How To Play Sega Saturn Backups

Those of you that frequent my site are probably familiar with this topic, but I thought I would write a guide for new readers that are looking to play backups on the Saturn.

The Sega Saturn is possibly one of the best systems for 2D gaming and has a number of enjoyble 3D titles as well. However, it is getting harder to get original copies of the most sought-after Saturn titles — at it would really stink if your originals got damaged. I’ve talked to many people online that have owned Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining Force III, and many others that have regreted not protecting their gems.

This guide and the pages that I link to in this guide will teach you how to play all sorts of Sega Saturn games and ISOs (like ROMs, but in CD form).

Disclaimer: If you choose to download Saturn ISOs to try out the games, I strongly encourage you to buy the games if they are republished on newer systems. We need to support the publishers and let them know that we want our old games on newer systems.

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