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Artistic Arcade Joystick Creations

Artistic Arcade Joystick Creations

If you’re anything like me, you love arcade sticks and you love it when enthusiasts add a little extra artistic flair to their gear.  So anyway, I stumbled on this thread on NeoGAF and spent hours browsing people’s creations and comments.  Because I enjoyed it so much , I wanted to share my favorites with the Racketboy community and possibly inspire some of the modders out there to come up with their own creations.  (You can also click on the [...]

How To Upgrade Your Light Gun to Arcade Quality

Note from racketboy: Thanks to skate323k137 for sharing this information and letting us republish the information from this forum thread. No matter if you take your light gun games seriously or you need all the help you can get when it comes to hitting your targets, its always nice to have a high-quality light gun that can rival those at the arcades. Unfortunately, even a brand new un-modified Sega Saturn light gun will miss a decent percentage of your trigger [...]

Make Your Own Wireless NES and SNES Controllers For The Wii

When the Wii (or Revolution) was announced I was so happy to hear that the standard controller would be wireless. However, once the “Retro Controller” was displayed, I was disappointed to hear that a wire was tacked on. However, we are now aware of the project to turn authentic NES and SNES controllers into wireless retro controllers that truly give the old-school feel for those Virtual Console games. Engadet sums up the project… “[The] wireless NES controller mod for Wii [...]