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I’m building a MAME cabinet and it’s almost complete. I’ve purchased the (supposedly) best joysticks for fighting games: Happ’s Perfect 360s.

Even though I’ve almost NEVER played fighting games, I’d really like to start playing them on my new cab. However, I suck at them, BADLY. I can only barely (and rarely) throw a fireball. I’m not a newbie gamer, but for some reason moving a joystick in a pattern and pressing buttons seems to boggle me.

So, can anybody help me out? I don’t need a moves list, I have plenty of those (, but perhaps some help with actually doing the moves and how to get better.

For example, to throw a fireball (lets use Marvel vs Capcom for all examples), I move the joystick down, down-right, right (and HOLD) + press button.

Perhaps I’m releasing the joystick (so its beginning to return to center) before I press the punch button?

Anyways, I’m really hoping to improve at fighting games so any help you can provide I’d greatly appriciate it.

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You need to move the joystick down/down right/right..and as soon as you point right, hit punch.

After practice you can just roll the joystck with a flick of the wrist.

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