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Super Nintendo Light Gun Games and First Person Shooters

Presented by Ack Perhaps its not surprising that both the Light Gun and First Person Shooter genre never really took off on Nintendo’s second console.  Considering their tight hold on product and their emphasis on censorship, Nintendo’s attitude towards some of the more extreme material in these games was either to cut it or ban it, sometimes with very odd results.  This is the generation where the “Nintendo makes kiddy consoles” argument really began to take hold, following an ad [...]

The State of Modern Rail Shooters on the Wii

Presented by Daniel Primed of The rail shooter is a genre synonymous with the arcades, synonymous because it’s where the on-rails format began with force-feedback guns, large displays and adults only red curtains. Sadly, by the time the rail shooter started to establish itself arcades were slowly dropping off the map, leaving the genre stagnant and on all but on life support. Fortunately, the Nintendo Wii, with it’s pointer functionality, has in many sense breathed new life into a [...]