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Racketboy Podcast #19 – Atari 2600 Homebrew

This episode takes a look at the Atari 2600 Homebrew Scene. Ed Fries, creator of Halo 2600, is a long time industry veteran who ran Microsoft Game Studios from the mid 1990s through the life cycle of the original Xbox.  In the interview Ed discusses his first published games for the Atari 800, the early days at Microsoft, the acquisition of Bungie and Rare and the release of the original Xbox, the work he does today at Figure Prints, and [...]

The State of Sega Saturn Homebrew

The Sega Saturn has been out of retail channels for about ten years now, but that hasn’t stopped a handful of dedicated individuals from creating their own software and games for the vintage machine.  The Rockin-B is not only one of my long-time online contacts from my days on Sega Xtreme, but he is also one of the leading Saturn devs and the organizer of  C4, the annual Sega Saturn Coding Contest. Instead of simply sharing the results of this [...]

The Best Sega Saturn Homebrew of 2006: C4 2006 Results

Even though its younger sibling, the Sega Dreamcast, may get all the fame when it comes to a great homebrew community, the Sega Saturn still has a loyal following of developers. The yearly Saturn Coding Contest hosted by Rockin’-B has concluded for 2006 and the results are quite impressive. The winners are: Bounty Getters (proof of concept) by Zaksund Super Mario Clone ported by VBT Charette A Bestiaux (multiplayer tank battle game) by Vreuzon You can download the SEGA Saturn [...]

The Future of Streets of Rage – Homebrew, Wii VC, XBLA

It’s been an exciting week for fans of Sega’s trademark side-scrolling braweler, Streets of Rage. First of all, an ambitious homebrew effort has been started to revive Streets of Rage with added visuals, moves, and feautures. Of course, a Dreamcast port is anticipated, but some of the community is devoted to keeping it strictly PC. For more information check out Sega 16’s Review and join the racketboy Forum discussion. Also, as you may have noticed on today’s Virtual Console post, [...]

New Pac-Man Collection and More Availible for Vintage Atari Consoles

I’ve known about AtariAge and their excellent resources for classic Atari fans, but I had no idea that they sold homebrew game cartridges on their site until this recent Kotaku post. Anyway, the AtariAge community has put together a homebrew compilation of Pac-Man games and created a spiffy little package that is playable on the Atari 7800. This Pac-Man compilation includes: Pac-Man Puck Man Hangly Man Ultra Pac-Man Random Mazes Ms. Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Attack Ms. Random Mazes You can find [...]

First Impressions of the GP2X – Easy Emulation on the Go

Thanks to the great people over at, I have a new gadget to play with (and I will be playing with it a LOT). The GP2X is basically a Dreamcast (with its great homebrew scene) in a PSP shell. I have known about the GP2X (and its predecessor, the GP32) and its emulation/media capabilities for quite some time, but have never had the opportunity to actually use one until now. I’m still waiting for my Sandisk 2GB SD card [...]

Make the Most of Your Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is quite possibly one of the most versatile console of all time. They also happen to be quite affordable and plentiful. If you don’t already have one, you need to pick one (or two) up. If you already have one, take a look at some hardware and software that will maximize your experience with the White Box. Hardware: One of the best ways to increase your overall Dreamcast experience is to make some hardware enhancements/modifications. Most of [...]

Could the PS3 Become An Emulator Haven?

I haven’t found many reasons to even consider a PS3 anytime soon. Up until now, Virtua Fighter 5 is basically the only thing that caught my attention. However, Sony recently announced that every PS3 will come with a Linux-based homebrew kit. MattG at PressTheButtons pointed out that this may confuse a number of potential PS3 owners as most gamers have no clue was the term “homebrew” means, nor would they be interested in developing their own games or applications. Even [...]

Lumines Clone: Gleam for Gameboy Advance

One of the few games that makes me wish I have a Sony PSP is a little puzzler named Lumines. Not since the original Gameboy Tetris was there so much buzz over a puzzle game. Up until now, GBA fans have been in the dust when looking for a new puzzler. But there is a new homebrew Lumines clone by the name of Gleam that is availible for the Gameboy Advance and is getting rave reviews in the Gameboy community. [...]

Put Multiple Homebrew Saturn Games On One Disc

One of my good friends, Rockin’B is at it again with another software package to make life easier for Sega Saturn enthusiasts. His latest project is the Atlas Game Pack. In a nutshell, it is the Saturn equivellent to the Self-Boot Inducer for the Dreamcast. According to Rockin’B on his website: “An AGP contains a game/demo/application that can be run on the SEGA Saturn videogame system. With Atlas Creator, you can turn up to 50 AGPs into one single CD [...]

Survive Bullet Hell On Your Gameboy Advance

I don’t know why nobody thought of this project before… Instead of having ports of all your favorite shooters on the Gameboy Advance in order to practice techniques, why not just have a enemy fire simulator? BulletGBA is an ingenious homebrew effort that replicates the bullet patters of many popular shmups and let you practice dodging hundreds of bullets simultaneously while on the go. To actually play this on your Gameboy Advance or Nintendo DS, you will need a Gameboy [...]

TurboGrafix 16 / PC Engine Flash Cart Options

After doing my research for my recent “Games That Pushed The Limits” article, I have become a bit more fascinated with the TurboGrafix 16 (aka the PC Engine) When getting started with a new retro console, many gamers like to be able to try out a variety of games without having to shop eBay for a bunch of expensive titles. However, as opposed the easy CD burning for systems like the Sega CD, the TG16 needs a flash cart to [...]

Saturn Multiplayer Games – Best Multi-Tap Action

Even though the system only comes with a standard 2 controller ports, the Sega Saturn is one of the best multiplayer systems of all time. With the help of two Multi-Tap accessories, you can have up to 10 — yes 10 — players at the same time on supported games. With the Multi-Tap, you can connect an extra five controllers to a single port. And, of course, if you have two Multi-Tap boxes, you’re good to go with 10 Players. [...]

Super Mario Mini for PSP – Awesome Homebrew

Just when you were getting over the fact that you could play Sonic the Hedgehog games on Nintendo platforms, you can now play an original Super Mario game on a Sony PSP. While it is not made by Nintendo, Super Mario Mini is a beautiful hombrew effort by Arguru. This is by far the best and most commendable homebrew project that I have seen in a long time. From what I have seen, it looks very professional and take full [...]

Saturn Homebrew Contest Results – Download the CD!

The C4 Saturn Homebrew Contest is over, results are determined and the C4CD is out, too. You can find all entries, screenshots, judge comments, and the resulting CD at the C4 results page For reference and prize info, check out the C4 main website Congratulations to vreuzon who one the Saturn Modchip I donated to the event. According to one of the judges every single entry seemed to be an improvement over currently existing homebrew. Every owner of a SEGA [...]