Lumines Clone: Gleam for Gameboy Advance

 One of the few games that makes me wish I have a Sony PSP is a little puzzler named Lumines. Not since the original Gameboy Tetris was there so much buzz over a puzzle game.

Up until now, GBA fans have been in the dust when looking for a new puzzler. But there is a new homebrew Lumines clone by the name of Gleam that is availible for the Gameboy Advance and is getting rave reviews in the Gameboy community.

Gleam’s author, AkumaATR writes…
“I created this game because I wanted to see if I could make a similar game targeted to an older platform that I was already fond of — the Game Boy Advance.”

Gleam shares the same great gameplay of Lumines and is one of the best clones availible. This game runs on the GBA and the Nintendo DS (with flash carts). The only downside is that the game ROM is huge, so it barely fit on my 256meg cart.

Those that do not have a Gameboy Advance Flash Cart can use a GBA emulator like VisualBoy Advance to play the game as well.

In addition to Gleam’s colorful graphics, it also contains 4 levels with some very nice music made by Madsoul.

You can download the ROM of Gleam or check out the project’s page.
There are also a few videos of Gleam in action over at YouTube.

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Gleam is an OK game, but if you want a more accurate representation of what the gameplay of Lumines (for PSP) feels like, try Luminesweeper, also for Game Boy Advance.

Valzi says:

Link is dead. Anyone know where to get this?

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