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PDF: First Issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)

If you need a quick and heavy dose of gaming nostalgia, there is no better solution than flipping through an old video game magazine. Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) has been around for nearly 20 years and now you can easily browse through their very first issue in PDF format. Phillyman from was finally able to track down this premier issue in good condition and scan it for us all to enjoy. Download the EGM #1 PDF Torrent (please use [...]

Help Preserve Classic Gaming Magazines With

Every now and then I like to promote sites and projects that I think are beneficial to classic gamers and that enhance our experiences and old-school gamers. One of my favorite projects has been going on for a while, but I decided I need to have a special feature on here to gather more attention to it and possibly get more people involved in helping out. What Is Retromags And Why Is It Important? The primary goal of RetroMags is [...]

PDF: Official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) – May 1997

Here’s another interesting magazine scan that phillyman and the folks at RetroMags has shared with us. Here in the USA, we never really had a dedicated Sega Saturn magazine. Sega Visions died out right before the Saturn launch, but at least the UK has our backs. The Official Sega Saturn magazine is a top-notch 32-bit Sega mag and there is lots of great reading inside. With this PDF, I’ve also started testing some ORC software to recognize all the text [...]

PDF: Nintendo Power #6 – May/June 1989

Here’s another interesting magazine scan that phillyman and the folks at RetroMags has shared with us. This issue of Nintendo Power gives us a peak into many of our childhoods during 1989. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all but took over the world as the 80s came to an end and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the first Turtles video game. Unfortunately, Konami’s first try at bringing the Heroes on a Half Shell to the NES was an [...]

PDF: Game Players Magazine February 1993

  Here’s another interesting magazine scan that I happened to find on Underground Gamer. If you can remember back that far, you will recall that 1993 was a crazy time in the gaming industry. The Super Nintendo was finally starting to gain steam while Nintendo was still supporting the NES. Sega had the Sega CD coming out and there was a grand future that was unknown at the time. This issue of Game Players magazine gives us a peak into [...]

PDF: Official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) – October 1998

Video game magazines are such an interesting way to look back in time at this revolutionary industry. This issue of Official Sega Saturn Magazine (UK) lets us look back at the transition period between the Saturn and the Dreamcast. For Sega fans, this was a time of both frustration and excitement. The Saturn was being put to rest quickly just as games were starting to tap the Saturn’s potential, but the Dreamcast held many wonderful promises for the future. This [...]

PDF: Nintendo Power #5 – Jan/Feb 1989

I’m getting back into the whole magazine thing again and this time I have number 5 of the ultimate fanboy mag, Nintendo Power. This time around, we are welcomed by a cover story of Ninja Gaiden. I hope he doesn’t kill me for pointing this out, but it looks like the Ninja from Ask A Ninja was a consultant for Nintendo many years back. Anyway, this issue is filled with a handful of interesting tidbits including… Zelda II Guide With [...]

PDF: Official Dreamcast Magazine – Issue #1 – September 1999

September 9, 1999 (better known as 9/9/99) was the date of possibly the most successful game console launch in history. It also marked the release of what is possibly one of the best console-specific magazines to be published in the USA. The Official Dreamcast Magazine was a slick publication that not only featured some of the most interesting design, but also had some engaging and reliable content. In addition to its fine journalism and reviews (although I still can’t forgive [...]

PDF: Nintendo Power #4 – Jan/Feb 1989

Here is number 4 of the ultimate fanboy mag, Nintendo Power. This time around, we are welcomed by a cover story of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The cover photo has to be on of the oldest-looking representations of Link I have seen. The article iself stars on page 18 and continues for about 15 pages. Once we journey further into the magazine itself, we also find some interesting features on games such as Wrestlemania, Skate or Die (including [...]

PDF: Nintendo Power #3 – Nov-Dec 1988

This week I am featuring the third issue of Nintendo Power (November-December 1988). The cover story features Track and Field II and its 16 different “mini-games”. In hindsight, you can see what Nintendo really wanted to do with its track and field games, but is just now able to pull it off with the Wii. This issue also feature an excellent guide to one of my favorite NES games, Blaster Master. In the middle of the issue you will find [...]

PDF: Video Games Magazine – February 1994

The mid 1990’s were some of the most competitve and nostolgic times in video game history. 1994, in particular, was an interesting year as there were a large handful of consoles on the market (SNES, Genesis, Turbo Duo, Jaguar, 3DO, Sega CD) and Street Fighter 2 and NBA Jam ruled the arcades and were best-sellers on the consoles. This week I chose to highlight the February 1994 issue of Video Games Magazine because it highlighted much of this industry fury [...]

PDF: Mega Play #1 – Early Sega-Only Magazine

Before Sega Visions came out in June 1990, there was one other Sega-specific magazine on the market known as Mega Play. I’m not sure how long the publication was around, but I’m not guessing it was very long. To behonest, I didn’t find the magazine to be that interesting. But I have the scans (I got it on a torrent a while back) and I thought I would share it with you. There aren’t any super-huge features, but as you [...]

PDF: Sega Visions #1 – June/July 1990

The first magazine scan I posted a while back was mistakenly labeled as the first issue of Sega Visions. However, this weeks PDF is the real deal. The June/July 1990 issue of Sega Visions is the publication’s premiere and carries on the tradition of early gaming magazines by serving as a booklet of glorified advertisements. My abosulte favorite piece of this issue is in the Game Doctor section (a Q&A department) on page 7. A reader writes in… “First it [...]

PDF: Nintendo Power #2 – Sept-Oct 1988

Everybody got a real kick out of the first issue of Nintendo Power, so this week I figured I should get around to highlighting the second issue of the Nintendo Fanboy Mag. Bionic Commando is one of the primary NES games that has held up well over the years and has not really been replicated in newer generations. On page 6 (by the mags’ page #s), you will find a well-rounded guide to maximizing your gameplay and technique while playing [...]

PDF: GamePro Magazine – Premiere Issue

After a nice string of fanboy mags (Nintendo Power, Sega Visions, PSM), I’ve decided to share the first issue of a well-known multiplatform magazine, known as GamePro. This initial publication was released in 1989, but I can’t find a more specific date than that. The first issue as a rather generic cover that doesn’t really promote any particular game. However, there is plenty of interesting nostolgia to be found in its inner pages. As you first dive into the issue, [...]