    i have a copy of clay fighters sculptors cut with no box or manual i was wondering what they would go for or if anyone here had one they were willing to sell

  113. Nick says:


  114. James says:

    I’d just like to add that I’ve got all the Zelda games,as well as the original Castlevania game and the Legacy of Darkness,Banjo Kazooie,as well as other classic titles like…..
    Star Wars Episode 1:Racer, 1080 Snowboarding,Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, etc.
    They ALL have their own boxes (with instructions,etc.) and are in very good condition.
    Although I wouldn’t swap any of them for anything.

  115. andrew says:

    i have every one of the n64 games i cant beleive it.

  116. WARIO says:


  117. batman says:

    @racket boy not too long ago i bought a 64 with about 5 games for 15$ I was looking through it and i have a zelda majora’s mask but it was gray and says not for resale on it. I have only seen gold ones, how much do you think its worth or if its more valuable then the others.

  118. Alexander says:

    Batman I would offer you $175 for it.

  119. kyle says:

    I just picked up a sweet N64 collection of 40 games at an yardsale for $20 and most of those games on the list showed up.

  120. Believe it or believe it not !!! I have in my possession EVERY N64 Game plus all hadware that includes the 64DD incl. all software, 50% of all Japanese games and that includes multiple copies of the rare games too. The same is to be said for the Gamecube, got the lot incl. the Panasonicq with Gamegboy player. Way too much to list, can’t remember alot of it myself ????
    What’s that lot worth ?? Anyone ???

  121. Cyan_phoenix says:

    I am still looking for a CIB copy of Stuntracer, Beast Wars and Bomberman Second Attack on ebay. If anyone here has any of these titles CIB, then put it up on ebay and open the listing to INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS!!!!

    It is so hard to get these games, especially since when these games are on ebay, they are not open to international bidders 🙁

  122. crowther says:

    Majoras Mask Limited Adventure Set would be worth, and to see to see if any Zelda fans would be intersted in buying it

    its number 589 and is in general good condition, the game box has signs of use and has big box has small tears on the cardboard hinges. im more then happy to email detailed photos

    Im reluctant to put it on ebay because of the fees charged and thought it might get overlooked or missed by collectors

    if anyone has advice or opinions please reply on here or email me at

    apoligies to the mods if ive posted in the wrong forum

  123. Shoboni says:

    I actually got a loose Castlevania: LoD cart for $1 in a junk shop the other day:b

  124. mikee says:

    how much is excitebike 64 worth!?!?!?!!

  125. curt says:

    I bought bad fur day about 6 years ago from my friend for 2$ LOL its in awesome condition,but has a stricker on it i sold it for 50$ on amazon!

  126. found any cheats for MicroVolts? I was checking and it isn’t. I found a couple sites, but the one that appeared was, have you had any experience using these? anyone know if really work or fake just ? I’m considering giving in and testing them provide a free demo, think I should?

  127. Rocnik says:

    I actually have the two Zelda titles up there along with MarioKart 64 and DonkeyKong 64. The funny thing is when I was younger back when the N64 was popular I actually caught my mom playing Mario Kart 64 late at night. I actually played with her too after I caught her. It was funny because my mom isn’t a gamer. I mean yes she play the Atari 2600 back when she was young and we still have my mom’s old Atari 2600. We actually have SwordQuest: Earthworld.

  128. joe green says:

    i bought my conker right when it came out and i still have it………awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. KD35 says:

    I have a gray cart of ocarina of time which has manual or box, and same with dk64 an Mario party, what do you think individual prices would be on these? Oh and Mario party is missing most of the paper on the front

  130. KD35 says:

    I meant to say no manual or box on any of those

  131. Kid N says:

    How much would a copy of zelda OOT go for with just the instruction Manuel?

  132. Fluster says:

    The only games I got on this list is conker’s bad fur day & Zelda ocarina of time.

  133. richardg says:

    so glad i bought the clay fighters sculptors edition at blockbuster for 2.99 in the bargain bin haha BELLY LAUNCHER.

  134. Patrick BBE says:

    Mario Party 3? I got that for only $12 at my local game store.

  135. Storm says:

    Banjo and Tooie made the list, but not Banjo and Kazooie? Wut??

  136. xSai says:

    So glad I’ve kept all of my N64 games and they all still work perfectly because I have 8 of these XD
    Mario Party, Mario Party 2, Mario Party 3, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario 64 and Snowboard Kids

  137. Jaimecjr86 says:

    Everybody If U Want To See A Real Collection See My Most Reacent Video

  138. Dan says:

    I have come across a brand new copy of Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64. It was packaged in a transparent plastic hard shell that not only has the million sellers game on the top of the package, but also has the official Nintendo Power strategy guide; a combo package, if you will. I have searched the internet and cannot find any other match that has been packaged in this way. I was hoping you could help shed light on its rarity and value. Thanks

  139. Jami says:

    I have plenty of 64 games but every where I look they say some thing else, I was wondering how much the banjo and kazooie game go for, the same as pokemon stadium number one

  140. Ace says:

    Ok So someone said Resident Evil 2 is rare…well In Australia it was only released for rental in Blockbuster so if that doesn’t say something I don’t know what will.
    Plus Someone said Snowboard kids 2 is rare…and a guy I know sold a copy for $130Au so what does that say to you?

  141. Reynolds says:

    I have 4 of those games!

  142. Thinkindependent says:

    After cleaning out my closet at my parents house and finding some old systems, I’ve started getting into playing old video games. Sadly most of my N64 stuff was lost or misplaced so I’m pretty much starting from scratch. Luckily some good things can still be found at Goodwill. I just stopped by today to kill some time and I saw 15 N64 games sitting loose on some shelves for $3 a piece. Some of those games were the games in this list like Mario party 2 & 3, Star Craft, Banjo-Tooie, Mario Cart, Conker and Donkey Kong. Got all these games plus a few more for $45, not bad I’d say.

  143. dylboy1800 says:

    i have super smash bros boxed

  144. Ginlol says:

    I bought a Nintendo 64 with 10 games: Fifa 98, Star Fox, Smash bros, Mario Tennis, WWC Nitro, Mario Kart, Zelda Ocarina, Tony Hawk, Perfect Dark and Mario Kart another just for $ 38, F*ck yea!

  145. snowboardkids 2 – pal version. AUS release only. i finally got it after 3 years 🙂

  146. pinkbeekeeper says:

    ADD Zelda Majora’s Mask “Not for Resale.” Just sold on Ebay for $735.50 on July 17, 2012. Auction number is 261067434917. It was just the game and in good shape. The cart is a grey versus the gold commercial one. The “Not for Resale” label is under the games name.

  147. except for ogre battle, these aren’t all to rare AND good. Body Harvest is missing! The first 3D grand theft auto before gta1 even came out and before rockstar moved to playstation. Being able to mount many weapons on over 60 vehicles and fight shit across 5 full cities was never matched in the n64 days. It is one game I won’t lego of to easy! Also Rush 2049, not as rare, but still one of the n64 kings

  148. RetroVision says:

    Awesome, article and awesome website! I just found Bomberman The Second Attack for 25 Cents at a garage sale CIB in perfect shape. Guy had 27 N64 games CIB for 25 cents each. Also snagged Zelda Collectors edition for same price.

  149. Mike says:

    International Soccer 2000 is super cheep where i live. Sweden, i can easily get one for about 10 dollars complete in box.

  150. Cody says:

    lol… i game my N64, dreamcast, and gamecube away to relatives years ago and i had all the sonic games, all the mario games, all the zelda games. son of a ***** lol

  151. Dave says:

    International Soccer 2000 is not rare @ all, especially the PAL version…I’ve seen sealed copies in my local game shop….the game was popular but really undesirable now. What about Superman and chameleon twist 1 or 2 factory sealed in PAL? :cuddle

  152. Joe says:

    Sell your rare games and buy rifles before the government bans them!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Ben says:

    I bought a box of video games at a yard sale last year for $10. It had an n64, sega genesis and multiple games for each. Conker’s Big Fur Day was in it. I played it and thought it was the stupidest game in the world, now i see it’s worth a lot of money. Sweet!

  154. Skeletorn says:

    I not read all post but in list missing PAL version of Fighting Force 64 PAL version – is very rare, NTSC version is not rare, i have PAL and i buy only one piece who was for sale, but it exist cca 5-7 N64 titles that is even more rare than FF64. Of course, i have both N64 Zelda, both Castlevania and many more. But i need to talk one thing – DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO ONLY CRITICIZE THIS GAMES !!! Before i play it, i see AVGN review and review of many people that imitating Nerd(like JonTron – sorry man but your review angry me…) who have mounth full of f**k and other words but not give any reliable informations – but that is words of people who not understand to this two games. I like AVGN, but i not like if throw shit on games that is not as bad, yes i understand that Castlevania 64 is not for all people but is not bad is good game ! By the way on youtube is video from “Nerd musician” Mike Matei who thanking in James name to one of more users that create video that disproved fake infos from James(Nerd) Castlevania 64 review.
    Castlevania 64 is very good game only with few trubles with camera and Castlevania Legacy of Darkness is amazing game ! And is not the same game only without bugs – its similary but it have many diferences.
    I looking for reviewer that give good information about this game(s) and IMHO this one is best:

    And what is your opinion both Castlevania games for Nintendo 64 ?

    Bye, and support N64 !

  155. tha beast says:

    i got conker for 4$ at a pawn shop

  156. lindz says:

    I wish..cheapest I’ve found conkers is $150

  157. Suzie says:

    Does anyone know what is the value of a gold cartridge N64 game called the Golden Nugget. Just curious. Thanks

  158. Jimmy says:

    I got 4 factory sealed nintendo 64 games. Europe Version.

    Turok 3
    Vigilante8 2nd offence
    shadow man

    any know the value?

  159. Joe says:

    What about Turok Rage Wars Grey version you get when you sent your original copy back to the company due to having a glitch on co-op play. This game goes for the least of $100 on ebay.

  160. Craig says:

    Bassmasters(grey) rarest of any 64 cart!!! Aidyn Chronicals(gray) probably second.

  161. jake balcerzak says:

    I won conkers on ebay for $110 cib can’t complain but fuck me its expensive for a game 10 years old

  162. graham says:

    Gamer for life.

    your kidding right??
    Conker a Pal version doesnt go for any less than $200 and thats just a cartridge.Theres Currently a bid boxed for $255.Cheap hey.

    Donkey Kong Country on 64 and snes is getting up there now,I was lucky enough to win a boxed copy for $96,thats the cheapest i seen.

    Kirby crystal shards is by far the most sort after game on 64 i have seen boxed.A copy went for $755 a few weeks ago.

  163. Jabobson says:

    What about the Gauntlet Legends with the special mini pewter warrior figure? That usually sells for big money as a complete CIB with the little statue. I own the set minus the peter figure (unfortunately) and could probably get $50+ Great list thought!

  164. Andrea Salinas says:

    I have a a super smash bros game for sell for 60 dollars in fair condition. Live in oakcliff area in dallas if intrested contact at my email!

  165. Vinnie Stratz says:

    Just picked up Paper Mario for 3 bucks at a local shop. Clearly the guy didn’t know what it was worth

  166. Bluesdiver says:

    Sweet! I found the bomberman game above at a flea market for $15 about a month ago.

  167. Shibby says:

    My Boxed copy of Conkers BFD still have the $19.99 price sticker on from Kmart when wI got it bnew for xmas haha.

    Also a boxed copy of Snowboard Kids 2, the PAL version was only released in Australia, one sold for over $1000 on ebay a few months ago..

    N64 games are getting real hard to find now, unless you want ot pay decent money. It seems everyone that has them now knows what they are worth.

  168. Christopher Wheat says:

    I’m going to add a import N64 game that will BLOW YOUR MIND.

    “Wonder Project J2”

    Mind you this is a sexual to the SNES game of the same name minus the 2 that also never saw a US/PAL release. BUT both have revived a fan translation that can be DLd and payed on either a emulator boo or a rom cart on original hardware yeah!

    The N64 is the superior game and it will quit simply make your jaw drop with its beauty. You Cana slo buy the N64 game complete in box for around $35 plus shipping. If you plan to put the game in a flash cart you may want to buy a complete game so you can save it as you play with its custom memory cart. Similar how Animale Crossing for the N64 and GameCube had its own customer memory cart.

  169. Christopher Wheat says:

    Ugh auto txt. Not sexual. Sequel. Lol

  170. Beth says:

    Wow, I have lot of those games.