Nintendo Censorship

I stumbled across a very interesting page concerning Nintendo of America and it’s past epsiodes of censorship. The author at writes:

“Nintendo of America’s policy of strict video game “censorship” has become one of the company’s most infamous tactics. While often overlooked back in the day, the rise of ROMS, especially Japanese ROMs, have exposed many gamers to numerous examples of Nintendo censorship in practice. References to smoking or sex may have been removed from the Japanese version of a game prior to its release in the United States. Other games with potentially offensive content may have not been released at all. Although Nintendo’s censorship practices have been often condemned as inconsistent, or at worst hypocritical, they actually stem from a document that outlines the rules in explicit detail.”

What follows is a very thourough review of Nintendo’s past practices. I personally don’t condemn Nintendo for doing this or anything, but sometime they do go a little overboard. Whatever your view, this page offers some interesting content that is worth the read.

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