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The Best Nintendo DS Games Under $10

The Best Nintendo DS Games Under $10

It may seem like the DS came out just a few years ago, it was released over 8 years ago and, now that that DSi and 3DS have been trying to fight off the Android and iOS onslaught, the original DS is becoming the “New Game Boy Advance” in our minds. However, with the great success of the Nintendo DS came many of copies of quality titles in circulation, which then leads to especially-affordable aftermarket prices.  So if you’re looking [...]

The Best Sega Genesis Emulator for the DS – jEnesisDS

The Best Sega Genesis Emulator for the DS – jEnesisDS

While Genesis emulation on the DS isn’t as perfect as you can have on a PC, it has a level of quality that justifies the little trouble that it takes to set it up – depending on the games that you want to play on it. jEnesisDS (by Lordus) is arguably the best choice for the DS at the moment, and it is likely to remain so. You may want to try PicodriveDS but it does not support sound and [...]

Review: Space Invaders Extreme – Nintendo DS

If you’re ever wondered what Rez would be like in 2D, Space Invaders Extreme is one of the closest examples you will find.   That’s right, this is not another one of those vanilla Space Invaders remakes.  The masterminds at Taito and Square/Enix have put a fresh spin on the pioneering game to bring it more into the league of the modern arcade shooters on XBLA and PSN like Geometry Wars and Everyday Shooter.  Much like Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s masterpiece, Space Invaders [...]

The Best Gameboy/GBColor Emulator for Nintendo DS: Lameboy

Just because we have a DS doesn’t mean we don’t want to play some older portable Nintendo games.  While we could play the original Gameboy cartridges on our Gameboy Advances, the Nintendo DS doesn’t afford us that luxury.  However, with a little emulation power, we can resolve that issue and make your portable gaming life even better. What Is The Best Gameboy/Gameboy Color Emulator? While GNUboy DS (aka DS_GBC / DSBoy) was the first Gameboy emulator for the DS that had [...]

The Best NES Emulator for the Nintendo DS: nesDS

Adding some retro functionality to your Nintendo DS is always a good thing. This time we will be showing off NES emulation for all your favorite 8-bit Nintendo classics. Related Posts to Check Out The Best Gameboy Emulator for the Nintendo DS: Lameboy The Best Undiscovered NES Games Best Games That Defined The History of the NES NES Games That Pushed The Best Graphics and Sound A Beginner’s Guide to the NES and Nintendo Famicom What Is The Best NES [...]

The Best Old-School Games of 2007

It seems like every gaming site has their own “Best of the Year” lists, but here at Racketboy, we will be taking a look at the best new games of 2007 that focus either focus on old-school gameplay or are remakes of classic games. With high-powered portables and game downloading services on all the new consoles, there have been a flurry of excellent retro releases in 2007. Since there were so many, I ran a poll that let Racketboy readers [...]

10 Great Nintendo DS Gems For Under $15

Even though the DS a very popular, new platform, there are now a number of great games that you can find at an impulse-buy price level. Since the DS is so popular, there aren’t a lot of good titles under $10, so I’ll set our mark at $15. Yes, I know, the DS isn’t retro at all, but most of these games are either old-school or retro in nature and should be enjoyed by even the most hardcore of classic [...]

The Best Gameboy Advance Games For Today… Even If You Own A DS

It’s pretty easy to find a list of “The Top 10 Gameboy Advance Games” or some similar ranking, but most of them were written back when the handheld was cutting edge and almost all of them only compare the games against other GBA games.This is all fine if the GBA is the only portable you own and ever plan to own. However, I know most people have moved on to the DS and the PSP. Since the DS library hasn’t [...]

Review: Namco Museum DS with Pac-Man Vs.

Those of you who have been reading for a while know I have been waiting for this release for a while. On my Nintendo DS Wishlist of games or compilations I would like to see on my DS Lite, I specifically listed a new Namco Museum collection that would have some Namco classics on it and possibly include a new version of Pac-Man VS that would make the under-appreciated Gamecube party game and make it more accessible on the [...]

Namco Museum DS with Pac-Man Vs. Announced

Ok, this announcement not only got me excited, but kinda freaked me out… Just two weeks ago to the day, I published my DS Wishlist, which contained a consise list of some classic games and compilations I would like to see come to the DS. I mentioned that I enjoyed the Namco Museum Collection GBA cartridge but would like to see a port specifically for the DS. Now Namco Museum is ported to almost every handheld and console, so this [...]

The Nintendo DS Wishlist

No one can deny that the Nintendo DS is hot right now. And when a game system is hot (especially when its from Nintendo), it can get away with having ports of older games and have them sell well. So, just like I did with my XBox Live Wishlist, I’ve combined my personal gaming daydreams and combined them with what I think would sell well and developed a Nintendo DS Wishlist. I’m sure there are other great ideas out there, [...]

Meta-Review: Guilty Gear Dust Strikers – Nintendo DS

The Guilty Gear series has made great strides over the last few years to compete against the best from Capcom and SNK’s 2D fighter offerings. I was fairly excited when portable versions of Guilty Gear were announced for both the PSP and Nintendo DS. However, I had a dirty feeling that both versions would be quick conversions. From the reviews that I have seen on the Net, it looks like my predictions came true. While they may be mild diversions [...]

Meta-Review: Tetris DS – Nintendo DS

We have seen a number of Tetris “remakes” over the last decade, but none of them (consoles or portable) have really lived up to the standard set by the original Gameboy version of Tetris. That is, until now. Finally, Nintendo has taken the time to carefully craft the perfect follow-up to the puzzler classic. Tetris DS takes everything that was great about the original Tetris and magnafies it without diluting the game. As you may have seen from the screenshots [...]

Pictures NES-Styled Nintendo DS

More pictures of Kotami’s NES-styled Nintendo DS

Tetris DS Announced – With Wifi!

The original Tetris game for the original Gameboy is still one of the best mobile games IMO. When you remember its age, it is astounding how well the game holds up in the areas of pick-up-and-playablity, addictiveness, and pure fun the now not-so-little cartridge contains. Now that we have progressed through a long stint with the Gameboy Advance and are now starting out in DS Land, that original GB cart is looking a little long in the tooth. You may [...]