How Sega All But Ruined Sonic the Hedgehog

 Sega’s Blue Blur was a whirlwind of excitement in the early 1990’s. Nintendo had a magical formula in the Super Mario Bros series and every other developer had their run and jump Mario clones. Sega on the other hand, took the platforming genre to the next level by taking advantage of their new Genesis console (and it’s infamous “Blast Processing“) to introduce a new blazing-fast rodent by the name of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Speed, however was not Sonic’s lone gimmick. The landmark series on the Genesis also introduced unique elements such as the then jaw-dropping loops, super spin dash, psychedelic bonus rounds, and impressive boss battles with Dr. Robotnik’s mechanical creations.

While the Super Mario Bros. franchise was definitely colored with personality and great gameplay, the Sonic the Hedgehog titles on the Genesis and Sega CD offered an very exciting alternative to those that weren’t Nintendo fanboys.

Powered by the success of Sonic and their other cutting edge games, Sega had a great marketshare during the 16-bit era. However, they started to fall apart as they aimed to jump ahead of its competitors in the 32-bit market and beyond. The commercial failure of its newer hardware was unfortunately timed with the decline of the Sonic franchise.

While I love the Sega Saturn and its cult classic favorites, it never brought Sega fans the real Sonic game that it desired. Sega started with a Genesis and Saturn release of Sonic 3D Blast which turned out to be slow-paced and boring at times — quite the opposite of the Sonic games fans had been used to.

Sega had a great deal of inner conflict trying to develop a true 3D Sonic game (which was known as Sonic X-treme) and the closest substitute Saturn owners experienced was Sonic R, which was essentially a cart-racer without the carts.

 Sega eventfully gave up on the Sonic X-treme project (and the Saturn for that matter) and set its sights on the possibilities that the Dreamcast held.

With Sonic Adventure, Sega fans finally had their fully 3D Sonic action game. Sonic Adventure had a tremendous amount of promise as the first level (which was playable on the pre-launch demo) was incredibly fast and was filled with breathtaking graphics that seemed to exceed how every Sonic fan had envisioned the Green Hill Zone would be in a 128-bit wonderland. (Nobody can forget the killer whale-bridge scene)

But all was not perfect with Sonic Team’s newest creation. In reality, very few of the subsequent levels even came close to living up to the high standards that the demo created. Instead, the game was filled with slow and annoying “exploration” areas that turned off many gamers that were expecting fast-paced action.

Sonic Adventure 2 ditched the exploration areas, but instead added more levels that required you to play as other less-interesting characters that had you perform more tedious tasks such as “find the lost emeralds”. Not the idea of fun for a typical Sonic fan. To make matters worse, once words started coming out of Sonic’s mouth, the game was to the point of being an embarrassment to watch. Characters we all used to enjoy such as Tails and Knuckles all became an annoyance and a joke.

 It was clear at this point that Sega had lost sight of what worked in the minds of Sonic’s most dedicated fans and had also failed to bring the sense of speed and tight control to the 3D world.

Once the novelty of Sonic Adventure’s slick graphics wore off, the more experienced gamers realized this wasn’t nearly the same game they had grown up with.

Gone were the intense sense of speed and the awe-inspiring loops. Instead, you were treated to a temperamental 3D camera that was more of an annoyance than a benefit.

The Dr. Robotnik we grew up with and his sweet robotic monsters had also experienced a peculiar makeover for the worse. Sonic Adventure ushered in re-branded “Dr. Eggman” and replaced his cool mechanical boss battles with strange creatures and dim-witted schemes to collect Chaos Emeralds.

Once Sega made its full transition away from the hardware business and developed multi-platform games, they unloaded a series of quickly-developed titles that pulled even further away from the core focus and did more to damage Sonic’s reputation.

Sega’s first original multi-platform Sonic game was Sonic Heroes. Heroes took some of the best aspects of the Sonic Adventure series and put a new spin on them. However, that spin consisted of forcing players to use teams of three characters at a time, when the entire time, fans wanted to play ONLY as Sonic. It also seemed to focus less on speed and reaction time and brought it more into the league of typical platform games as opposed to the high standards that Sonic was once known for.

To give Sonic Heroes some credit, it did go back to the 16-bit roots in terms of level design and the overall look and feel. Sonic Heroes got a little bit closer on fixing some of these crucial things but still managed to screw up other aspects. It’s such a shame that things went downhill after that.

As much as everyone tries to forget about it, Sega somehow thought that the best way to solve the fact that the Sonic franchise was getting tired was to have a game centered around Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow was supposed to be the Sonic for the hardcore gamers that needed a ro ugh edge. (And I thought all this time, Sonic was the cool hedgehog with the attitude.)

As soon as everybody laid their eyes on the promotional artwork and screenshots filled with the pistol-packing hedgehog, the gaming community knew Sega was losing it.

Instead of renewing interest in the Sonic universe, Shadow the Hedgehog fell on its face and was mocked by reviewers around the globe. Again, some players enjoyed the game, but it really strayed from the Sonic formula.

Sega followed up Shadow with Sonic Riders, a racing title that was essentially “Sonic R 2.0”. While I appreciate Sega trying to emphasize Sonic’s speed capabilities (even though the game was not as fast as it should have been), it wasn’t a true Sonic games and was way too rushed to be taken seriously. Instead, it turned out to be a shallow F-Zero clone thrown out on the marketplace to make some quick change.

As the new generation of platforms emerged, Sega used Sonic as a way to show off their newest graphical technologies. There is no doubt that the new Sonic the Hedgehog for the XBox 360 looks nice, but as the abysmal reviews indicate, graphics are not everything.

 In order to push its cutting-edge graphics to the limit, Sega, in their infinite wisdom, felt the need to bring Sonic and his friends into a more realistic world, filled with life-like humans. As you can see from this video, there is something creepy about some giant hedgehogs interacting with humans.

My point is that Sega doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do with Sonic. It seems like Sega assigns various quick-and-dirty development projects in order to see what ideas sticks with consumers. Unfortunately, Sega fans have had to suffer through this process.

Sega’s one redeeming endeavor has been the portable titles. The Sonic Advance series has at least replicated the original Sonic experience about as much as the GBA could, and Sonic Rush on the DS was probably the best Sonic game in over a decade. (Although, the really botched the new Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for the GBA)

Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush are essentially the only Sonic games since the Genesis (sans the initial buzz of Sonic Adventure) that the majority of hardcore fans have actually spoke positively about. One would think that maybe Sega would try to go back bringing the series back to its roots more in order to succeed. (Read How Sega Can Bring Sonic Back To His Glory)

As we turn back to look at Nintendo and what they did with the Mario franchise, you will notice that The Big N took their time developing the N64 (remember THAT wait?) and polished Mario 64 in order to maintain its magical feel and bringing a consistent experience to the third dimension. Even though Mario fans would gladly welcome more traditional Mario games, Nintendo kept the pace slow in order to keep the standards high.

Sega needs to take a long look at Sonic and decide where the games of the past really shine and focus on those aspects and those alone instead of doing even more damage.

Personally, I believe the Sonic thrives in 2D and the third dimension should be used on Sonic Team’s other fan favorite NiGHTS into Dreams. Once Sega stays focused on creating killer gameplay in stead of the quick dollar, Sonic may be brought back to his former glory.

Part 2 – How To Fix Sonic
I followed this post up with my expanded thoughts on what Sega can do to make Sonic successful with both hardcore and casual gamers.

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  1. jemsic says:

    Sorry, I just don’t agree with most of this article. I’ve loved both Sonic Adventure games and never came upon any annoyances some claim to have. But, to each his own… 😉

  2. racketboy says:

    That’s cool. Keep in mind, I’m not saying that Sonic Adventure are BAD games. They just don’t do Sonic justice.

    Would you rather play Sonic in full 3D or have a more 2D-ish perspective like Viewtiful Joe?

  3. jemsic says:

    Well actually, I don’t really need any more Sonic games. And here’s the logic behind it:

    There are plenty of 2D Sonic games that rock, and there are a couple 3D Sonic games that rock.

    I think that the Genesis Sonics (which I still play, like, every other day) are Sonic’s peak. Playing Sonic and Knuckles is the highest enjoyment I can get out of Sonic, and I’m not sure that new animations fitted into the 2D spectrum would match my nostalgic thoughts.

    But saying that, I wouldn’t mind seeing one brand new 2D Sonic game on a powerful system – just to see what Sega can do with it.


  4. rond556 says:

    I agree for the most part, but I’m hoping Sonic and the Secret Rings will put Sonic back on track

  5. Neek says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article, and I cannot even begin to say how much I agree with everything here…

    I personally don’t know why Sega have gone to add more characters, and more exploration, and more nonsense (the moment I saw Sonic+princess, I knew the new game would be rubbish), when it is clear from Sonic Rush that they still know how what makes a Sonic game brilliant.

    I have to say that as a big fan of the 16 bit Sonic games, the series has really gone downhill ever since, and Sonic Heroes marked the first Sonic game I ever traded, after I got sick of Knuckles dashing himself off the cliff for the umteenth time.

    I really hope someone from Sega is reading this…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree with what the author of this post is saying completely. 3D Sonic games got progressively worse from Sonic Adventure onwards.Sonic R, I’m disregarding as an offshoot. Adventure was actually pretty fun, had lots of character and impressive level designs.Adventure 2 had some cool ideas, the level-based focus was great, and so was the 3D Green Hill you got for getting all A’s.

    Heroes broke it, and it’s been breaking worse and worse ever since. Shadow was so appalling, I didn’t even try to finish it properly. I want a good Sonic game. Rush was fun, but not long enough, not expansive enough. I just feel ripped off by Sega, as I buy every new Sonic game on the hope that I will enjoy them, and have been almost invariably disappointed for at least the last three years. sigh.

  7. Timerever says:

    The awnser is simple, Sonic Team simply don’t know how to do 3D games. As simple as that, should they continue in the 2D land where they know how to code and the new Sonic games would be nice.
    If you really need a good 3D Sonic the awnser is also simple, just hire another outside team to do the work, a team that konws how to code and work in 3D.

    I for one think the best solution is for Sega to fire the entire Sonic Team and put someone else in charge.

  8. Adam Hyland says:

    Great article…..

    I do have to ask where you found the Mario picture….also, his tiny, tiny shoes are a bit creepy. Look closer.

  9. racketboy says:

    hehe — never noticed the feet.

    The picture is from the iam8bit art show.

    You can find a wallpaper of this piece on the site

  10. MiGs says:

    I agree with everthing in this article, I am not a sega fan boy, I’ve never played any sonic games after sonic and sonic and knuckles on the genesis. Recently though, I’ve played Sonic Rivals on the PSP and its a 3D 1v1 racer with a 2D perspective, far from the speed platformer of old, but it does get pretty fast and hectic, boss battles are pretty fun too, yes there are more playable characters other then sonic (silver = wtf, shadow = allright, knuckles = red ownage) that don’t really need to be there at all, and just clutter things up. Although the game is decent, its just the production quality just isn’t totally there, I’d expect more from one of sega’s hit franchises you know. Sega has put sonic on the back burner for the longest time now, and I think its about time they pick it up and strive to make another hit sonic game, without shadow, silver (again, wtf), and other random characters, but bring back tails, and knuckles and sonic spinning in a blue ball of speed (every 3D sonic game lacks this, and is probably why they don’t do well).

  11. SovietSlayer says:

    Sorry but i dont agree with you either.

    Sonic Adventure series were good games and even tho they had their flaws; like treasure hunting quests they were very fun games. The sonic stages in Sonic Adventrue 2 were a great transition of 2D to 3D.

    But after the DC games sonic went to pieces and Sonic Heroes didnt even come close to being a good game.

  12. jemsic says:

    I was just playing Sonic Adventure 2 last night, to see if I could see any of the flaws that some mentioned. And here are my findings:

    -The camera angles are always focused on your character, so you always know where you are. But it is hard to see the enemies sometimes.

    -People who claim this game doesn’t have the speed that previous Sonic games have have obviously never played it. Sonic 360 may be slower imo, but the Sonic Adventure series was pure speed, and the levels were perfectly structed so that you’d never have to stop. If you wanted to stop and fight enemies – then that’s your problem. Because just like in Sonic games past, you can pass the enemies without fighting them. It’s just hard. And it should be, the enemies are there to try and make you stop.

    I urge all who criticize this game to go back and play it again, preferrably on a vga screen. Every time I go back to it, I’m amazed.

  13. racketboy says:

    I don’t deny its fast.
    It just doesn’t have the same sensation that the 2D games have.

    I will still argue that there is nothing faster than having the speed power-ups and whipping through a bunch of loops.

    Sonic Adventure just doesn’t match it.

    As for the camera, it did improve in SA2, but I would still prefer it to be fixed on the side so that it would be similar to the old games.

    I just don’t get the same Sonic feel by seeing what’s in front of me.

    Part of the fun of the old games was quickly reacting to enemies you couldn’t see until they go close to you.

    When you can see way ahead of you, you lose a lot of that.

    I’m glad people still have fun with Sonic Adventure (I do to a certain extent), but I just don’t feel compelled to play it like I do with the 2D games.

  14. jemsic says:

    🙂 Just so I don’t sound biased, I was also playing Sonic and Knuckles last night for about an hour. I can’t seem to beat the boss at the end of Death Egg 1 – the one with the spinning platforms around him.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Face it – Sonic’s glory days were stuck in 2D. Unless Sega decides to actually turn out another honest 2D Sonic game on a next-gen console (not bloody likely), there is no hope for a decent Sonic game. The same fate befell Metroid, the king of side-action scrollers: it got turned into (yet another stupid) first-person shooter… and the same goes for a great many of the 2D heroes of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. It seems the only series that successfully jumped the dimensional barrier were Zelda and Mario – and Nintendo isn’t telling what’s in their secret formula. So the only foreseeable way for Sonic to ever again rise to any prominence is to appear in the next Smash Bros. game. (Added bonus – watching Sega fanboys and Nintendo fanboys still arguing like the tools they are twenty years later.)

  16. Snowbank says:

    The Review is almost right.
    The Adventure Games where the best 3D games. And I still Play Them.

    But your right Afther the adventure games they lost there minds to create something new for sonic.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It seems you are ALL forgetting about the greatest 3D sonic experiment ever, Sonic Jam’s ‘Sonic World’!

  18. Kami68k says:

    I agree with most of the article. I like the old Sonic Games and Sonic Adventure a lot (even the bosses and the “exploration” stages), but after that I didn’t really got much from the next titles. I dont even care much about sonic titles now and stick to the older ones. The GBA and DS Sonics are mostly nice though.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I must say I do agree with pretty much everything said here, sega lost it and desperately tried anything and everything to boost ratings.. but like most things people pull out of their ass.. it smells like crap. Sonic Adventure was ok.. a little dodgy, and the adventure areas didn’t annoy me that much, but it just got tedious.. it was like a 2-5 minute loading screen eventually, when I first saw Shadow.. nah.. .. then Silver.. I mean.. ” Hey lets make a silver colored hedgehog and name him Silver, hyuck, and get our 3 and a half foot hero getting it on with a human girl twice his height “.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been hyping about this for YEARS, and I’m so relieved someone finally sees that these new games just aren’t Sonic! I grew up with Sonic the Hedgehog, and being young and enamored with the games, I naturally absorbed the “feeling” or the essence of the sonic games which gave them their magic. But playing game after game these days, they just feel so fake, amateurish, and disappointing. Instead of keeping to roots and branching off of that, Sega consistently ruined the game by creating a monstrosity based off of bad programming, cliched storylines, gimmicks, and worst of all, changing everything in its attempt to just CONFORM to other mainstream videogames.

    First off the running mechanics. The new 3D games have no physics involved in them whatsoever. Basically, Sonic team has resorted to having sonic run on train tracks, with a few gimmicks strewn in here and there, and all the player has to do is press “forward”.

    Second…THE FEET. Personally the rush I got was seeing sonic’s feet spin insanely fast when he was running at top speed. Running with sonic these days feels slow and cumbersome. He seems to be ice skating when running, and the long legs flopping everywhere…blech.

    Third, I feel sonic was mainly made for ROLLING. I’m surprised they haven’t introduced any ball mechanics ala monkey ball into the sonic series. That was the main concept in the first sonic anyways and that’s how super fast speeds were obtained – by rolling down hills or what not and using gravity.

    Fourth, the graphics are too “glossy” and fake to me. I know Sonic is a cartoon, but something about the graphics makes me feel like i’m in a plastic world. Because of that, the immersion level isn’t as great.

    Finally, Sonic’s faith to it’s original story is long gone. It was the fuzzy animals being attacked by creatively insane mechanical monstrosities, not thousands of mediocre “sonic pals”, water monsters, and super dragon ball z powers. Sonic has become way to pretentious. I would love to see a game with ONLY sonic…battling giant metallic machinery in huge landscapes…rather than restricted to simple runnning tracks. Sonic was meant to RUN FREE! so LET HIM!

    Unfortunately, my ideas are meaningless, but I’m still waiting until someone revives videogames into something meaningful and bring out the TRUE sonic.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Unless Sega decides to actually turn out another honest 2D Sonic game on a next-gen console (not bloody likely), there is no hope for a decent Sonic game.

    Many feel SA1 or SA2 fit the bill. I’d lean towards SA1.

    The same fate befell Metroid, the king of side-action scrollers: it got turned into (yet another stupid) first-person shooter…

    While I liked Metroid Prime, it WASN’T classic Metroid. Comparing the two is like comparing Super Mario Brothers to Mario RPG. Same universe, different game.

    and the same goes for a great many of the 2D heroes of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. It seems the only series that successfully jumped the dimensional barrier were Zelda and Mario

    Mario was based on mid-air maneuvering and power-ups. Now it’s based on gimmicks. Mario 64 and Sunshine Mario may be fun, but neither follows the SMB / SMB3 / SMW series that everyone cried out for. What once was a race to the finish (or walk, but always point a to point b) is now exploration and random mini-games. You don’t plow through enemies like you used to, you don’t toss fireballs (which small as they are could be maddening in 3-D) and don’t even get “Super” anymore.

    Zelda is less changed, keeping the crucial elements, exploring / re-exploring with the latest new item / figuring out the latest boss’es clever weak spot
    The new Zeldas are also good enough games on their own merits that if they weren’t named Zelda, people would still buy them. (Well, maybe not Wind Waker, too much sailing, not enough playing)

    Sonic, like Mega Man thrived on the theory, games don’t need to be movies with each radically changing from the last. Find what works and give people more of it. There’s nothing wrong with episode style games. Sega and Capcom did more than release new levels every few years. They released these new levels (and occasional gameplay upgrades) to eager buyers, happy to snap up a known brand of play they already know they like.

    If McDonalds randomly fiddled with the recipe every time you went, it wouldn’t be so popular.

    Nights was well liked, trying to beat Sonic into being Nights would have been laughed at. Games like SA can be awesome, but they can’t be what people are wanting, if you build them up with hopes for something else, which you do when you use an existing, well-defined franchise.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Quote from racketboy:
    I just don’t get the same Sonic feel by seeing what’s in front of me.

    Part of the fun of the old games was quickly reacting to enemies you couldn’t see until they go close to you.

    My comment:
    Well, maybe you remember spring-yard zone in “Sonic the hedghog” on the Genesis? There’s that blue little robot which looks like a ball. It’s extremely fast and you often can’t see it, you enter one of those small tunnels and suddenly it appears, runs away and you already lost all your rings. Don’t get me wrong, I love those game, just yesterday I finished Sonic 2 with all chaos emeralds, it’s just that it can be annoying to always get hit by a monster you can’t see.
    I played Sonic 1,2,3 Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Spinball, onic 3D, Robotniks mean bean machine (although it was simply tetris), Sonic Adventure 2 and sonic heroes. Out of those Only Sonic 3D, Sonic & Knuckles and sonic heroes are really bad. I loved the others, an I was -AMAZED- when I played SA2 🙂 Just the opinion of a stranger x)

  23. Anonymous says:

    Well, I am sorta getting tired of Tails, and the fact that you had to use certain characters in sonic heroes, but sonic adventure 1 and 2 were NOT bad. I didn’t even have to play the game to see how good it is. Another thing is that sonic advance 1 2 and 3 and rush were not for me. On the other hand, the first three, or four sonic games were good.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sonic games are about speed. But u guys think 2d is great, make your own. with Sonic and the Secret Rings,
    Sonic brins back something like CHAOS CONTROL. Speed is in there. If u want a fast game, tell Sega to make a Sonic game that when u go as fast as u can, u can’t even control him because he’s going to fast.(770mph)

  25. Anonymous says:

    I definitely agree with most parts of this article; I feel that sonic team have lost their way by focusing on making a 3d sonic game rather than making the sonic game benefit by 3d. Sonic adventure 1 and 2 had alot of good points and I, by far, perfer to play those (and the classics sonics) to this very day.
    Most of the 3d sonic games, including the adveture series felt unfinished and the stories never concluded properly, save the sonic 360. The problem is not so much as it being 3d, that makes the sonic games feel less like the old sonics, it’s just that sonic does not react, interact or manouver the same way; for example, when was the last time sonic ran up a ramp or been able to roll freely around his environments? He no longer speeds up offically down hills,able to run on ceilings, jump off walls he ran up or do any other ball-like physic- stunts. The whole physique formula of the 2d sonics needs to be placed in to the 3d environments of sonic.
    And also, get rid of the crappy characters who have no true meaning to the game. And what’s the hell with all the headgehog rivals? I mean, can’t the sonic team think of a more original idea than hedgehog enemies who so not see eye to eye with sonic?

    All sonic team needs to do is focus on sonic and his pals from the 2D classics, and if need be incoparate some characters which are not playable. They need to bring back the formula and take their time on making sure the game is finished properly as well as great storyline. And also bring back the serious attitude sonic once had.
    (sry guys, had to get that off my chest)

  26. Rhamos says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Racketboy. I grew up with Sonic. I remember being a little kid, and asking Santa for a SNES and then getting a Genesis and Sonic 2 for Christmas. I was dissapointed at first, but that all went away after being completely immersed into the world and it’s incredible speed. I beat the game within a few months, and the game made my mom quit playing games altogether (She just couldn’t get passed Oil Ocean Zone. hehe).

    I think though, that the major problem here is that the Sonic games aren’t FOR us anymore. Us being the people who grew up with the original Sonic. The entire franchise is geared toward the modern retarded youth who watch the modern retarded Sonic animes and whatnot. It’s aimed at an entirely new generation who’ve been (in my opinion) raised with low standards when it comes to video games. I mean, for the most part, the next gen consoles are a freakin’ joke! Sure, they’re insanely more powerful, but they’re insanely less imaginative, original and all-round enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE good games for these newer consoles, I just prefer the retro games.
    But anyway, yes. I feel that these days Sonic is geared to a completely new generation who really probably don’t even know that Sonic existed before their time and how much better he used to be. And for the record, I think that Dr. Eggman is THE single most, uninspired, unoriginal, pointless, unimaginative, and just plain unecessary character in video gaming history. Even moreso than Shadow or or the other hedgehogs. Rest in peace, Sonic. Your glory days are gone. *sniff*

  27. Kyle says:

    from someone who plays sonic 3 on top of knuckles at least once every six months since 1996;

    Sega, make sonic 4. Take a note from NEW super mario brothers. Revive your beloved series with brilliant 3D graphics in fantastic 2D worlds.

  28. Tray says:

    Look no further sonic fans i have the answer to why our hero sonic has fallen. First off it seems kinda fishy that the sonic games have went downhill after sonic adventure2 well it may enlighten you to know that sonic teams lead man yuji naka, the mastermind behind all sonic games up to sa2, along with ten others have up and left sonic team under his lead. Yuji Naka began getting tired of focusing on old franchises all the time and wanted to focus on new games for the new generation of people so he left the team and said if anyone wants to come with me nows your chance so 10 people joined with him(most of wich where also crucial to the team) and left to form the new “prope” team. I am pretty sure that most of them didn’t leave because they wanted to start something new but because they knew sonic would die without him and that it would be useless to stay however the remainder of the team stood strong with sonic and beleived that they could still amaze the world without him and his group of traitors. Now for the second reason, everyone knows that mario and all other first party nintendo games are almost always good and of high quality why do you think this is? It is because the games are first party meaning that nintendo is these games home, meaning that if mario entered his home on a dark night he would easily find his way around his house and turn on the lights. Also he can go to his kitchen and prepare a sloppy joe and eat it whilst getting it all over the kitchen table, and then take his clothes off and leave them on the floor before going to sleep, but it doesn’t matter because that is his house meaning that all nintendo first party game developers know all of the ins and outs, as well as limitations of their sytem. so you may have noticed that all of the good sonic games where on the sega consoles that is because sega are now guests in the home of nintendo theyre not familiar with the sytem so its hard to make good games (its already hard enough with yuji and the 10 traitors gone) they need to follow rules etc. Also nintendo can tell sega that they want 2 games by christmas and they’ll have to scramble and make them even if they only have 2 months to do so!(look at all the smash brothers brawl delays) So there are your reasons no more wondering and complaining ok? sonic team is doing the best that they can with their terrible situation. But do not give up hope sega is now working with dimps on the sonic rush series that is why sonic rush was so good, and hopefully those 2 teams will make a comeback if they keep working together, and maybe they’ll even continue the adventure series after they gain more momentum. By the way sa2 was one of my favorite games, i really liked how every character had there own musical theme especially knuckles hip hop theme(pumpkin hill ftw!!), and shadows heavy metal theme, and i absolutely loved the choa gardens and choas emerald hunt levels the story was excelent too with many twists, i cannot see how you don’t like the story it beats many other sonic storys and the storys of most other games in general, its on par with twilight princess’s story in my oppinion. so many memories…i also think sonic 3 is the best 2d sonic game of all time.

  29. dylan says:

    i think the only sonic games i havent played are rush, rivals, secret rings, blast, and sonic jam, and the only sonic games i think were bad were basically evry game gear title, 3d blast, spinball, and mean bean machine. every other sonic game kicked ass. while the recent 3d games have suffered poor camera angles, and the new one on 360 looks like they put it together in a week, i think sega will pull through EVENTUALLY and make a game where EVERY character has there own FULL story line, all of there moves, old and new, useable, and eggman be the main villain, and maybe the return of the hyper forms.

    thats just me though

  30. dylan says:

    also, i feel sega should have made all these new 3d games (the ones after sonic adventure) the same as the adventure games, but with more moves and power ups, more playable characters, same storylines as shadow and heroes and crap, but just with better graphics. if sonic heroes, shadow, and sonic360 were just graphically enhanced sequels to the adventure series, than these articles about “how sonic is dead” and all that other stuff, wouldnt even exist, and bush wouldnt be attack iraq.

  31. anthony says:

    personally i agree with tray. he’s right the sonic team isn’t formilliar with the soft wear so give them a break.i have played every sonic game made and was satisfied with every one. i have just started playing (sonic and the secret rings) and it’s great.also nintendo did rush them on the new games (sonic the hedgehog) and (sonic rivals). so all im saying is to not give up on sega because you know and i know that the sonic team will come threw for us.and if you don’t like the new 3-D sonic games your crazy and maybe you just shouldn’t play 3-D adventure games

  32. sam says:

    ha none of this makes sense especially about next Gen thats the best game EVER made and always will be

  33. sam says:

    next Gen is the best game EVER made and always will be

  34. Ben kramer says:

    What I’m seriously confused with is that WHO THE HELL IS BOLSTRIKE OR ANY OF THESE BOGUS HEDGEHOGS!!! I mean, what kind of name is mable the hedgehog! THESE PEOPLE FROM SEGA ARE SCREWING UP SONIC LIKE THEY DONT GIVE A S*** ABOUT THEIR FANS! -_- im just angry with these last . . .i dont know 22 characters that have never been in the games like the alligator the bee and the pigmy rhino -.-.

  35. dylan says:

    who the hell are bolstrike and mable the hedgehog?

  36. Tiki says:

    Dude how old are you? what 12. You should defiantly be more appreciative of the early Sonic games that came out, they gave birth to what we have today, whats this about blaming Sega (WTF). Were you expecting Sonic on Nintendo/SNES. This is another lame person who knows nothing about Gaming…

  37. racketboy says:

    Your comment makes little sense… It seems to contradict itself.
    Who are you even talking to? If you don’t think I’m appreciative of early Sonics, you haven’t been paying attention.

  38. Sonic says:

    I agree with this article almost completely.I think that Sonic games should Spread through different systems even if they are against it.Sonic riders could have been alot faster and had more blur affect,I was dissapointed when Sonic the Hedgehog was’nt sold for the Wii(but sonic and the secret rings is still a good game to me),theres always a different setting in sonic games(I wish they would bring back places and characters like the Land of the Sky and Sara from the movie),its not that I hate any of the other characters but I liked it better when it was only Sonic knuckles and tails(Character always have somthing knuckles a has rouge tails has robots and what does sonic have he’s main charater,he save the day, and amy………NOOOOOOOOOO thats really embarasing… although all of the characters have somthing it(except sonic) wasnt enough then they came up with hyper shadow and hyper silver(really the only thing that sonic has is that hes fast ang goes super)I didn’t really like that they were cool enough before then ),and it was kinda lame when sonic came up with all of these thumbs up and stuff.Im always a sonic fan though)………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….One Question shadow died in sonic Adventure 2, had a clone in sonic heroes,Omega blew the clones up where are all of these other shadow coming from if not the same clone from sonic heroes???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  39. Ёж Тень says:

    А у нас в России игры HIGCHS не продают. Но я помню, что это фиолетовое существо было в игре “Sonic Adventure DX” . Ещё тогда, кагда Sonic заходил в Казино.

  40. Phil says:

    I totally disagree with the above article. The Sonic and Shadow levels in the Sonic Adventure games captured the speed and fun of the 2-d games perfectly. The Speed Highway and Battle Radical Highway stages were nothing BUT speed. And the visual effect of going through some of those loop de loops was unmatched in the 16-bit games especially when you were going upside down

    The complaints about camera angles and controls are just excuses for lack of skill as I got high ranks in a few levels in both games and never had much trouble with any stage. I think there is a youtube video or two of people A ranking stages and making it look easy

    The only real flaws were that they tried too hard to work other characters into the story and gameplay and it hurt both games a bit(though SOME of the other character levels were kind of fun in my opinion). Also, the adventure elements in the first one were pointless. Those are the VALID flaws in my personal opinion.

    Despite this, the falsehood that the two games were failures(a lie which many gamers try to pass off as fact)is proven wrong by simply going to and seeing the review scores both games received.

    I’m not saying I don’t think the games were flawed, but when you were playing as Sonic or Shadow, everything was just as awesome as the old games and the end game bosses in both games(particularly the one in the first game)were very impressive

  41. Phil says:

    And when I mention the gamerankings scores I am referring specifically to the scores the original Dreamcast games got as I believe later ports got lower scores for reasons dealing more with the ports themselves than the quality of the original games

  42. racketboy says:

    I never said the entire Sonic Adventure games were bad.
    Actually, I usually enjoyed the Sonic and Shadow levels (and sometimes the Robotnik ones), but the rest of the characters where the problem.

    But I still prefer the 2D gameplay of the older games and Sonic Rush

  43. chris says:

    iv said it once ilsay it again here theres nothing like the old sonics i grew up playing thes games on the mega drive they were great up until the last great sonic game was sonic 3 were u first meet knuckels than sega just tryd to hard its a shame

  44. brnliby says:

    i think the guy who said all that stuff above is wrong they’ve made some dissapointing games yeah but hey it beats mario by far and so what doesnt every game company make at least one bad game. But i do agree with what you said about the sonic 2 characters and sonic rush is excellent ye but sonic and that lass aint creepy but mario is all im saying is sonic beats mario anyday and some things you’ve put i think are wrong BUT thats just my opinion don’t have a go at me please.

  45. Eric says:

    Do you hate Sonic or something? 3-D Games like SA2 and Sonic Heroes were pretty good. Sonic DX for Gamecube was good execpt for Big and Knuckles.

  46. racketboy says:

    Obviously, you didn’t read everything.
    I love Sonic. And you would have noticed that I said SA2 wasn’t bad. As you kinda elluded to, I liked the Sonic levels for the most part, but the games weren’t as good with Knuckles, Big, etc.

    Read this follow-up:

  47. Bonnie (Hellsorb) says:

    I love the Sonic Adventure series and the retros the best. Sonic Adventure 2 was the crowning glory when it came to Sonic 3D. Sega put it all into it hoping to survive. It was fast, play Final Rush sometime if you don’t think so.^^ I admit I’d like to see an end or much less shooting and hunting stages. I’d like it if there either were stages all characters could get through differently(fly, run up walls or glide/climb.) (Thats not so different from Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic Adventure.) Or stages build for each character. Another thing, for the hard core gamers the stages DON’T have to be realistic. They should look at the wild random stuff of the Marble garden zone. They can add a theme after they design it. They can get rid of the “Chase scenes” they are getting tiring. I do give Sonic Heroes credit for Bingo highway, that was a good stage. The rest was either repetitive or slow(frog forest, please shoot me>

  48. Arshfard Tendinum says:

    I don’t like any 3D Sonic games. They all suck in my opinion. The 16 bit Sonic games were the best. Sega got those right back in the day ya know people…
    good times.

  49. Daeris says:

    I disagree with this article. I love the ability to play as characters other than sonic. I admit the game speed went down a bit but at least this way the younger generation can play the game a bit easier. And if i ever hear someone say Shadow The Hedgehog was a botched up game again, i will personally chase them down with my samurai sword. You think i’m kiddin? Try it!

  50. The Kraken says:

    It’s clear, that Sega has simply lost their minds. I think the main reason why they have fallen off the console business was them trying to support a number of consoles at once. It’s a company run by idiots, and always has been. I mean who would try to support six different consoles/add-ons at once (Sega Genesis, Sega Nomad, Sega 32X, Sega Game Gear, Sega CD, Sega Saturn)? They tried to push ahead of their competitors (Nintendo and Sony) by releasing 32-bit systems that were better off scrapped. Their focus on hardware more than their games is one reason why Sonic X-treme was never released. Thus we never got a true Sonic game for the Sega Saturn. When the Dreamcast was released it seemed like a breath of fresh air, with Sonic Adventure pulling in many gamers. But once Playstation 2 entered the scene, the system failed to provide satisfaction with gamers, until Sega eventually got out of the console market in late 2001. It’s never been the same since.

    It’s sad too, that I have grown up to see one of my fondest childhood memories being brought down by bad decisions and much criticism. Sonic used to have lots of potential. The games were great, his tv shows were cool, the comics were fun to read, people loved him, and most importantly, it didn’t matter what you liked about the blue blur. People accepted what you did like and agreed with it. Back then he was better overall. But ever since the release of Sonic Adventure (1999-present), the franchise has gone downhill in a never ending spiral. Sonic Team can’t make a 3-D Sonic game without a few critics stating that the game is rife with errors. I think in this current generation of platformers, Sega has been pushing the limit to make awe inspiring graphics while dumbing down the gameplay. Sonic Next-Gen was so disappointing that I began to wonder if Sega knew how to even make a game in 3-D. The loading times were long and it seemed that you couldn’t control Sonic and pals without falling off a cliff. It’s an example for showing that Sega rushes their titles into stores only to find that their fans aren’t happy with the concept. One reason why Nintendo has always been successful is they actually take the time to make their games. Even though some of their release titles were slow to make it to the market, they were critically-acclaimed by fans across the globe.

    To add insult to injury, Sega had their chances to improve and learn from their own mistakes. But they have blown them, and it’s only a matter of time before their monitor reveals “Strike 3.” I truly think that Sonic’s glory days are long gone, being stuck in 3-D. The portable titles are one factor keeping this franchise alive, but it won’t go on forever. Sega must concentrate on a Sonic game that will satisfy the majority of fans (including older ones), or risk the chance of giving their franchise to a different company.

  51. The Kraken says:

    Pardon my errors, I meant Sonic’s glory days to be stuck in 2-D.

  52. AJ says:

    What I say is… shut up and enjoy the game! who cares if you have to find an emerald or shoot a certain object? who gives a crap? stop whining, play the game and keep playing until you get more high speed levels with sonic or shadow! I’m referring this to sonic ad 2 battle, as for DX and it’s exploration modes, GET OVER IT!!!!!

  53. racketboy says:

    Obviously, you don’t have a job or a house and/or family to take care of. Who else has time to waste time playing levels they don’t enjoy.

    Get over yourself…

  54. Jjyhawk says:

    Rocketboy…. Racketboy whatever your name is… Shut your face! I know that sonic may have been a little slower than he was in the classic series and a lot slower than he was on the 360, but you don’t have to be hatin’ on him. Think about it, I was dissappointed about the fact that sonic got slower, but also think about the other kids on how great he is. You can talk junk all you want but just know that all your junk talk won’t make Sega stop making Sonic the Hedgehog games. So instead why don’t you just scram and stop hatin’ on sonic. Got that?

  55. racketboy says:

    Oh man, you know what. After that stern talking to, I’m going to change my ways right away…

    Quit embarrassing yourself.

    If some kids like it the way it is, that’s fine. More power to them. In case you didn’t notice, this was an opinion piece that stated what I thought. I have just as much right to express my opinion as anyone else.

    At least I’m civil about it instead of spouting off like some spoiled 12 year old.

  56. Mozgus says:

    Better watch it, Racketboy. Sounds like he means business. He might beat you up.

  57. wesman82 says:

    Oh my Beloved blue blur look at the carry on you’ve stirred up. I just yesterday managed to get a mega-drive again and have been playing the old sonic games relentlessly like I used when I was a kid and i gotta tell ya it was a magical series… The use of the word was just then was completly intentional. The DC games (SA 1&2) just don’t give me the same feeling that the old games managed to enchant me with , I mean they’re good but good just don’t cut it when your’re talking about one of the all time great series.(too much time spent wandering around exploring for my taste)But thats me ,not you or the other guys reading this just me, and me …well I started playing these when I was like 12 and loved em right off the bat so any straying from the formula would be seen (by me at least) as some kind of betrayal of the series. The change from 2d to 3d is not the problem (mario did just fine,metroid did ok too…kinda) it’s the game in general and kids who weren’t playing it just don’t get it.It’s like when older people talk about the 60’s and always add the line you wouldn’t get it if you weren’t there. These were my bread and butter games the basis of the gamer that I am today and untill I get the feeling that I got when i was 12 these new games just won’t cut it.
    Guys just mellow out a little it’s great that you get passionate about what you love but this type expression isn’t gonna help anybody. Breath in, feel the love and play like there is no tommorow.

  58. RadarScope1 says:

    “At least I’m civil about it instead of spouting off like some spoiled 12 year old.”

    Racket – give the guy some credit here. He sounds like he is at LEAST thirteen and a half.

  59. racketboy and to all people who hate the 3D Sonic games, you made your point. You don’t think that Sonic isn’t going where it’s supposed to be. If that’s how you truly feel, then I suggest you stop talking trash about the Sonic games. I enjoyed all of the Sonic games and others enjoy it to. I would suggest you look over the current Sonic games and at least find some good things about it. After all, a lot of people didn’t think “Freddy vs Jason” could work until it was released. You never know, you might be pleasantly suprised. I’m not denying that Sonic is a family-friendly franchise, but IMO there is something for everyone and I honestly don’t think the series, the games in particular suck. It’s my opinion that Sonic has sort of “grown up” with his audience. Those of us who were children when the first Sonic game was released in 1991 are still fans of him now, and the games have matured in both plot and gameplay, possibly in an attempt to keep up with us. It’s still kid friendly and it should be, I wouldn’t want it to be “dark” or “gritty”. But nevertheless, it is for ALL ages.

    Take Sonic Heroes. A kid could play it and maybe they wouldn’t be so good at it. The team mechanism can be ppretty complex and some of the later stages can be tough. That’s why Team Rose exists, a kid-friendly, goofy team with very easy levels. Children can play as a pink hedgehog, a cute bunny and an amusingly dumb cat and enjoy themselves. On the other hand, older gamers can play as the other teams, which have more adult stories and characters and are more difficult.

    My point is, a child could play Sonic Heroes, but could they get an A-Rank on every mission? Could they beat Super Hard Mode? And would they even want to? The answer to all of them is unlikey. These deeper and more difficult aspects of the games have been designed for those of us who have grown up with Sonic.

    The same is true of the stories for the Sonic Adventure games. They are fun games for children to play, with bright, colorful characters and cool monsters. Let’s take the basic plot of SA as an example:

    A child would play it and see colorful characters animals fighting a big, evil water monster named Chaos, as well as a funny fat man named Eggman. Other cool things that big robots would show up along the way. That’s all very well and good, children can enjoy that. An adult plays the game and sees interesting characters that happen to be colorful animals. On the surface Tails is a cute two-tailed fox, but the game also shows his insecurities, his longing to be like Sonic but also his fear of resposibility, of the idea that he might have to save the day all by himself. Knuckles looks like a brute but he’s actually peaceful and noble, the sole survivor of his race who holds a sacred duty, the Master Emerald, that he values above his own life. E-102 “Gamma” is a cool robot with jet boosters and guns and everything, but he is deeply disturbed by Eggman’s harsh treatment of his brothers and haunted by memories of the small brif imprisoned inside him. He goes on a mission to hunt down the other E-series robots, which invloves lots of cool robot fighting and explosions which children will enjoy. But he’s not actually destroying them, he’s freeeing his bird friends inside, and end the end is mortally wounded and dies himself, freeing the small creature inside him so it can live a happy life.

    And the big, evil water creature, Chaos? Not evil in the least. A guardian god of an innocent race, driven to rage and hate by the actions of the ancient echidna tribes that killed the tiny Chao in order to steal the Chaos Emeralds to secure their dominance. He destroyed their race, leaving few survivors, and was finally imprisoned in the Master Emerald to lie dormant for thousands of years, his rage and hate increasing all the time.

    You see, the Sonic series has something for everyone. Children can play it and enjoy it, adults can play it and enjoy it for entirely different reasons. IMO it isn’t aimed at children, though. There would be nothing wrong with that, but I just don’t think your right. The characters are too deep, the plots too adult and complex, the games themselves too difficult and involved, to be aimed squarely at youngsters. The games are aimed at EVERYONE, and everyone can take something different away with them.

    This is even more true with the plot of SA2, with Gerald being framed by the government, Maria being murdered without a cause, Shadow and Gerald vowing revenge on the entire human race and Gerald actually speaking his lst words before a firing squad, before we hear the bullets slam into him.

    I don’t see why you had to make your opinion known whatsoever. It wasn’t very constructive, it was “Sonic is never going to have another good game again and most of his games suck, but I dislike the very idea of what their doing and I just wanted to point that out”. It doesn’t help anything, it just annoys people. This board is full of different people with differetnt interests, and as such there are a ton of threads about things that I don’t know about, or things that I don’t like, or perhaps things that I outright dislike. But because I don’t like them, or because I know nothing about them, I stay out of threads pertaining to them. As for what you said in that review, I play the Sonic games because I love Sonic. Ever since I bought Sonic Adventure 2, I’ve been a massive, massive fan of Sonic for about five or six years now.

    racketboy, you seem like a cool guy and I don’t intend any kind of argument over this. You’ve made your point, I’ve made mine, now let’s just part ways. You never have to say such negative comments on the current Sonic games, and I and the people who do enjoy them won’t have to listen to unfounded complaints. End of story.

  60. tHePhAnToM!??! says:

    Holy shit shut the fuck up. Racketboy does not need to get bashed by people who do not understand what he is talking about. Wow a sonic fan for 5 or 6 is a golden ring cookie…swallow that and have fun shitting that out. Believe me this is a thread where there is something being talked about and you dont have a clue whats going on. So do what you say you do and stay out of it. YOUR opinion does not need to be heard if you are going to be an ass and not respect another mans opinion by saying it annoys people. FUCKING WANNA BE GAMERS!so just BRBRBRBRBR and JOG ON!!!

  61. racketboy says:

    Sonic Phantom, thank you SO much for you well-stated comments. I definitely appreciate it.

    You make some good points that complement what one other person said in another post of mine. It seems that Sega is no longer focusing on their most established Sonic fan-base, but is instead looking for the younger gamer.

    However, just because a game is meant for kids doesn’t give Sega an excuse to cut corners. This situation reminds me a lot of movies. There are a bunch of animated kids movies like Madagascar or Over The Hedge that I really can’t stand watching because they don’t try that hard to be creative in their humor. However, Pixar does an amazing job of creating a terribly engaging experience for both children and adults.

    I’d like Sega to take the Pixar approach.
    I hope that makes sense 🙂

  62. Possibly. I buy Sonic games because I want to keep up with my blue hero. And do you listen to stories instead of talking about the basics? There are a ton of great things in Shadow the Hedgehog. I still don’t see why everyone hates that game. For example, when you get hit, you only lose ten rings instead of all of them. Now people complain about the guns because there’s no lock-on. Um, hello? It’s called auto-aiming. In other words, the bullets hit the enemy directly instead of lock on to them. What? Were you expecting a Halo type of shooter? To be honest, I don’t care about graphics or gameplay, or any of that stuff. In my terms of gaming, I play the gaem and I determine if I want to keep it or just sell it. Sonic is just fine as he is. And snice Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity for the Wii will be released early next year. I’m going to but that game, simply because I love Sonic. The Sonic games have been designed to challenge us gamers. And so far, I haven’t been dissapointed. I respect what Sega is doing and I have no cmoplaints. You know, it seems that once that peopel get into their early teenage years, they turn into a prick about the things they love. Well, those idiots won’t spoil it for me. I can’t wait to find out more aoubt the new games.

  63. Miss typos from the last post. I will BUY Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. When If first played Sonic 2006, I thought it was the best game I have ever played and it still is today. Now of course, camera is the main problem in Sonic games, but that doesn’t really bother me much. Of course, there is that talk about the Sonic and Elise relationship. While the odd bit of chemistry is fine, I don’t think they had any intention of taking it too far. Heck, I wouldn’t mind a mixed tag team match between Mario and Peach vs Sonic and Elise.

  64. I like all the 3D Sonic games. For people who say that the Sonic games suck. You are idiots, and your admitting that Sonic kicks your ass because you suck st his games.

  65. racketboy says:

    Is this the same “Sonic Phantom” that commented before???
    Why the immature and pointless comment all of a sudden?

  66. Sorry about my last post. I got a little carried away. Sorry about that mean stuff. But seriously, I just wish everyone would just keep their minds to themselves. What about the two other comments before that idotic post? Did you get what I was saying?

  67. Sorry about my last post. I got a little carried away. Sorry about that mean stuff. But seriously, what did you think of the other two posts before that.

  68. I’d rather not see Sega go to the Pixar approach and be way to kiddish. Think about it, Sonic’s growing up. Shadow the Hedgehog had his own game with guns and everything. Sonic is maturing but still lovable to all it’s fans (including myself). Look, Sonic games are NOT meant to be perfect. In fact, I don’t think Sonic is ever going to be perfect. No one’s perfect. Not Mario, not Sonic, not even the gameplay themselves. As long as a Sonic game is announced then I’m buying that Sonic game no matter who says what. It may have some frustrations but I don’t think that much of a problem. My point is, Sonic is just as fine as he is today. If you can’t deal with what Sonic’s next move is then I suggest you stop making complaints leave Sonic as he is. I’m sick of negative comments from people who don’t like the current Sonic games and have to whine and complain about it. As I said before, all of the Sonic games have done an excellent job and I have not been dissapointed.

  69. I loved Madagascar. I don’t care about that humor stuff. I just love the movie. Besides, Pixar has had a lot of bad games recently. I’d reathe stick with the movies. Instead of playing those games. You know, movie games. Most of them are bad, and I agree. If Sonic ever went to Pixar, they would really ruin it for me. Sonic and Pixar do not mix.

  70. The Kraken says:

    Wow, have we gotten some intelligent posts here.

    Sonic Phantom if you have a problem with this topic then leave. I was beginning to think you were making some good points, until you started to jump the gun. Either that or your an imposter trying to be the user that posted here earlier. Don’t take this immature attitude with you because it only makes you foolish in the long run.

    Going back to the topic, I think that if Sega took what Nintendo did in the 20+ years as a console maker, they may learn some valuable lessons. They too have made some mistakes along the way, but they helped solve the problems that were most evident. Sega on the other hand seemed to have this laid back “I don’t care” attitude, because Nintendo wouldn’t try to support a number of consoles at once if they were all just going to fail. That and a few of their games catered more to the adult audience than in the family friendly category.

  71. I apologized okay? I’m sorry about that comment.

  72. Lovely Lady says:

    rackeboy, shut your mouth! What? you think Sonic is for kids only? Well that marks you as a grade A retard!

  73. Solid Snake says:

    racketboy, you obviously did not even listen to the plot of the Sonic games or even played them. So you should keep your mouth shut.

  74. Blade says:

    racketboy, you are the biggest wanker of the highest possible grade! If you think you can make a better Sonic game, take your best fucking shot! But do not ever slag Sega off on all those great Sonic games that Sega put a lot of work and effort into, from Sonic Heroes to Shadow the Hedgehog to Sonic Riders and Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, unless you have something constructive to add you fucking retard!

  75. racketboy says:

    Gee, I wonder if these last three comments are from the same person.

    Hmm, let me look closely at the IP addresses. Oh, what do you know, it’s actually Sonic Phantom.

    Really, man, you need to get a life. Coming back the this post constantly and posting immature comments is just embarrassing you further.

  76. Okay look, I’m really sorry for those comments all right? I’m just having a bad day is all. But seriously, what’s your deal with Sonic? If you’re not a Sonic fan then why are mocking Sega? Let me ask you a question. Have you ever seen or heard of Sonic?

  77. Sorry miss typo. Have ever seen or heard of Sonic X?

  78. Kagi says:

    Sonic 2 FTW.

  79. mozgus says:

    Phantom, it’s his site. He can do what he wants. Get that through your skull and go away if you don’t like it. You aren’t going to sway his opinion with force. His opinion should not bother you in the first place.

    It also doesn’t help matters that the vast….vast majority agree with him.


  80. The Kraken says:

    I agree with mozgus, it’s bad if you try to force your opinions to others. At least sound reasonable and disagree when you have to, but instead I’m seeing an immature attitude come out of your mouth. That means that you simply don’t respect other’s opinions, and if you keep acting like that you might as well leave. I’ve said this once already, and I’ll say it again. Knock it off and act like a mature adult. Don’t go acting like a kid who thinks things should go his way and rubbing them off on people.

  81. The Kraken says:

    Now can we finally go back to the topic using some common sense? I’m not trying to be harsh, but fighting amongst ourselves is not going to do or help anything. Please, I’m getting tired of this and I think we should discuss about Sonic in a polite, friendly way. There, that’s all I’m asking for.

  82. Damien says:

    Yeah i almost completly agree with you except for the thing you said underneath the shadow picture i personally think shadow is cool but they just fucked up the game but other than that spot on man

  83. Look, maybe I was being a bit harsh. But I never wanted to actually say that. I was just having a bad day is all. You don’t have to believe me, but I really was having a bad day. I respect racketboy’s opinion, but most of the things he said kid of went to the extreme. And I am 16 “The Kraken.” I am not an adult, not yet at least.

  84. Mytar says:

    Actually, those are only the basics. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Just, some people are complaining about small things and some that arent’ there. The camera angles don’t bother me too much, and as long as I view a NEW story which continues the storyline as well as not being as slow as a brick plus being challenging enough to play (unlike walking from one end of a room to another) then i’m good. I also beleive that the Mario series isn’t doing so hot but everyone loves’em, but to me, it’s jsut a buch of colorful playing around, something that doesnt’ need to be te Mario characters, like a bunch of regular playtime games with the extras of Mario characters only without the original characters leaving the Mario people to be the only people. Now some are okay, but others are just like 3D virtual baby toys to me. Too much attention to one character can be tiring, and if Sonic were alone, people would get tired of him. The issues with Shadow The Hedgehog aren’t very good excuses, as the gameplay is the same only with hte extras of vehicles and guns, the graphics weren’t attractive but weren’t pixelated, and the voices weren’t bad just differen’t, which actual specifically fit the different style of story of the game Shadow the Hedgehog. Personalites changed, but oh well, the personality is different each game. The monsters and stuff aren’t too wide spread, and all the stories are organized. People also complain that you must play sertain characters by force to beat the game. Well, in a game, you do what you want, and there’s bound to be something someone else likes that you don’t, not like it was made specifically for you, and of course you have to do them to finich the entire game or else it wouldn’t be entire, and the only things you unlock are things relatedto what you acomplish, so it’s not really forcing you if you don’t like that part since you could just beat the parts you like and unlock what’s related to what you like and call it a day sicne everything else is something you don’t care about. Am I right?

  85. Mytar says:

    Exaclty WHAT was the problem with the talking? All it did was give it a story able to be view instead of going through pointless levels and readign the misinterpreted stories of the games like the old ones.

    Eggman is the same as he always was and still is the boss in his machines. He has always gone after the emeralds to build some sort of mechanical area to rule, such as a station, or a place using various fortresses (Death Egg. Death Egg 2, Egg Carrier, Egg Carrier 2, Egg carrier, Launch)

    The sensation of speed is indeed hard to place as in the modern time we now live in, that limit has risen to a new high to the point where some may complain of not being able to control him at such speeds.

    Sonic loves no one in a romantic way officially, others love him.

    To please fans, many things have happened, but all that’s changed is fans find something else to complain about, possibly caused by the stupidity of most of mankind and the uncontrolled feelings even they don’t understand while some THINK they do.

    It is hard to get a new story involving Eggman as the main bad guy as he has done all he can do besides repeat himself, thus repeating the plot in a different way but nothing new comes along, and thus complaints that nothing new has come to interest fans and is a repeat of a previous game.

    Other characters aren’t boring, in fact, they are quite interesting and have many fans and more new characters are wanted, thus resulting in at least a new character in every game. This also helps to come up with an original plot, even if it’s only used once.

  86. Seeing as I’m fairly new here, I guess I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m really sorry about the bad comments. The reason I said the bad things is that I was having a bad day at school recently. So, can you let it go?:)

  87. See, it takes time to actually like the 3D Sonic games. I had a few problems at first. I’m sure everyone did. Now of course camera angles are the only main problems in Sonic games. But quite frankly, they don’t bother me much. And I don’t know if this bothers you, but I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about the voices recently. They say that the 4kids voices are horrible. I actually found then quite nice. The reason why they made Shadow the Hedgehog was to find out about his past once and for all and Sega/Sonic Team made the right move. I wanted to know what Shadow’s past was. Sonic Riders: They did not rush Sonic Riders. Quite frankly, there taking new steps with Sonic. Sonic for Xbox 360: Now I know the game has a ton of problems, but if you have patience you might actually like the game. Sonic games are not your average Sonic games. No one is giving him a chance to actually get into the game. Sega wanted to attract older gamers into Sonic. Not just for kids. So you see, Sonic games are fun. I have not played Secret Rings but it should be fun too. And the Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, a sequel to the first Sonic Riders is going to be a wild ride. I don’t care if it get’s a 3/10. Critics never point out the good stuff in Sonic games.

    Hopefully racketboy, you understand what I’m saying. *doing Sonic’s thumbs up pose*.

  88. Eric says:

    Excuse me. But I find most of your article OFFENSIVE. I’ve been a Sonic fan since the start. And quite frankly, I ACTUALLY THINK SONIC FOR PS3 IS THE BEST GAME! And Sonic gets better with each game. I don’t give crap about any details like Sonic is saving a human girl rather than Amy. I find it a nice change for once. And Chaos 0 is a lot more destructive than Eggman’s mechs. Didn’t you see Perfect Chaos? And Shadow is cooler than you describe him. To me, I don’t think you even ARE a Sonic fan! In fact, I think Sonic and Elise is a great pair! Your Mario and Peach image makes me puke! Sonic and Elise! I hope SEGA makes great Sonic games like they did for Secret Rings and Sonic’s PS3 debut!

  89. Let me put this in way that you might understand. I find that a great deal of self proclaimed “sonic fan wannabe’s/basic people/normal people” are actually sex-obssesed egotists that put themselves on a pedestal because they are “part of the in-crowd”, when in actual fact they are just too afraid to be themselves for fear of being labelled an outcast. That’s not an insult on anyone, just a general comment. My point is, normality is not only subjective but probably overrated.

    Again, I’m sorry for what I said. But becareful about what you say, that might hurt other Sonic fans (including myself.) If you say you are a long time Sonic fan but don’t like any of his games on 3D, then you either are not a true Sonic fan or your not a Sonic fan at all. FYI, if you have not listned to the entire plot of the Sonic franchise then you would never understand why Sonic is taking new directions.

    So I guess in conclusion, we are two very different people with very different opinions.

  90. Droid party says:

    Dearest Sonic phantom
    Please for the love of god stop. It’s good that your sorry for your past behavior and it is also great that you finally understand that you are two different people with different opinions, but stop with the snipes and the presumption that if someone disagrees with the direction of the newer sonic games that they are somehow not a sonic fan. Who the hell are you to make that call? Did I miss the meeting were we elected you the keeper ,the protector of all things sonic? How can you say that you understand that the two of you are two different people and that your entitled to your own opinion ,and then go on to say that Racketboy and those who agree with him are not sonic fans? That’s one hell of a contradiction dontcha think?

    So as I started please stop before you make yourself look like more of a fool. This crap is beyond a joke and if you can’t play nice then just go the Fuck home.

  91. Droid Party, why don’t you stop making a joke out of yourself. I don’t know what you’re talking, but that’s what I think. It’s not a fact. Get it? Because if you don’t then why don’t you just keep your mouth shut.

  92. racketboy says:

    Sonic Phantom, that post made no sense, but you are really making yourself look foolish.

    Please…. get a life and move on. You’ve stated your opinion, but quit harassing everyone you disagree with and find somewhere else to post.

  93. Droid party says:

    Sonic phantom

    I can’t believe I’m asking you to post again but please if I’m making a joke of myself then elaborate on how like I did rather than going on a nonsensical rant that nobody understood.
    What I’m saying is I find it insulting that I’ve been playing sonic games since you were still shitting your pants (when was that like last week) and you have the cheek to tell me I’m not a fan…Fuck you ,you little prick.

    Oh and when your done please go away, you’ve been at it for weeks and your not making any headway. Give up your at a site dedicated to retro gaming, that might give you a hint as to the audience your talking too.

  94. Droid party, that made no sense at all. I was only stating my own opinion. That’s it. I was going to leave this alone until you had to say something stupid and made me post something else. I’ve played Sonic games ever since Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Though of course my first Sonic game was Sonic 3 & Knuckles on the Genesis. And that’s what got me into Sonic. Now I don’t why everyone has to make a big deal about Sonic going different directions, but seriously,
    if you don’t like it then shut up. If you keep making harsh statements about Sonic, then they won’t even make a Sonic the Hedgehog movie (and that is just sick.) racketboy, stop telling me to get a life or saying that I’m foolish. I am who I am and I refuse to change who I am just to be simply as “one of them”. And by that, I mean I don’t always play by the rules of whatever is going on a certain thread. I do what I enjoy, and if people don’t like it then that’s up to them. If this what I want to do, I’ll do it. I’m not afraid to say something, even if you think it’s stupid. If you can’t get past that premise then that’s up to you.

    To racketboy: for the last time I’m sorry for the bad comments much earlier. And we are two different people with very different opinions. You do what you enjoy best and I’ll do what I enjoy best and that will be the end of this whole debate.

    To Droid party: You are nothing more than an ignorant S.O.B, who can’t shut up about what I like to say. Like this: If your not down with that, then I’ve got two words for ya! SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Droid party says:

    Wow … I mean you sure set me strait, I mean “suck it” wow that’s like really profound stuff. I guess I better straighten up and fly right from here… Oh paleeeaase man that was a pointless statement, and besides you didn’t do as I asked , you didn’t explain what you meant in your post.

    I came to apologize for the last couple of posts of mine. They were completely out of character for me. I just hate when people lower themselves to name calling and swearing to get their point across let alone when they manage to drag me down to their level making me do the same.

    How did this go from an open forum discussing the direction of the sonic franchise to a debate about what it means to be a fan, if being a fan means laying open mouthed while sega shovel crap into said mouth only to swallow, smile and hungrily ask for more of the same never ever thinking to question the quality and direction of the series, Also if it entails writing convoluted pretentious drivel doggedly defending every aspect of the series whilst making no sense at all and only serving to annoy and confuse others, then please I guess I must not be a fan after all… and damn proud of it.

    Now I don’t have an issue with sonic going in new directions, I just don’t feel the direction he’s gone in is entirely the right one. But that’s my opinion, it’s not right ,it’s not wrong because an opinion by definition can’t be either, that’s what makes it an opinion.

    Now that’s it, I’m out ,I’ve had all I can bear of this nonsense, The thing I like about this site is that it is full of gaming enthusiasts who are passionate about gaming, all of them have their own opinions and are able to let others have theirs, something you seem unable to do, so in that case go back to IGN or where ever you stumbled from and continue your angry rants at a site that appreciates that kind of carry on, NOT THIS ONE.

    No doubt I’ll see your reply to this on here as promptly as your last, and just like your last I expect to not understand what the hell is going on and feel a little annoyed that someone gets so upset over something as trivial as someone thinking differently to them.

    Oh and if your not down with that would you terribly mind sucking it or something I guess. Oh fiddlesticks he counted how many words he was going to say before he said them but I forgot to , now I don’t look as cool as him.

  96. I understand what you’re saying. I really do. And I’ll apologize for the “Suck it” comment. That’s what D-Generation X would say. And after your first post, I meant that I was only stating my own opinion. I was not angry at all.

    I’m not one of those Sonic “fanboys” who protects Sonic games. That would mean I would own Sega, or something to that effect. I was only showing you that there are actually good stuff about the Sonic games even if it got low scores. But I find that reviews rarely show the good things about the Sonic games.

    I’ve been out of line recently, I know it’s each to their own. And I was only stating my own opinions. I’ve been having bad days at school. And I kind of said stuff that I never really wanted to say, but I write it down anyways.

    I don’t rarely say stuff like this, but usually people get inside my head for something that I like but always have to turn into a prick about stuff that they use to love.

    Who cares where Sonic is going next, Sonic has never let me down. And I love every Sonic game because it’s fun. Maybe it’s not right to the fans, but it is to Sonic. I’m saying that Sonic is growing up. I mean, it’s not suppose to be a Mario copy. I find the current Sonic games fun and sometimes addicting. I mean, do they ever try to unlock everything in a Sonic game? Do they even try? Do they even care? IMO, I don’t think they do.

    I just don’t see why everyone hates these Sonic games. I just don’t know that. I actually think they have no taste in these kind of Sonic games.

    But like I said, you do what you want, I’ll do what I want. Neither of us is “right” or “wrong” it’s just personal prefrence. And again I’m sorry for that last comment.

  97. Droid party says:

    That’s a little better. You clearly thought a little before posting this time. You stated your points and didn’t lower yourself to pointless cheap shots. Good stuff.

    I never said that I hated any sonic games or that the games had no good points, and Racketboy’s article never said that either. I only said that I didn’t feel that the games were going down a path that I was entirely happy with.

    Now next time try not to get worked up so easily, if someone says something stupid like “Sonik are gay and i fink he be stoopid and peepol hoo plays dose gayms are fuk wits and shood dye” ignore them and don’t lower yourself to replying to such baseless drivel. You will always find that kind of crap on web sites because everyone has the ability to post something on an open discussion… just some shouldn’t.

    Also don’t feel too sorry because learning a little humility is a good thing. Anyway apology accepted and I apologize if I offended you unnecessarily. Just think before you post and don’t take out your frustrations on those who just trying to have an open conversation.

  98. Well, I find stories on about Sonic that ignores the plot completely. They usually turn them into weird pairings. Sonic and Amy is one thing, but Sonic and Shadow? Ugh.

    I’ll take your advice and try to ignore them. By the way, you said that the direction that Sonic is gonig in doesn’t make you happy. What Sonic did you start thinking that?

  99. Miis typo. What Sonic game did you start to say that didn’t make you entirely happy?

  100. Droid party says:

    If it’s all the same I’d rather just leave this topic. I think enough has been said ,both for and against the 3d sonic games ( both helpful and unhelpful)and another voice in the crowd seems a little unnecessary at this point.

    Just in closing I will say that I do enjoy the later games, just not as much as the originals but that’s me, just in future think before you post. You seem like a smart kid and when you think about what you say before saying it you seem to raise valid points, and that’s exactly what people want to read.

    Ok that’s me done bye.

  101. racketboy, I just want to ask you one more question. You mentioned a lot of Sonic games except for one, did you like Sonic Rivals for the PSP?

    And I know I said this too much but, I’m sorry for the bad comments.:)

  102. racketboy says:

    I don’t have a PSP, so no.
    It does look interesting though…

  103. narr says:

    i think sega just rushes things way too much in all these new sonic games the graphics are amazing but it feels like they put in the gameplay at the last second if they spent as much time on gameplay as they do on graphics the 3d sonics wouldnt suck ass actually i dont think the 3d games dont suck ass ( except for sonic riders)just the handling sucks, the acceleration and speed could be better, and the occasional camera screw up pisses me off. and maybe if sega still made consoles, they would have been able to learn from the ps2 gamecube and xbox, what was needed because it looks like it belongs back with the n64 and the ps1

  104. Alright, I’m sick of this! I have been going from site to site hearing “Sonic 3-D games aren’t cool” or “Shadow the Hedgehog stinks”. OK, sure they have a few bugs, but it isn’t really that horrific!Sonic Adventure was one of Sonic’s best games! Maybe I hated the screen controls, but what they did with it also helped me! If you hold L and R, it stays in one place! And Chao are adorable! And Chaos is awesome! And there are big robots!Shadow the Hedgehog was awesome! Okay, killing the Big Egg was kind of harsh, but otherwise, it was great!
    Now SEGA isn’t doing anything wrong… YOU ARE! You are shooting your mouth about the games when there is nothing that makes than horrific! Now will stop fussing about my FAVORITE video game character character and SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!!!!!?????

  105. Meatloaf says:

    when it comes to this topic, I can say that Sonic X is, without a doubt the WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO THIS FRANCHISE!!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t matter how big of an anime fan you are (and I am a die hard anime loather), or how bad shadow the hedgehog was, Sonic X brought the god-awful voice acting to the games and threatened to take away the franchise away from all its good factors, therefore killing it. That being said, Sonic and the Secret Rings is the game that saved the franchise. Seriously, guys, this game brings the series to its roots while staying in 3-D. Sonic fans, this is the game you have been praying for, but if you don’t have a Wii, you are out of luck.

  106. futurer0ckstar says:

    Right on, man! These newest Sonic games really stink. Sega’s turned me into quite the Sonic basher with their newest installments. Not only is the voice acting so corny and the music so uninspired, the gameplay is a load of crap! But I read this in Game Informer magazine dude, Yuji Naka (creator of the Sonic series), HATES HIS OWN CREATION. He said it himself that he’s hated Sonic ever since Sonic Adventure 2 rolled around. That’s why the newest games have been horrible. NO motivation whatsoever. So Yuji Naka turned Sonic the Hedgehog into a fast, playful series with addicting special stages and environments to an uninspired piece of story work with the worst soundtrack in the world and glitches and annoyances written on every corner of the wall. With blood. Hedgehog blood. All because our depressed little Yuji Naka killed Sonic with the newest installments. He’s not the same anymore!

    I totally agreed with 100 percent of this article, man. Nice job!

  107. Sora's baby love says:

    I hate sonic the bitchhead i think kingdom hearts 2 is better then everthing and sonic is a thing of the past. I mean thay should have left that there. Guitar heros are the new thing now i mean everone on this website are crazy because ya’ll are all stuck in the past i mean all of you mack me sick. Im very sorry but if you don’t get off of it all of you are gowing to be made funny of, take it from me. I got beat up gest because i liked it but now since i moved to kingdom hearts 2,all the guitar heros,and Family guy i have never bene made fun of. now most of my friends are in the 8th grade and im in the 7th grade. So please take my addvice. Remember this is to help you not hert you. I LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS 2 AND ALL THE 8TH GRADE KNOWS WHAT THAT IS SO MABE TRY THAT. IT LOOKS SO REALLY AND IT FELLS LIKE YOUR ACSALY THERE,OR EVEN TRY GUITAR HERO 1,2,OR 3. THANK YOU FOR LETING ME ON THIS REDICULESS SITE. TAKE MY ADDVICE PLEASE THIS IS FOR YOUR SACK. THIS IS TO HELP YA’LL.

  108. Brad says:

    I disagree with this entire article…it’s a bunch of rubbish created by whiny fanboys that really don’t seem to know what a real game is.

  109. Brad says:

    Oh, and just to clarify, I don’t protect all Sonic games etc…I recognize bad games like Sonic Shuffle and Tail’s Adventures (although the former is far worse than the latter), but you continually attack the 3D installments which is what I disagree with.

  110. ESE150 says:

    I can help but disagree with many points:
    “But all was not perfect with Sonic Team’s newest creation. In reality, very few of the subsequent levels even came close to living up to the high standards that the demo created. Instead, the game was filled with slow and annoying “exploration” areas that turned off many gamers that were expecting fast-paced action”
    The original Sonic games were great because they combined lots of speed AND exploration. The stages were huge and had many alternative paths and hidden passageways. The 3D games were disappointing because the stages had just one linear path, and you just had to run to the end.

    Also, the speed parts of SA1 were very disappointing because you hadn’t complete control over Sonic. And the oh-so-awesome-whale-scene is one of the worst examples.

    “Sonic Adventure ushered in re-branded “Dr. Eggman” and replaced his cool mechanical boss battles with strange creatures and dim-witted schemes to collect Chaos Emeralds.”
    Come on! The old-school bosses weren’t that great. Most of the modern ones are better because they require more “strategy”, especially the SA2 ones (the best example probably being the Biolizard).

    “To make matters worse, once words started coming out of Sonic’s mouth, the game was to the point of being an embarrassment to watch. Characters we all used to enjoy such as Tails and Knuckles all became an annoyance and a joke.”
    First of all, if you problem is with the bad voices, that is a null point, considering that you can turn them off. Second, I’m glad that unlike Mario, Sonic characters got voices. That way we can have a more detailed story-telling.

    “As much as everyone tries to forget about it, Sega somehow thought that the best way to solve the fact that the Sonic franchise was getting tired was to have a game centered around Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow was supposed to be the Sonic for the hardcore gamers that needed a rough edge. (And I thought all this time, Sonic was the cool hedgehog with the attitude.)”
    The Shadow game might have sucked, but I don’t see what is wrong them trying new things by making a game of a different tone when that game is just a spin-off, and the protagonist ISN’T Sonic. At least SEGA takes the risk of trying new things, unlike other companies such as Nintendo or Capcom (who every time that invents a “new style” of Mega Man game, releases about six clones which are almost exactly the same game).

  111. ShadelatheHedgehog says:

    I thought that the Sonic Adventure Games were awesome (and it was the first one i got, but I have been with the series since the begining), Sonic Heroes was great, and Shadow the Hedgehog is AWESOME!!! I have almost every Sonic game for Gamecube, and it is my favorite, and that includes Sonic and the Secret Rings as well! NO ONE CAN EVER STOP ME FROM LIKING THE SERIES!! AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE THE GAMES FOR THERE UPS AND DOWNS!!! And I do not like sites that bash them! I may not like Sonic as much anymore (now I’m a Shadow girl) but still, I cannot stand ppl who bash them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. I says:

    Sega didn’t ruin Sonic, the Sonic Team did! Yes, they still know how to make a good 2D sonic game like Sonic Rush adventure. But when it comes to making 3D sonic games, their awful programming and attempts at giving sonic a deep story line just flip and flop. SA2 was great and the Sonic Team’s best 3D sonic game, but all the other 3D games later on were ‘okay, could have been better’ or just down right stupid. (Sonic 360 for example)

  113. MR. BIGALWORTH says:

    I have played almost every sonic game there is (except 360 & ps3). I have found that the best out of all of them was sonic 3 & knuckles. You could spend hours exploiting glitches through debug mode, or still get hours of fun through the normal gameplay mode. I’m not saying that the new games are bad, it’s just that there was a lot of room for improvement.

  114. Soren says:

    No. Sorry, but I really don’t agree with you at all. How can you write an article about Sonic in which almost everything you say about the games is complete garbage?Every Sonic game I have ever played was absolutely brilliant, apart from Soinc 3-D blast which, I will admit, took a slight turn for the worst. Oh, and you forgot to write about Sonic Rivals and Sonic and the Secret Rings, which are two decent games that focus almost exclusively on speed. Sega have never gone as downhill as you describe, and if they ever did make a bad Sonic game because of the lack in speed, they’ve made up for it with Rivals and Secret Rings.

    Plus, about the statement that you made: ‘the entire time, fans wanted to play ONLY as Sonic’. The only thing that upsets me about Secret Rings is that there’s no choice of characters.

    I also like Shadow the Hedgehog a lot more than both Sonic Heroes and Sonic Advance, so screw you.

  115. racketboy says:

    If you’d notice the original article date, you’d realize why some of those newer games were not mentioned — they weren’t released yet.

    And once again, if you’d actually read the article, or my other stuff, you’d see that I actually do enjoy certain parts about the new games, but they aren’t as good as they could be.

  116. Mason says:

    I just read through all the comments here. Damn, there are so many immature people on the net.

    Anyways, I read through this article, and I have to say, that IMO you’re quite right about the sonic 3D games.

  117. Didoo says:

    I am a Sonic fan from iran and know almost everything about him
    i will ask a question from this site sonic fans :
    What is the Sonics fastest speed record?
    Hint : its about 600 mph
    Attention : give your answers with ”mph”
    Thank you
    From Didoo Sonsilsha©

  118. The Kraken says:

    It seems that there are more people here that are new-school than those who are old-school. If that’s the case, then a lot of our points are probably going to get disagreed on, because frankly, old-school and new-school are two different generations.

    That being said I am a fan of old-school Sonic, and it depresses me to see what he has been turned into. I was one of those fans that liked everything about him. His videogames, his comics, his cartoons, his merchandise, you name it. Up until the late 1990s, I was a regular teenager who was a big fan of the blue rodent.

    Since SA2, my love has all but dwindled greatly for him. Sega did not only take Sonic to a new direction for the worse, but they have also done a crappy job replying back to us when we complain that many of their games have flaws and glitches. Their games from the early 90s destroy anything that they have done in the past 5 years, and that is only because back then, Sega cared about the content they were making as well as keeping the standards up high. While Sonic and the Secret Rings was a huge reliever, it’s going to take a lot to bring him back to his former glory, which will probably never happen in this day and age. Sorry if that offends any of you but, he is just too different now.

    It’s a shame that since Sega moved away from the hardware business, they have been doing a terrible job keeping the majority of us fans happy.

  119. The Kraken says:

    Although one thing that has made me happy is that Sonic has made it onto Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and I’m planning to buy the game and hook it online as soon as it’s released in stores. It’s far from over yet, but I just want his former glory back for once.

  120. Racketboy and The Kraken, there are people who like the new Sonic, despite your pathetic attempts to sway us. People like you make me sick. You think you know everything and that your word is law. Meanwhile there are people that enjoy what you don’t. There’s no use whining at it. You can stay at your land of delusion where your word is law. Meanwhile, we’ll continue are lives and enjoy. I’ll admit, Sonic 2006 came out at a premature release. Glitches or not, it is my favorite Sonic game ever. This upcoming RPG, which, by the way, is being developed by master developer Bioware, so far it might be superb as well. Yet you’ll still find something to complain about, because it isn’t a carbon copy of Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

    It’s not like Sonic is the ONLY series there is. If you don’t like it, go find something else instead of complaining about your last experience. Seriously, your wasting your time arguing, because this is an opinion battle. In case you didn’t know, those can’t be won or lost. Seriously, in the time you’ve spent arguing, you could have looked up several games that might appeal to you, and considered buying some of them. Instead you’ve spent your time here crying because you don’t like something. You kids disgust me to the level at which I wish I could jump in a pool of magma. Seriously, grow up and stop complaining, because in the end your only wasting your life away doing it, and the only one miserable here is you.

    Why even try anyway? What are you trying to accomplish? If it’s to convince someone, anyone, that your opinion is right, then you have horribly failed at that. So what is your problem? Why keep trying? We won’t listen. We’re disproving your “facts” left and right, solely because they are opinions and don’t matter in an argument like this. So unless it’s one of those above reasons, I suggest shutting up here permanently about the matter.

  121. Jemma says:

    Well, I have been a huge sonic fan since the beginning, even though im just about 16 myself, i have liked him since I was able to understand, I have a picture of my playing sonic games on the megadrive when i was 1 yr 6 months XD

    Anyway, to the point, in my honest opinion as a fan, I dont dislike any sonic games except for shadow the hedgehog because that was just so awful to control and the story was terrible, also, I love the next gen game, but I dont like the fact that humans are involved in the story now, like the whole elise thing was just annoying.

    Why cant it just be a story line like it used to be? get the emeralds, get through the levels, defeat robotnik, save the world.

    Apart from that, I think all the games are awesome, and sonic adventure 1 + 2 were great games right to the finish. I’ve got to admit sonic rush + sonic rish adventure are the most amazing sonic games since.. well.. the adventure series I guess, Sonic heroes was good though I thought.

    My favourite sonic game will probably always be sonic CD though, thats just the most amazing game ever and even the soundtrack is immense! lol

    Anyway, im not telling anyone theyre wrong, but I personally think Sonic is doing really well.

    Sega America just need to let the Japanese studios make the games for once, have you realised ever since the American studios started making the games people have been complaining?

    anyway, I didnt mean to turn this into an essay, but oh well too late now XD

    Keep up the good work Sonic, You’ll always be the best!!

  122. mark says:

    I don’t know why dissing Sega has become so cool.

    You don’t use consistent logic when you praise Mario 64 but ridicule the 3D Sonic games. Mario 64 was nothing like the original Mario, and contrary to popular opinion, not everyone liked it. I know that I didn’t. Then again, I didn’t like any game on the N64 because of its 3-handed controller. I’ll admit I only played Mario 64 for 10 minutes before giving up on it, because I hated the controls.

    By comparison, the feel of Sonic Adventure was much closer to the look and feel of the original Sonic series. I think that they did spend a lot of time perfecting it, and if they wanted to rush it, they could have released it with the original DC in Japan. That would have given them the killer title to sell more consoles in Japan, possibly building up a stronger base for the coming battle with PS2.

    Instead, DC was released in Japan with a bunch of weak titles, and that may be the reason it never succeeded.

    The levels of SA provided a lot variety and were of high quality. SA was less repetitive than some of the older Sonic titles (Sonic 2 comes to mind) but not everyone thinks that is a bad thing. I don’t think we should hate on Sonic Team because they were trying to expand the realm of Sonic gameplay by adding new elements, like RPG play.

    Afterall, Nintendo has been doing that with Mario since the very beginning (who was originally a character in Donkey Kong, then he got his own series, then they changed the gameplay with Mario 2, then he appeared in sports games, RPGs, racing games, fighting games, etc.) Nintendo slaps that stupid plumber everywhere, and no one complains. People were used to Nintendo doing crazy stuff with Mario by the time Mario 64 came out, and so no one was shocked.

    On the other hand, Sonic fans are a lot harder to please, probably some of the hardest people to please. Many of us need to be a little bit more open-minded and less willing to condemn, just because a game doesn’t match our so-called “formula”. In my opinion, both SA and SA2 were both great.

    I didn’t like Sonic Heroes as much because it required too much of those “special moves”. None of the original Sonics required you to perform special moves to complete the level. You could play Sonic 2/3/&K without even using the Spin Dash. In SA1, the new special moves were optional most of the time. SA2 gave more reliance on performing tricks, and by the time Heroes came out, it was all about grinding, gliding, triangle jumps, and such.

    So it’s ironic that Heroes is your favorite, because that’s the least authentic one of all of them. Plus, the levels were pretty but designed so uninspiringly in Heroes (maybe that’s what you liked).

    I only played the demo of NextGen Sonic, and it seemed really glitchy. And seems like they thought realistic physics are more important than good game mechanics. Other than that, it might have had potential.

  123. mark says:


    To The Kracken: I am one of those old-school gamers you refer to, played all the Sonic games on Genesis, and still disagree with you.

    To ESE150: The 3D Sonic games do have multiple paths, just like the 2D Sonics. Maybe SA 1 is a bit more linear than Sonic 3 was, but not more so than Sonic 1 (probably the best of the 2D series). Also, if you compare the whale scene to the 2D Sonics, there were plenty of places you lost control in the 2D games (all the tubes come to mind). Yes, I know that this scene could have been done with complete control from the player like when the lava chases you in Sonic 1, but I think they wanted to make it easier for the player since it was the first level.

  124. sonic_vs_shadow_fan says:

    Sonic Phantom, i read your comment and it moved me to tears. that’s exactly how i feel about this matter, and you really know how to express your opinion civilly and gracefully. but what really got me sobbing is how much all these people care so much about Sonic, and how every single one of them is prepared to defend their opinions and defend them well. im only 14 so of course i havent grown up with those older games. i came in with Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. my point is, even though we all have different views, we have all grown to love that blue blur that blazed across our childhoods. we all love Sonic the Hedgehog, so why cant we just leave it at that? you dont have to get defensive every time someone says something you dont like, just accept that not everyone shares your views and get on with your life. thank you, Sonic Phantom, for your insightful comments. that really summed everything up.

    long live Sonic the Hedgehog!!! ^_^

  125. sonic_vs_shadow_fan says:

    ok i take most all of it back. i just finished reading the other comments and Sonic Phantom was really starting to creep me out there. but i meant what i said about how much we all care about Sonic.

  126. sonic_vs_shadow_fan says:

    ummm… i know it’s really not my place to say, but dont you think we’re trying to reach the wrong people? what exactly are we accomplishing by arguing with each other? if you dont like what’s going on, do something about it! im pretty neutral on this matter, personally. i would like to see better games, but at the same time im perfectly content playing SA2 and Sonic Heroes. what im trying to say is, it’s all well and good to excercise your freedom of speech, but what’s the good in it if nothing gets done? think about that, please.
    im sorry if this offends anyone, but this is truly how i feel.

    long live Sonic the Hedgehog!!! ^_^

  127. sonic_vs_shadow says:

    ok one more and i’ll be done for the day. i know everyone here cares what happens to Sonic, but be careful, please. your comments are on the verge of being downright scary. it’s ok to be passionate about your opinions, but please try not to forget that we’re discussing entertainment here, and what some people find entertaining can be *ahem* not so much so to others. let’s not lose sight of the fact that we all love playing Sonic games, whether we be old-school or new-school gamers.
    again, im sorry if you dont agree with me.


  128. Kashia says:

    i think the whole mobius thing is stupid. sonic is fine on earth as long as he stays away from the close relationships with humans. although the shadow-maria wasn’t bad. they weren’t in love with eachother, just really close friends or companions.

    if sonic must have a lovey-dovey relationship it should be with his own species and without kisses and “i love you so much” talk. Just saying they are boyfriend-girlfriend in the prologue or manual is enough to get the point out.
    what do you think?

  129. Kaishiomo says:

    Hey, Sonic Phantom. your taking it too far. like somepeople like your or others say, opinions will be opinions. Besides Racket boy isn’t out to kill Sonic. If Racket Boy didn’t care about him he wouldn’t be addressing Sonic’s downfalls and saying in his next page how Sonic could be improved, he’d just forget about Sonic like you said and just move on and this “report” wouldn’t have even happened. So Racket Boy isn’t that bad.

  130. Kaishiomo says:

    And by report i mean article

  131. sonic_vs_shadow, what do you mean by creeping you out? Was it because of what much earlier about what I said? If that’s what you are thinking then you got me all wrong, I apologize if I creeped you out. I really don’t say anything like that, but one day, I couldn’t take it anymore and just said some mean things.

    Again sonic_vs_shadow, I’m sorry if I creeped you out there. I was just angry about how I tried to say that stuff about the current 3D Sonic games. And again, I wasn’t thinking clearly, so are all right now?

  132. Kaishiomo, look I’M sorry for what I said earlier. Seriously, I am sorry for saying that stuff. Like I said before, opinion battles cannot be won or lost, no matter what you say.

    I was only stating what I thought about Racketboy’s “article”.

    But I wish that people would stop complaining about this whole argument. I mean yeah, most of the Sonic games currently do have their flaws, and I’m not a fanboy to see that, because I can even see them myself. But…I found most of them enjoyable, including Sonic 06. Despite the tons of problesm that it does have, I’m never going to stop playing that game.

    The only Sonic game that I found was a disgrace was Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis for the Game Boy Advance. That will never be forgiven.

  133. Kaishiomo says:

    that goes for anybody who says that Racket boy is crap.

  134. Kaishiomo says:

    I’m not saying I’m against you Sonic Phantom or am i saying that Racket Boy wins this argument. Like you said a battle of opinions never has a winner, so there shouldn’t be a loser either.
    My opinion on the new games is that some of the recent games especially Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 had loads of potential to become a sonic game that could redeem the whole series, but Sonic Team keeps focusing on the wrong things and since its a natural reaction to see whats bad the potential is lost. And Racket Boy can see this potential too, I think.

  135. Well, if that’s what you think, it’s your opinion.

    And true Sonic 2006 did turn out a bad game. Sure, Sonic Team did make that game a premature release (I don’t say rushed, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But it’s the same thing really.) and if Sonic Team did delay the game for a few more months, the game would’ve been perfected IMO.

    But when I played the game I had a blast playing it. The only thing that I found bad were these:

    Loading times
    Sonic moved slower in the game (minus Blaze and Omega)
    And some of the Town Missions I found were boring

    That’s it basically, everything else I could deal with. You don’t agree, fine. But no matter who says what, it’s not going to stop me from playing Sonic games (no matter how bad they may seem).

  136. Although, I’m used the loading times now.

    It gives me time to give myself a little warm up.

  137. Sorry miss typo.

    I’m use to the loading times now.

  138. sonicfan1234 says:

    You are SO right. Mario is so much better than sonic now. Some people still think that sonic is cool, but i hate it now. When sonic heroes came, i got excited that a new sonic game was coming, with all the cool moves and stuff, obviously everyone got excited. But guess what? The game was a flop. Adventure and the genesis games were the best, and the genesis games were more exciting then how it is now.

  139. shadow says:

    Yes Ii would rather play the large water blob creature thne a stupid ass large eggman!!!

  140. sonic still rocks says:

    Well, maybe sonic is a little eh.. off. But i’m sure he’ll come back as what he used to be. Sometimes i even cry when i think of sonic heroes compared to these bad and short games they are making now. But one thing stays true: i still think Mario is a fat ass.

  141. tehcosmicexplorer07 says:

    Good article, definitely an interesting, informative (and somewhat entertaining) read. Though I have to disagree with this sentence: “an very exciting alternative to those that weren’t Nintendo fanboys.” It isn’t like you HAVE to be a Mario fanboy to enjoy a Mario game. Aside from that, great article.

  142. sonic still rocks says:

    There s going to be a new sonic game, “sonic unleashed” and yey! it’s on Wii! And on A LOT of other consoles. It looks just like the old sonic just 3D. The screen isn’t showing Sonic’s back it’s showing his side. So it looks like a pretty interesting gaming expirience.

  143. Peter says:

    Hey, what if they made a movie?

  144. Peter says:

    Sora’s baby love should just shut the hell up! evetone loves sonic!!!! I love him!!!!! kingdom hearts is the most sissiest game ever!!!!! Disney? what kind of 7th grader likes kingdom hearts!!!! no one!!! Sonic is the best!!! you know what, just shut the fuck up…. there i said it… we love u SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Connor says:

    I just got to this site, read it all completely, and I’m okay with everything everybody said, especially you,rocketboy. [sorry racketboy, I have loads typos], but I played almost every level and Ending for Shadow the Hedgehog and Shadows cool! that game gave me almost all I know about the Sonic team and it’s not real harsh it’s almost my type of game! [getting carried away, so anyway!] I believe all of them are awesome!Note: I’m not against anybody!!!Note 2: I’m 12, but not spoiled, so please don’t start!Note 3: maven,whatever, the Hedgehog?where the hell did those come from?
    Question: I’d like to know, what are the systems for, where can I buy the Games and the names of all the Sonic 2-d games? I haven’t played them, but from what you Guys say, I wanna play and beat them all so PLEASE SEND A RESPONSE ANSWERING THAT QUESTION!!!!
    All hail Sonic!!!

  146. racketboy says:

    I would recommend looking into the Sonic Mega Collection for the PS2, XBox, or Gamecube. They have most of the 2D Sonic games plus some extras. If you want Sonic CD and some other games as well, Sonic Gems Collection is good.

  147. Pingfa says:

    I agree. However, I think a 3D Sonic could work – here’s how:

    3D World + 2D Gameplay = Welcome back, Sonic. 🙂

  148. Supatails says:

    Wow, I agree with SO much of this, honestly though, I liked sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, and sonic heroes, but shadow apeeled to more teenagers who already didn’t like sonic, and lost so many younger sonic fans, and pretty much after that every game is an epic failure…

  149. j2graves says:

    I agree! although, I enjoyed Sonic Adventure one and two and sonic heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog and all the other Sonic titles after that I don’t even want to buy because they look freaky! I say that they should try making a 3d version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, and see how well it does. they should make the levels just like what they were on the Genesis only in 3d. I’m sure that that will explode in popularity, and then Sonic Team would know EXACTLY what to do with him! I like the older games better than the new ones, and instead of trying to make new enemies to match sonic, they should just use metal sonic because he is a popular enemy. in fact, I will email Sonic Team about this giving them the link and a comment! I found on that the email for Sonic Team is or something. if I am wrong, let me know.

  150. Supatails says:

    I JUST sent an e-mail with this link on it! YAAAY!!! Mr. Critic guy who wrote this, you are awsome!

  151. racketboy says:

    Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  152. a kid says:

    I actuly liked the 3d games all the things you said was annoying I dont mind in sonic adventure you have lots of speed and finding stages in the wandering stages is so easy. what you said about sonic heroes if you could only play as sonic it would all get so annoying only having one option for who you can play as I would go crazy. and you said the game shadow the hedgehog made you feel sega lost their mind the only thing that made me feel that way is charmy bee that is the only thing I hate about sonic games charmy bee

  153. DonutGuard says:

    Here’s what would bring Sonic Back for sure

    Redo Sonic the Hedgehog – Sonic & Knuckles on a next-gen console with 3D worlds and 2D gameplay, and take the original sound tracks, but do them with real instruments.

    A modern version of Chemical Plant Zone? HELL YES!

  154. kumiyama says:

    you suck the sonic adventure games rocked and i loved the voice actors especially ryan drummond i think daivid humphrey’s voice is hot besides 4kids ruined it by moving their horrible crappy voice actors on to the sonic roles personally i think sega started screwing up when they switched voice actors seriously, and besides screw sonic + human i don’t care about that i wish that they’d put more shadow + amy rose in side there were only 4 scenes when they’re together in the whole entire series and i’m an shadamy fan and proud of it. And i loves sonic heroes, SA2B, SADX, i like hsadow the hedgehog but i wish they had there old voice actors back and shadow pwns sonic man shadow is the coolest!!!! sais from the voice of an shadamy loving 13 year old sonic fan

  155. Toomra says:

    >_> God, some of the comments are making me cringe. It’s no wonder the newer Sonic games are so terrible when there’s fans who apparently cry over thinking about games.

  156. Connor says:

    Uh,what does 3D look like anyway?Toomra, what are you talking about? Kumiyama, Im a Shadow fan too, but lay off the insults.State your opinion, but show some respect for the others opinions.This site is racketboy’s house, so to speak, not your’s.We dont need another opinion war.If you’re gonna continue on with this pointless rant,Take it to a site of your own, where it wont bother these people deserving respect for there aspect of the situation.Im not trying to insult you but take wisdom in what I say.

  157. Connor says:

    Also, Kumiyama, I ask you, What shadow fan hasnt played the original Shadow the Hedgehog, played ALL the endings,getting the Shadow Rifle, the best gun in the game, the absolute 2-shot ammo clip, one-hit-kill Best rifle in the game and STILL claimed to be a shadow fan? I’m not insulting you, just personal question. Surely you liked the game, if you liked shadow and maria cutscenes in the shadow-including games.

  158. eduardito says:

    you are waypastcool

  159. Eric says:

    Sonic Unleashed is Sonic’s last hope, if that fails, he will never return to greatness (even though the games still sell truck loads)

  160. bleh says:

    umm sonic died after the adventure games

    both adventures were good so fail on your part

  161. Connor says:

    BLeH?????!!!!1!!!! Look if the series continued he didn’t die and maybe the game after the advents. was a total failure but since the advents. were so cool the wanted and prayed for a come-back from that game and ignored that game.So please just leave us to try and send a SOS for Sonic to Sega and the Sonic Team. I believe in what we all arecapable of other than just sitting on this site arguing about Sonic’s past and Downfall.So why aren’t we getting up off our a—- and trying to communicate to Sega and the Sonic Team What racketboy says that those two can do to revive Sonic and I think to tell them to do something to Sonic that takes away The Super Sonic form or edit it and take away the Dragonball-Z powers and get Creative.Know what I mean???

    Also, racketboy, can you tell me how I can make my own site? I’m really interested in that and I wish to put in a link on that site if I can build it, to your How Sega can Revive Sonic page, not this one.It’s taken enough carnage, I think.

  162. Connor says:

    And people, please stop posting negative comments!racketboy’s probably read enough to the point that if you do,Somebody’s porbably already said that same thing so if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, and I’ll say it thrice,THIS IS RACKETBOY”S SITE, NOT YOUR OWN. TAKE IT TO YOUR OWN SITE!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!

  163. ristar says:

    I don’t see why people don’t like Shadow the Hedgehog. I think it was a very good game. People need to see that just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, if Sega didn’t make the game part of the Sonic series and just used different characters, it would have probably been a hit.

  164. aj says:

    y won’t SEGA make anymore sonic the hedgehog series? Sonic X was awesome….cause i watched the entire series…i mean if that was awesome than,think of how good it would be just shocked to see that they won’t make a sequel for Sonic X….and im sad

  165. Random Person says:

    It’s just my opinion, but I like to play all of the sonic games. It just kinda seems wrong for me to say any sonic game sucked. The only Sonic game I didn’t like was Sonic Laberinth. Sonic was slow. That’s it. It was the worst sonic game.EVER. But I like the rest.

  166. vab1 says:

    I agree with everything but the games were fun like sonic heroes but not right for sonic when I was little the very first game system I played was the genesis(I was like 1 and I already new how to start the game since I saw my mother play.)when I grew I got addicted to it everyday I played Sonic&knuckles but my mom saw that my grades were sliping and toke them away 🙁 so I didn’t notice much how games were changing until a few years later I saw a sonic game all 3d I really wanted it I found away 😉 but as soon as I played it (Sonic heroes) I saw it was NOT the same game I was used to (I might as well find my old games>: )so I decided to listen to my friends about ignoring sonic I was okay until I saw a add on TV about a sonic game it was hard to ignore it was SONIC MEGA COLLECTION PLUS I saw SEGA really did want to make a fast buck putting games like that just to trick old fans I went on and forced my self to play it for old times sake it was perfect sound play color it was incredible but it was hell not new so I went on and saw this game HALO combat evolved and few years later I found this article.

  167. Jemma says:

    I’m back again =P haha

    I think Sonic Unleashed is gonna be AWESOME!!! I have a really good feeling about this game. + I feel Sonic is in safe hands in the japanese studios ^^

    Not sure about the Black Knight still, but I’m not gonna judge it until I actually play it, it’s just I can’t imagine Sonic with a sword.. or why he would ever need one/want to use one for that matter XD


  168. john says:

    ya im getting soic uleashed i hope its really good ! and soic with sword? hmmm.. sega is losing it….. the soic rpg looks dumb too

  169. john says:

    soz i mean sonic lolz >=) my keyboard is messed up x(

  170. lgcsc says:

    I agree with the article, although I have to say, sonic heroes, even though the team play is freakishly stupid, the overall gameplay is good, it’s fun.
    Dreamcast, in my opinion, was the true death of SEGA. All SEGA games from then on suck big time; too many characters, stupid storys, light rendered graphics without physics… a shame, I think that what made sonic special was the physics (much more interesting in 2D). Recently, I even played sonic gems collection, and honestly, I could have went on for hours and still want to play more!
    Sonic team must, if it whiches to return, fix the camera (totally uninspiring now), connect the player’s controls with a proper physics engine, forget the super powers unless in a boss fight, and change the characters appearance (please, sonic when still looks like is wearing a helmet).
    Oh, almost forgot, should also try to make bosses intelligent for a change.THAT would be a challenge.

  171. Stephen says:

    duuuuude!!! i totally agree…..i have an idea
    QUITE an idea on how to make sonic, back to himself while not sacrificing the actual adventure story lines and awsum 3D cutscenes I love
    however….knowing sega… idea would take……3 years at least to make…..5 years to perfect but i know if my idea was taken….it would bring the world back to sonic and definately bring sum gamer edge to the wii and xbox 360
    Email me if u want details

  172. narr says:

    lol its funny how all the noobs dont even get HOW the new sonic games suck. its funny as fuck

  173. the guy who will set you strait says:

    …….i am saying this to you YOU RIGHT NOW SONIC ADVENTUR WAS ONE OF THE BEST SONIC GAMES OUT THER!!! yes sonic the hedghog *the 3D one* had its bad moments and its an ok game………pepol like you mess up sonic erging sega to fix him up when you know nothing about the blue streak sonic unleasd was just relesd and is AMAZING sega still has sonic under control…….you just want d=sega to fix him so badley that you dont relis if thay get back to the childish roots in sonic*wich are still ther* he will die off. sonic ruch and advanced are very good games….sega is one of the best videogame compony out ther so just SHUTUP ABOUT SONIC SUCKING

  174. j2graves says:

    sonic team NEEDS to fix their problems with sonic. from what I’ve seen, the sonic unleashed DAYTIME levels look awsome, but the whole “werewolf” thingy totally destroys the game’s awsomeness. I must say, if they built a sonic game completely out of sonic unleashed daytime style levels, they’d bring back the good thing that was lost.

  175. Gurbir Dhillon says:

    I just started a new online collection of Sega.

  176. none says:

    i say sega makes a game where u can just run around ‘finding’ adventure with sonic/friends

  177. Lewis says:

    This is so simple, get Sonic OFF Nintendo

  178. IceWilliams says:

    Wow so many opions here

    My Opinoin Is Just Learn To Adapt Not All Games Are Perfect


  179. zikky says:

    i have to dissagree with almost all of this ive loved sonic ever since i was about 3 i prolly got carried away at times but i never played a “BAD” sonic game even sonic shuffel was fun with friends and shadow the hedgehog was a bit diff but different is somtimes good. and if you guys really wanna get all realistic with sonic and stuff theres no way a hott chick whould date a fat plumber in real life jus no chance ;[ sorry

  180. SuperSonic Fan X infinedy says:

    I grew up with sonic. And i’ve NEVER, EVER played a “bad” sonic game. I agree 2 billon % wiht the guy above me. Me and my brother litural ACTED IT OUT! Think thats strange? Nope, i just love sonic games THAT MUCH. I EVEN LIKED SONIC AND THE BLACK KNIGHT/ SECRET RINGS! Though i herd about project needle mouse, and it is a 2d sonic, i just hope it can bring the awesomeness of 2d/(some)3d games.
    Fav Sonic Games: Heroes, 3 And Knucks, 2, Unleashed

  181. I want to kill who made this article.
    Sonic Adventure was a classic game.
    The haters are n00bs.
    The game’s fans continued to like and play the game for YEARS, which is why they like it. The graphics are still SPOCIOUS.
    The haters are n00bs who never own’d the games during their prime and start’d off with the inferior remakes.
    This article is written by a n00b. He deserves to die.


  182. racketboy says:

    Wow. You want to kill me for having an opinion on Sonic the Hedgehog. You must be one amazing human being.

  183. Rogeerrrr says:

    i honestly think that sonic unleashed was one of its good games, i loved it, cept for the annoying long levels while being a wolf, it was stupid, plus that fairy was annoying as hell!!!
    Die hard sonic fan!!!<3

  184. Idazmi says:

    It seems to me that easil half of this posts members cannot make a statment without incredible swearing and\or bias. I cannot, as a human being, allow myself to say anything about which Sonic I like better on here: there are too many insults flying around. Never at any time did Sonic post here, and until that happens, I will assume that he is a fictional videogame character. Albeit, my favorite. (Since Sonic 16 bit on Genesis, 1991) Carry on. I see now why my relatives don’t like popular media. (almost to the point of calling it evil)

  185. Dere says:

    “But all was not perfect with Sonic Team’s newest creation. In reality, very few of the subsequent levels even came close to living up to the high standards that the demo created. Instead, the game was filled with slow and annoying “exploration” areas that turned off many gamers that were expecting fast-paced action.”

    This part proves that you, sir, can’t look at older games without rose-tinted glasses.

    Sonic 1 and 2 had FAR LESS fast-paced areas than SA1. Look at Sonic 1, it had only 3 “speedy” zones (GHZ, SYZ and SLZ) and 3 slow ones (MZ, LZ and SBZ). That means that ONLY HALF of Sonic 1’s stages were fast-paced and speedy.

    You could say that it’s justified, as Sonic 1 was the first game in the series and they still weren’t sure what Sonic should play like exactly. Fair enough. But then we have Sonic 2.

    Sonic 2 had only 3 speedy zones (EHZ, CPZ and CNZ), the rest were all slow and boring stages (ARZ, HTZ, MCZ, OOZ, MZ, SCZ, WFZ). That means that the speedy stages in Sonic 2 were the MINORITY. And for a Sonic game to have only 3 “fast” stages out of 10 is PATHETIC. That’s why Sonic 2 is the most overrated Sonic game ever (I CRINGE when people call it the best game in the series. I find it hard to think of someone who thinks the perfect Sonic game is one where only 30% of it is about speed, as a real Sonic fan) and why I can’t stand playing it anymore (%70 of it bores the crap out of me, and with the “slow” stages taking more time to complete than the speedy ones, if feels like they take up MORE than %70 of the game).

    Then we have Sonic CD. The stages put much more emphasis on exploration than speed: you had find time-travel posts, go to the past, then locate the machines and destroy them in order to get the good ending. And even if you choose to collect the Time Stones instead of bothering with the machines, most stages weren’t created to allow for speed, and the few ones that were (PP, CC and SS) were too short.

    So don’t BS me about SA1 having too much exploration (you only spent about 10% of the game in Adventure Fields, for pity’s sake!) and not enough fast-paced areas when Sonic 1, 2 and CD were FAR WORSE.

  186. Bazooka-Ed says:

    As usual, I’m the only one who likes both 2D and 3D, sees the GOOD in all of his games, and thinks the 3D games rock… Sonic Adventure Freakin 2 (I know that is not the exact title) is not the only good 3D game he has! Why is it so hard for people to like his new games? What’s the big problem that is SO BAD? I don’t feel or see it. Look at Crash Bandicoot! Now he went DOWN HILL! He fell down from the top and up Brokeback Mountain (Sorry Crash fans) If you want to play a BAD game, play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Battle Nexus and Pacman World 3… Those games were horrible, well to me. Oh well, everyone has their own opinions, I’m just sharing mine, as all. I just think people hate on the new Sonic games and praise S3&K and SA2 just to fit in with the crowd. “Yeah, look at me! I hate Sonic and believe only his adventure games and his classics are the only good games he has ever had! I am so cool!” Lame. Maybe not ALL of you are doing that, but some of you are, I’m sure…

  187. Pikawil says:

    “So don’t BS me about SA1 having too much exploration (you only spent about 10% of the game in Adventure Fields, for pity’s sake!) and not enough fast-paced areas when Sonic 1, 2 and CD were FAR WORSE.”

    And then Sonic Colors managed to strike a balance between exploration and speed, and all were pleased.

  188. Someone says:

    I have to disagree a tad…
    Sonic Adventure was…okay…
    Sonic Adventure 2 is absolutely AWESOME.
    Sonic Rush is a very nice fame.
    Shadow the Hedgehog is ONE of my favorites.
    Sonic 06 is my FAVORITE GAME EVER. I just wish the princess would keep her lips off of Sonic.
    Opinions. <:3

  189. Someone says:

    Oops. Typo.
    Fame needs to be Game. ^^’

  190. fans of sonic says:

    why if i watching television i can’t watch a sonic episode?

  191. Notshane says:

    Oh, SEGA. Why did you have to ruin Sonic X-Treme by attempting to make its entire game engine like the boss battles? You had a good thing going on, and you fucked up big. Kirby Adventure not being released i could get over, but this game looked promising. Well Kirby Adventure became Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, this game became scrapped just two years ago, with only one copy of it existing in the entire world (most likely destroyed by now though). It sorta makes you think; what would have happened to Sonic if Sonic X-Treme was never thought of, or was actually released?

  192. TravisDreamcast83 says:

    I also don’t agree with most of this I loves sonic adventure 1 and 2 and really the only horrible sonic games were sonic 06 and i guess sonic and the secret rings. I still fully support sega and yes i do trust them with a new nights games they have made so many great games

    and now with generations and pso2 comeing ya sega and sonic rocked and i love them all good and the bad

  193. The Effect says:

    It’s a good thing that this side of the Sonic fanbase posts articles like this somewhere where SEGA can see them. It’s a good reminder of why there’s just not very much point in trying to do anything for them other than throw them a bone or two every once in a while. They’ll never be pleased, and the things they tend to criticize the games for are just not reasonable.

    It’s not reasonable to criticize the games for having dark overtones – Sonic has always had an edge to it. This franchise isn’t meant for Nickelodeon or Disney fans. The kids that the series is primarily marketed to like dark and edgy stuff better, anyway. There doesn’t have to be anymore guns or cursing, but the plots should never try to be anymore lighthearted than Unleashed… and that wasn’t a very good lighthearted, it was just something you had to put up with. Colors and Generations are even worse, to the point of being not tolerable.

    It’s not reasonable to criticize the games for having humans in them when the main villain of the series is human himself – there doesn’t have to be anymore romantic relationships between anthro characters and human character (even though it wasn’t all that bad, especially when compared to the unholy Amy), but the plots do need to use real world-based settings and they do need to include humans as a part of the storyline. And besides, people were fine with it or they even straight out loved it when it first came out back in the Adventure games. It’s too little, too late to make a successful case out of it now, try as one might.

    It’s not reasonable to criticize the games for having voice actors – almost every other video game franchise has them, and there’s nothing about Sonic that means he shouldn’t have them, too. The voices haven’t always been perfect, but they haven’t ever been nearly as bad as some people would like to make it sound sometimes. And Roger Craig Smith sounds absolutely horrid in the role of Sonic.

    It’s not reasonable to criticize the games for having HUB worlds – if done right, they add a lot more to the experience. Adventure, 06, ad Unleashed had their issues with this, but they were ALL better than Generations’ cheap, dead, empty, lifeless, boring HUBs. And it’s not like it would take all that much to fix what’s wrong with the HUBs in Sonic games.

    It’s not reasonable to criticize the games for having more than one gameplay style – again, because many games do. It’s repetitive and boring to do the same thing over and over again. And no matter what a person’s opinion is of the two recent games, the fact is that you just don’t get to do very much interaction with the Unleashed day stages, Colors, or Generations. It’s not even possible to die or do any exploring. And without any other playable characters (or any other styles of gameplay), there’s nothing to relieve the tedium. And it makes the games WAY too short, as well.

    It’s not reasonable to criticize the games for having situations where you must stop running and platform or explore – if all you want to do is go fast, go and buy yourself a racer. Sonic is a platformer first, and a speedster second. There’s just no way to make blend platforming with speed like Sonic’s. It only worked in the Genesis games because SONIC WASN’T VERY FAST IN THOSE GAMES. 2D or 3D doesn’t matter. It just can’t be done.

    And finally, it’s not reasonable to criticize the games just for being set in 3D to begin with – if it were any other franchise, there would be no need for me to explain why. But because it’s Sonic, I feel the need to point out the (very basic) fact that video gaming works in 3D now. There’s no reason no matter what anyone says that Sonic should be one of the… what, two or three franchises that doesn’t make 3D games. Especially not just because some people such as the author of the article “don’t get the same feeling playing Sonic in 3D” or are upset because “this isn’t the game we grew up with.” Doesn’t matter what it was like back then. That’s not the way things should (always) be now.

    In any case, Takshi Iizuka – the head of Sonic Team – has said that he would like to work with the 3D Sonic gameplay formula again. And before Colors even came out, the CEOs of both SEGA of America and SEGA or Europe have said that they will be making games to try to cater to both major sides of the Sonic fanbase. So which Sonic games are good and which ones are bad or not is a moot point – everybody’s being considered.

    And, really, if anybody seriously thought that SEGA were just going to dump that entire fanbase with wallets full of money and kids full of demands down the toilet… they weren’t. If anybody thinks that, then perhaps the Sonic fanbase may have just discovered the most unreasonable and counter productive-business thinking of all.

    Frustrated rant from pointing out what seems so obvious to me over now…

  194. DarthCranium says:

    I have had enough of people doing nothing but trash-talk the sonic franchise for it’s 3D game releases. I am coming out and saying it now. This article is a BLATANT FUCKIN’ LIE! No, people do NOT want to play “only” as sonic; people love the other characters just as much as him. No, everything that came after Sonic Adventure (including itself) is NOT a horrible game, but actually the greatest games of all time! No, the Voices are Not horrible! You are just being too Nit picky! No, having multiple styles of gameplay is NOT a bad thing! Thats how you work with other good characters and expand the series! No, the sega franchise knows EXACTLY where they want and need to go with Sonic and have done a DAMN good job of it! And above all else; No, these 3D games are NOT flawed in design. If you can’t stop falling off the level or aiming things right or loosing control over your character, then it’s YOUR OWN damn fault for being SUCH a HORRIBLE GAMER! I HAVE HAD IT WITH ALL OF YOU WHO HATE THE MODERN SONIC GAMES LYING OUT YOUR FUCKIN’ ASSES ABOUT THE QUALITY OF SONICS 3D GAMES! THEY ARE BETTER EVEN THAN HALO AND ELDER SCROLLS FOR GODS SAKE! SO SHUT UP AND ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG ABOUT SONIC DAMN IT OR YOU WILL REGRET IT! WHETHER IT BE ON YOUR OWN OR BY MY INTERVENTION IS UP TO YOU! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  195. Lai-Lai says:

    It was downhill for me ever since 3D Blast, which game me headaches & eyestrain & had convinced me I was susceptible to motion sickness to the point where I didn’t play another 3D game until 2005.

    I used to read the comic & watch the cartoons as a kid. I always though the biggest fuck-you from SEGA was that they denied the long-running pre-established world & characters from the SatAM Sonic/Archie Sonic series & set Sonic among humans with overly-designed anthropomorphic characters that came off as little more than bad fan OCs.

    The parade of new Sonic games since the jump to 3D has been like living in a community where the cops beat the shit out of your friend every night & you can’t do anything to help.