Modded XBox: Ultimate Emulation Machine

 Sure the Nintendo Revolution looks to be a solid contender for those of us that want to have a no-nonsense, to buy and play classic games. But for those of you that don’t want to wait and/or want more flexibility in your emulation options, a modded XBox may be your solution.

For the last few years, the Dreamcast has been my machine of choice to emulation a number of classic games on. However, I would love to have a machine that can run Super Nintendo, Genesis, Sega CD, Neo-Geo, N64 and PSX games. I am also looking for a smaller/cheaper device to play my recorded TV content instead of having my desktop PC in my living room. Add in the posibility for wireless controls (just like my Gamecube) and a great lineup of retail 2D fighters, and a modded XBox keeps sounding better and better.

You can read our discussion on setting up a modded XBox in this forum thread. It is still ongoing and I would love to hear other people’s experiences if you have any.

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Anonymous says:

I’ve stayed away from the xbox for years because none of the games I wanted came out on it, always PS2. Next september I’m going back to school and thought I should only bring what’s necessary for dorm, and stack my collection somewhere.

The xbox appealed directly to me when a friend showed me the NES, TG16, Genesis, SNES emulators running full speed on his console. When I go back to school in september, the xbox will be the only videogame accessory I will bring, yet it will be enough to cover the 3 years I will spend there. I have so many great SNES and NES RPG to (re)play through, and I intend to go cold turkey on buying anything at all until I get my diploma!! THANX XBOX.

Anonymous says:

I have a modded xbox,I have everything I need for xbox, xbox360 nd Ps2.
You can mod a dreamcast quite easy also.
Its really not that hard to do, but you need to have some nerd blood in you to read the blogs and manuals.
The xbox is the ulitmate mod machine due to the fact that its a simple P3 733mhz with a modded dvd drive and a standard PC hard drive.
Give the simple smarts to work on em anyone can mod.
I currently have a Modded xbox with a 300Gig Hard drive in it, I have all my Emulators on there and I have XBMC to play all my favorite MP3’s & Vids.
The Xbox is a must buy now that xbox360, Wii & PS3 are here, you can grab one on ebay for $30.00.

Anonymous says:

I have a modded Xbox. The problem I find is that there is a lag in the controls of about 1/4 of a second. For quick shoot-em-ups, it’s obvious. The lag stops it from being a perfect emulation console.

Jdiddy says:

There is no lag on a modded xbox. I have everything on my box’ from Nes to PsX and have noticed not a spot of lag- not even a fremerate bump. A modded xbox plays backups or HD rips JUST THE SAME as an unmodded one plays factory disks- same speed, same everything. I guess a really crappy EMU could have fremerate issues but I havent seen any.

Luigi says:

hey can a moded xbox or 360 run a game cube emu with games??

racketboy says:

Nope — the only Cube emulator is on the PC and not really usable yet.

1 time says:

whats the best site 4 downloading classic games 4 my modded xbox classic? i just recieved 1 and hav no idea which sites 2 use

rsn7678 says:

Sadly, I have to confirm, there is definitely noticable lag on the controls on almost every emulator on the xbox (expecially the x-port emus). It is sad but true. For example, play Atari games on a real Atari, then on the Xbox. You will notice the lag in the controls. Try Pitfall for example. It takes a split second longer for your game character to react to your controller actions on the xbox than on the real thing. I tested with a modded controller that allowed me to use real Atari Joystick for optimum comparison. And the lag shows, badly! What a bummer 🙁

ben says:

so exactly what are all emulators capible with modded original xbox?

Thomas says:

I am a nintendo man through and through. I love platformers and beatmups, along with a ton of retro games. I have almost every game system imaginable in my closet just taking up space…it’s nice to have them available, but they take up a lot of room. I recently got a modded x-box, and WOW!! It has every game ever made for NES, Atari, SNES, genesis, gameboy, and it includes several other games such as arcades, GBA, N64, AND OF COURSE, ABOUT 70 XBOX GAMES.

By my guess, it has about 3,500 games, including the super rare ones that I could never afford. Some do have a problem here or there, but all in all, I have a great gamke system that will lasta lifetime. I could actually never buy a game again and be completely content. OH…Did I mention…I just paid $10 bucks for it with 5 controllers and some other stuff for my wife and kids…all at a garage sale!!!

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