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XBLA Update: Heavy Weapon & More

While the XBox 360 doesn’t try to keep up with the pace of the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, it makes up for it in quality and value. This Week: Heavy Weapon January 17 800 Microsoft Points Official XBLA Page Screenshots Gameplay Video Hands-On Impressions from Kotaku Hands-On Impressions for XB360 Fanboy Additional XBLA Developments: Castlevania […]

XBLA Update: Ms. Pacman, Castlevania SOTN Video & More

While the XBox 360 doesn’t try to keep up with the pace of the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, it makes up for it in quality and value. This Week: Ms. Pac-Man January 10 400 Microsoft Points Official XBLA Page Screenshots Additional XBLA Developments: XBLA Gameplay Video of Castlevania: SOTN Next Week: Heavy Weapon Geometry Wars […]

The Future of Streets of Rage – Homebrew, Wii VC, XBLA

It’s been an exciting week for fans of Sega’s trademark side-scrolling braweler, Streets of Rage. First of all, an ambitious homebrew effort has been started to revive Streets of Rage with added visuals, moves, and feautures. Of course, a Dreamcast port is anticipated, but some of the community is devoted to keeping it strictly PC. […]

SNK Planing Neo-Geo Downloads for XB360 and PS3

Yes, as I speculated a while ago, SNK will be bringing a number of its solid Neo-Geo games to the next-gen download services. And as you may have noticed from the title of this post, these downloads are planned for the XBox 360’s Live Arcade and the PS3’s download service. That’s right, so far there […]

SNK Pushes Metal Slug Franchise Further Into Current Platforms

With SNK’s recent announcement of bringing the original Fatal Fury game to XBox Live Arcade, you could tell that the developer was interested in bringing its collection of old-school games to the modern platforms. While Fatal Fury may have seemed like a logical choice after the success of Street Fighter 2 on XBLA, but I […]

Street Fighter IV Rumors All Over Again

Update 10/16/2007: Street Fighter 4 Has Officially Been Announced! You can read more about all the details as they progress right here. Update 10/23/2007: We now know a bit more about Street Fighter 4 based on a video interview with Capcom  More Capcom Developement Updates: More 2D Fighter Plans Original Post: Seems like every year […]

One Year Ago At RetroGaming – July 2005

For some reason, July 2005 was a slow posting month for me. Seems a little strange since I was only working part time that summer. Anyway, here is a look back at a few of the more interesting posts from one year ago… GBA/DS Shooter Revival Takes Shape One year ago, we started to see […]

Castle Crashers Video Clips

Castle Crashers is the new beatemup from The Behemoth (makers of Alien Hominid) and is planned to be an XBox Live Arcade exclusive for the XBox 360. Joystiq GDC ’07 Gameplay Video Official Trailer: PAX Footage: Level 1 Gameplay on XBLA:

Street Fighter II Coming to XBox Live Arcade

During the Microsoft CES keynote, Peter Moore announced that Street Fighter 2 is coming the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade. That’s right, the game that re-ignited the arcade scene a decade ago will be making its way to every XBox 360. SFII along with more than 20 other titles would be available on […]

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