NeoGeo CD emu for DC – new version 8!

This just in from

NeoCD/SDL DC, the port of NeoCD/SDL to the Dreamcast, has been updated. Here’s what’s new:

– PVR rending no longer using SDL for video.
– PVR filtering grafix smoothing. *BILINEAR*
– No Frameskip needed code removed.
– UP to 10fps faster.
– All clipping problems sides of screen fixed.
– VGA support should be center now.
– Code reduction optmizing.
– Many games have hit fullspeed now
– Not all games are fullspeed
– No SFX
– Seems to be some CDDA improvement now with some game tracks
– cdaudio(kos) used By Troy Davis (GPF)
– loading times are faster there is no loading screen any more not needed
– splash screen stays to the game has loaded no black screen and more

Great to see more progress on this emulator!
Long live the Dreamcast!

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